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N.M. Debkov

Interregional Scientific and Production Conference «Problems and Prospects of Integrated Forest Management and Reforestation in the Cedar Forests of Siberia»

gritique and bibliography

E.D. Gelfand, V.I. Melekhov

Practical Book of Current Interest


Yu.V. Lebedev

Methodology, Principles and Practice of Forest’s Ecosystems Estimation

N.A. Akhmatovich, A.V. Selikhovkin, N.G.Magdeev

Risk Management in the Republic of Tatarstan: Pests and Diseases of the Main Forest Forming Plants

N.M. Debkov

Quantitative and Qualitative Parameters of Renewal Under the Canopy of Forest Stand, Formed from Preliminary Generations

I.D. Samsonova

Evaluation of Nectariferous Resources on Forest Lands of the Rostov Region

V.M. Ivonin, A.V. Terteryan

Soil Erosion During Rainstorms in the Second Growth of the Northwest Caucasus

N.N. Chernov

Biotectonics – a Methodological Basis of Research of Forest Stands Growth

Ya.D. Fuchilo, O.Yu. Ryabukhin, M.B. Sbitnaya, V.Y. Kaidyk, S.V. Levin

The Natural Renewal of Scots Pine in Eastern Polissia Conditions of Ukraine

V.V. Staritsyn, V.V.Belyaev

Productivity and Vitamin C Content in Blueberry (Vaccinium Myrtillus L.) and Cowberry (Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea L.) in the Plesetsk Tectonic Centre

K.S. Bobkova, M.A. Kuznetsov, A.F. Osipov

Stock of Coarse Woody Debris in Spruce Forests of the Middle Taiga in the European North-East

S. Mapelli, A. Bertani


S.A. Korchagov, I.N. Lupanova

Development of Forest Certification in the Vologda Region and its Role in Ensuring the Wood Felling Legality

V.M. Gryb

Features of the Root Systems Structure of Scots Pine and Their Impact on the Reforestation Quality

M.V. Surso

Microphenology of the Female Reproductive Cycle and Structure of Seed Crops of Scotch Pine in the Northern Taiga

A.G. Volkov

The Forest Litter in Spruce Formation in the Northern Subzone of Taiga

N.R. Sungurova, R.V. Sungurov

The Analysis of the Condition and Growth of Pine and Spruce Crops in the North-Taiga District

E.V. Goryaeva, A.P. Mokhirev

Inventory of Green Planting Using Geographic Information Systems Technology by the Example of Lesosibirsk

S.V. Koptev

Commodity Structure of Spruce Forests Massifs of the Northern Taiga and Merchantability Classes Evaluation

N.A. Prozherina

Tropospheric Ozone and Its Impact on the Early Growth and Development of Scots Pine and Spruce of Different Geographical Origins

I.A. Yudin, O.A. Yudina, E.N. Nakvasina

Reproductive Features of Norway Spruce in Geographical Cultures of the Arkhangelsk Region

V.V. Polyakova

Iron in the Surface and Ground Waters

N.Yu. Stashkevich

The Growth of Pinus Sibirica du Tour in Croppers and in Overstorey of Mixed Pine-Birch Forests of Subtaiga Zone in the West Sayan

E.M. Runova, P.S. Gnatkovich

Recreational Use Prospects of Urban Forests on Residential Area in Bratsk

A.I. Smirnov, F.S. Orlov, I.I. Drozdov

Influence of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field on Seed Germination and Growth of Seedlings of Scots Pine and Norway Spruce

S.N. Marich, N.A. Babich, I.M. Babkin, Yu.G. Habarov

Impact Assessment of Modified Lignosulfonate for the Vegetation of Weeds and Picea abies Seedlings in Forest Tree Nurseries

A.A. Bakhtin, N.N. Sokolov

Types of Age Structure of Waterlogged Pine Forests in the Arkhangelsk Region

J.S. Mekhtiyev

Questions on Lidars Use for Control and Detection of Forest Fires in Mountainous Zones

I.I. Stepanenko

Criteria and Indicators of Growth, Productivity of Forest Stands Under Their Intensive Cultivation

