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Financial Risk-Sharing in Business Agreements of Forestry Enterprises

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At the conclusion of contracts of delivery the financial risks should be considered due to inflation, possible changes in technical parameters (quality characteristics) of products, deviations from the deadlines and supply volumes, changes in the order of payment for delivered products. The authors made a conclusion that for the forestry enterprises a sliding price should take into account all changes in current expenditures with maintaining the level of profitability to the base price. It is advisable to adjust the base price, attracting the econometric methods of pricing in case of changing the quality parameters of the goods. Disbene-fit caused by slow delivery must comply with consumers’ additional expenditures to normalize the operating process. Risks of changes in the order of payment for the products should take into account Bank interest, amount of payment, payment terms.


D.A. Mikhailov, Master 
V.I. Mosyagin, Doctor of Economics, Professor


Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University under name of S.M. Kirov, 5, Institutskiy pereulok, Saint Petersburg, 194021, Russia; e-mail:;


agreement, individual share, expenditures, inflation, distribution of risks, financial risks, price.


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