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Forest Economy in the Forest Management in Theory and in Practice

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N.A. Moiseev

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The paper describes the role, place and content of the sectoral economic discipline “Forest economy” in the system of forest management, both in theory and in practice, taking into account the applicable model of the economy in the country and the dynamics of views on the economic theory in the management of Human Factors System and society. Particular attention is paid to the need to consider the forest economy of the major industry practices of forest management related to long-term forest growing, multi-purpose role of forests as an object of management, and the requirement of the organization and planning of deals for the use and reproduction of forests on the zonal-typological basis in accordance with their purpose. All these issues are considered in historical perspective, taking into account the works of predecessors and the discussions between the supporters of land and forest rents. The article presents an economic interpretation of the nature of costs in forestry, payments for forest resources, their expedient distribution of financial flows to balance the economic interests of the main subjects of forest relations.


N.A. Moiseev, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Authors job

Moscow State Forest University, 1st Institutskaya str., 1, Mytishchi-5, Moscow Region, 141005, Russian Fеdеration; e-mail: moiseev@mgul.а


forest economics as a scientific discipline, forest as an object of management, forestry as a branch of productive industry; continuous and inexhaustible use of forests, in-dustry practices of the Forest economy; payments for forest resources, requirement


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Forest Economy in the Forest Management in Theory and in Practice