M.V. Surso, O.S. Barzut, A.I. Zaitsev, E.A. Pinaevskaya

The Morphological Characteristic and Dynamics of Radial Growth of the Siberian Juniper (Juniperus Sibirica Burgsd.) of Sakhalin and Kamchatka

O.N. Tyukavina

About Interpretation Methods of Acoustic Tomography Results of Pine Wood

P.A. Feklistov, D.N. Klevtsov, F.A. Kunnikov, E.P. Habarova, I.B. Amosova

Productivity Dynamics of Different Origin Pine

A.S. Chekanyshkin, A.A. Lepyohin

Condition of Protective Afforestation in Central Black Earth Territories

B.P. Churakov, I.T. Zamaldinov, R.A. Churakov

The Influence of the Decay Core on Efficiency of Aspen Forest Stands of Different Forms

M.V. Rubtsov, A.A. Deryugin

Mortality of Trees after a Birch Cutting with Preservation of Spruce in Southern Taiga in the Centre of the Russian Plain

K.P. Rukomoynikov

Efficiency Substantiation of Functioning of Aggregates Complete Sets at Outplanting of Young Undergrowth from under the Forest Canopy

O.V. Gradov

Chromatography-Auxanometry and Chromate-Mass-Auxanometry in Forest Species Vegetation Phenological Monitoring Based on Gas and Flavor Chemical Principles with Patterns Automatic Identification

B.A. Mochalov, M.L. Buntina, S.V. Bobushkina

The Use of Stimulators Made of Aqueous Extract from Bark and Chicken Manure Compost and Heteroauxin When Pricking Out Containerized Pine Seedlings

N.M. Bolshakov, V.V. Zhideleva, V.V. Pakhuchiy

Ecological and Economical Basis of Forest Management in the Eastern Regions of the Russian European North Under the Conditions of Climate Changes

L.I. Atkina, U.A. Safronova

Characteristic of the Shape and Size of the Horizontal Crown Projection of Cherry Maak (Padus Maackii Rupr Kom) in Yekaterinburg

E.F. Nekipelova, V.V. Petrik, Y.I. Potasheva, A.G. Kupriianova

Influence of Recreational Load on the State of Tree Plantations in Forest Park “Druzhba” in Vladimir

L.I. Kopiy, O.I. Derekh

The Problems of Recreational Use of the High Plains Forests in Ukraine

N.A. Moiseev

Forest Economy in the Forest Management in Theory and in Practice

E.A. Babushkina, L.V. Belokopytova

Cambial Zone is the Main Target of External Factors Influence on the Conifers Tree-Ring Formation

A.I. Sokolov, V.A. Kharitonov, A.N. Pekkoev, T.I. Krivenko

Preservation and Growth of Pine Cultivated by Ball-Rooted Planting Stock in Karelia

V.F. Kovyazin, T.L. Nguen, Ch.H. Fan

On a Research Methodology of Urban Stands

A.S. Il'intsev, S.V. Tret'yakov, S.V. Koptev, I.V. Fedotov, R.A. Ershov

The Current Radial Increment in the Forest Stands After the Improvement Thinning

I.N. Kul'banskaya

European Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) Pathogenesis of Tuberculosis in Terms of Western Podolia of Ukraine


V.M. Drobosyuk, G.K. Malinovskaya, L.V. Litvinova

Aerodynamic Forming of Tissue

M.A. Pustynnaya, M.A. Gusakova, K.G. Bogolitsyn

The Regional and Age-Related Changes of Hardwood Lignin-Carbohydrate Matrix Chemical Composition in Terms of Aspen (Populus Tremula)

V.P. Sivakov, V.I. Muzykantova, Yu.M. Grebenshchikov

Diagnosing of a Sieve Choking of the High-Pressure Feeder of a Digester

Yu. A. Tikhonov, V. S. Kurov, D.R. Orudzhov

Shear Flows of Paper-Pulp of Varying Concentrations

Yu.G. Khabarov, D.E. Lakhmanov

Studying of the Interaction of Condensed Lignin with Nitric Acid in the Water-Organosolv Environment

A.I. Bubnova, N.I. Bogdanovich

Production of Microporous Carbon Adsorbents by Thermochemical Activation of Coniferous Sawdust with Orthophosphoric Acid Pre-Processing at the Prepyrolysis Stage

