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2015 год


M.V. Rubtsov, A.A. Deryugin

Mortality of Trees after a Birch Cutting with Preservation of Spruce in Southern Taiga in the Centre of the Russian Plain

K.P. Rukomoynikov

Efficiency Substantiation of Functioning of Aggregates Complete Sets at Outplanting of Young Undergrowth from under the Forest Canopy

O.V. Gradov

Chromatography-Auxanometry and Chromate-Mass-Auxanometry in Forest Species Vegetation Phenological Monitoring Based on Gas and Flavor Chemical Principles with Patterns Automatic Identification

B.A. Mochalov, M.L. Buntina, S.V. Bobushkina

The Use of Stimulators Made of Aqueous Extract from Bark and Chicken Manure Compost and Heteroauxin When Pricking Out Containerized Pine Seedlings

N.M. Bolshakov, V.V. Zhideleva, V.V. Pakhuchiy

Ecological and Economical Basis of Forest Management in the Eastern Regions of the Russian European North Under the Conditions of Climate Changes

L.I. Atkina, U.A. Safronova

Characteristic of the Shape and Size of the Horizontal Crown Projection of Cherry Maak (Padus Maackii Rupr Kom) in Yekaterinburg

E.F. Nekipelova, V.V. Petrik, Y.I. Potasheva, A.G. Kupriianova

Influence of Recreational Load on the State of Tree Plantations in Forest Park “Druzhba” in Vladimir

L.I. Kopiy, O.I. Derekh

The Problems of Recreational Use of the High Plains Forests in Ukraine


I.M. Ozarkiv, R.A. Demchina, P.P. Grydzhuk, M.F. Fedyna, B.M. Peretyatko

Improvement of Technology of Wood Impregnation by Heat-Cold Bath with Amidophosphate KM as a Flame Retardant

S.A. Gordeyko, N.V. Chernaya, E.P. Shishakov

Reinforcement of Scrap Paper and Recycled Cardboard Sized in Acidic, Neutral and Weakly Alkaline Media

L.A. Milovidova, T.A. Koroleva, M.E. Romanov, E.O. Okulova

Features of the Bleached Sulfate Hardwood Pulp Production When Using the Birch and Aspen Wood Resources in the Ratio of Seventy-to-Thirty

M.I. Kravchenko

Experimental Study of Pulp Washing Process


A.V. Sergeevichev

The Analysis of Destruction of Abrasive Grains During the Grinding of Wood and Wood Materials

S.P. Ageev

Linear Model of the Electrical Energy Consumption Process of a Saw-Frame

V.I. Melekhov, V.A. Shulgin

Resonance Phenomena in the Process of Wood Microwave Drying

S.A. Cherepanov, D.A. Luzhanskiy

The Analysis of Noise Level at High-Speed Milling of Wood


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