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Efficiency Substantiation of Functioning of Aggregates Complete Sets at Outplanting of Young Undergrowth from under the Forest Canopy

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K.P. Rukomoynikov

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The paper considers the way of combined reforestation which offers the combination of forest of harvesting and reforestation operations. The undergrowth is dug out from the areas of its guaranteed destruction and planted out on safe sites. It is marked, that now there is no technique of a substantiation of productivity of complete sets of the units involved in the operations of combined reforestation. The recommendations for formation of complete sets of aggregates are given, the analysis of their functioning in various industrial conditions is carried out. The mathematical dependences for account of productivity of aggregates, involved in various operations of technological process of transplanting of young undergrowth, in view of their coordinated work are offered. The recommendations to realize the technological process of outplanting of undergrowth with the minimal machines downtime are given. The offered design procedure of complete performance allows to prove efficiency of functioning of complete sets of units under the forest canopy in any industrial conditions and a variety of natural and production factors.


K.P. Rukomoynikov, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor

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Volga State University of Technology, Lenina pl., 3, Yoshkar-Ola, 424000, Russia; e-mail:


forest compartment, reforestation, outplanting of young undergrowth, timber harvesting, canopy


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Received on October 17, 2014

Efficiency Substantiation of Functioning of Aggregates Complete Sets at Outplanting of Young Undergrowth from under the Forest Canopy