Т.О. Shcherbakova, N.V. Chernaya

The Features of Fiber Suspension Beating Process under the Conditions of Its Filling by Synthetic Superfine Compounds in Weakly Alkaline Medium

E.V. Ipatova, S.M. Krutov, I.V. Gribkov, Iu.N. Sazanov

Solvolysis of Technical Lignin in Water and Alcohol Solutions of Sodium Hydroxide

A.I. Zakharova, S.I. Tret’yakov, N.A. Kutakova, E.N. Koptelova

Extractives Isolation Procedure from Birchbark Bast on Exposure to the Microwave Field

V.A. Udal'tsov, G.A. Pazukhina

Revisiting the Question of Birch Wood Delignification in the Potassium Hydroxide–Hydrazine–Isobutyl Alcohol–Water System

I.M. Ozarkiv, R.A. Demchina, P.P. Grydzhuk, M.F. Fedyna, B.M. Peretyatko

Improvement of Technology of Wood Impregnation by Heat-Cold Bath with Amidophosphate KM as a Flame Retardant

S.A. Gordeyko, N.V. Chernaya, E.P. Shishakov

Reinforcement of Scrap Paper and Recycled Cardboard Sized in Acidic, Neutral and Weakly Alkaline Media

L.A. Milovidova, T.A. Koroleva, M.E. Romanov, E.O. Okulova

Features of the Bleached Sulfate Hardwood Pulp Production When Using the Birch and Aspen Wood Resources in the Ratio of Seventy-to-Thirty

M.I. Kravchenko

Experimental Study of Pulp Washing Process

M.I. Kravchenko

Study of Sulfite Pulp Washing Process under Industrial Conditions

A.A. Komissarenkov, R.A. Kopnina, A.A. Pozdnyakov

Technical Lignosulfonates Adsorption on Hydrated Aluminum Oxide Samples


A.A. Gorbunov, S.V. Tretjakov

Trees Mortality Dynamics in Mid-Taiga Mixed Aspen Stands in the Arkhangelsk Region

M.D. Merslenko, M.Y. Zakharova

The Influence of Seedlings Height on the Growth of Pine in Artificial Stands

S.V. Tretjakov, S.V. Koptev, A.P. Bogdanov

Commodity Norm for Evaluation of Larch Stands in the Arkhangelsk Region by the Method of Relascop Spots


V.I. Melekhov, E.D. Gel'fand, N.Yu. Miklovtsik

Jubilee of Professor G.F. Prokof''ev

N.A. Babich, V.I. Melekhov, I.V. Evdokimov

The Anniversary of a Research Forester and a Poet A.P. Dobrynin

I.V. Grigoriev

Alexander Nikolaevich Minayev

A.N. Chubinskiy, V.I. Melekhov, A.G. Chernykh, R.V. Deryagin

From a Student to the President

A.S. Novoselov, V.S. Vernodubenko, A.S. Pestovskiy

To the 70th Anniversary of the Birth of Professor N.A. Druzhinin

N.A. Babich, V.I. Melekhov, I.V. Evdokimov

Life Devoted to the Forest Science


Е.М. Lupanova

The Questions of Property in Forests in Order of Their Conservation in Russia of the 18th Century

Е.М. Lupanova

Some Aspects of Forest Management and Technology in Russia of the XVIII Century

N.A. Moiseev

Bicentennial Fragment of the White Sea Taiga History


Financial Risk-Sharing in Business Agreements of Forestry Enterprises

V.N. Myakshin, A.V. Plastinin

Investment Attractiveness of the North Arctic Region: Estimation, Tools, Management Mechanisms

S.V. Ershov

Revisited the Constructing a Model of an Excessive Demand

V.I. Mosyagin

Revisited the Insurance of Contractual Prices in the Timber Processing Complex


N.A. Babich, P.G. Melnik, I.V. Evdokimov

Results of the conference «Eurasia Forests» in Vologda

I.V. Evdokimov

A Valuable Book for Hunting and Forestry


N.A. Moiseev

In Memory of Academician Melekhov I.S. (in the Context of the 110th Anniversary of His Birth)

V.G. Sanaev, A.N. Oblivion, G.A. Gorbachevа

In Memory of Boris Naumovich Ugolev

N.A. Babich, S.A. Korchagov

In Memory оf Mikhail Vladimirovich Rubtsov


L.A. Gubenko, M.G. Khandov

Definition of the Strength Assessment of the Extension of Wooden Elements with Knots

A.I. Agapov

Optimization of Cutting of Large-Size Sawlog with Sawing Out of Three Square Beams and Two Pairs of Side Boards

V.V. Taratin

Finding the Equilibrium Conditions of the Processing Object in the Machine-Tool-Wood System of Sawmill Unit

O.D. Myuller, V.I. Melekhov, V.K. Lyubov, T.V. Tyurikova

Mathematical Model of Wood Granules Formation

I. V. Arhipov, V.A. Kuznetsov

Calculation of Total Sawdust Volume After a Log Sawing

O.D. Myuller, V.I. Melehov, G.L. Gerasimchuk, N.M. Klyushin, T.V. Tyurikova

Experimental Determination of the Impact Pressing Pressure of Wood Pellet on the Young's Modulus

I.N. Serpik, А.V. Alekseytsev, А.А. Lukash

Press Mold Characterization to Ensure the Integrity of the Front Face of the Bonding Relief Plywood

A.E. Alekseev, A.I. Dumanskiy, I.О. Dumanskiy

Mode Selection of Laser Thermal Treatment of Chipping Machine Knifes for Deadwood Processing

V.V. Stoyanov, А.А. Boyadzhi

Experimental Study Of Strength And Deformability Of Combined Metalwooden Arch Structure

S.V. Ivanov, E.S. Sharapov, A.S. Korolev

Functional and Element Analysis of a Simple Cutter

E.A. Pamfilov, E.V. Alekseeva

The Perspective Materials for Friction Assemblies of Wood Industry Equipment

G.F. Prokof'ev, O.L. Kovalenko, S.A. Cherepanov

Test of Bulging Stress Concentration Factors in the Band Saw Notches

A.V. Sergeevichev

The Analysis of Destruction of Abrasive Grains During the Grinding of Wood and Wood Materials

S.P. Ageev

Linear Model of the Electrical Energy Consumption Process of a Saw-Frame

V.I. Melekhov, V.A. Shulgin

Resonance Phenomena in the Process of Wood Microwave Drying

S.A. Cherepanov, D.A. Luzhanskiy

The Analysis of Noise Level at High-Speed Milling of Wood

E.S. Sharapov, A.S. Toropov, A.S. Korolev

Effect of Thermal Modification of Wood on Strength and Elasticity Modulus in Static Bending

S.A. Cherepanov, D.A. Luzhanskiy, G.F. Prokof'ev

Research of the Vibration Level and Surface Quality at High-Speed Moulding

M.A. Khviyuzov, A.N. Galashev, I.I. Soloviev

Compensation of Method Error in the Infrared Heating Control of Circular Saws

V.I. Onegin

Important Wood Properties for Formation of Protective and Decorative Coatingsof Wood and Forest Products

D.K. Arleninov, D.A. Bekker

Effects of Stress Level on Wood Creep under Bending

intensive forest management, cutting cycle, target species composition, final felling.

A.I. Bondarev, A.A. Onuchin, V.V. Chitorkin, V.A. Sokolov

Conceptual Approach to the of Intensification of Forests Use and Re-Forestation in Siberia


A.M. Kochnev1, Doctor of Engineering, Professor A.N. Yushkov2, Candidate of Engineering

Substantiation of Identifying Methods of Assessment Ratings of Wheel Skidder Exploitation Efficiency

A.N. Zaikin, E.G. Ryzhikova

The Calculation Methodology of the Duration and Assessment of the Energy Requirement of the Stump-To-Roadside Equipment

C.V. Samsonov, V.A. Barabanov, S.S. Gavrushin

Application Technology of Rigid Floating Container for Timber Transportation

S.V. Posypanov

Strains Determination in the Flexible Tie of a Packaged Log Rafting Overland Bundle

A.P. Sokolov

Operational Logistics Management of Transport Processes in Wood Harvesting Companies


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