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Inventory of Green Planting Using Geographic Information Systems Technology by the Example of Lesosibirsk

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E.V. Goryaeva, A.P. Mokhirev

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Modern information technologies greatly expand the use of information resources in various industries, including forestry. Development of information technologies is directed at a variety of activities workflow, planning and accounting, communication, management and production technology, and others. One of the most promising are geographic information systems. Cur-rently geographic information systems, used in forestry and forest management, are demanded and they develop intensively. Particularly successful they can be used to automate changes in forest inventory materials and optimizing the management of the forest fund as a whole. In Lesosibirsk branch of Siberian State Technological University on the results of research a technique of an electronic inventory and planting crops on the basis of geographic information systems are developed. The method was tested on the green areas of Lesosibirsk in Krasno-yarsk territory and can be used in other areas. During the examination of green planting woody plant species, condition, degree of danger to residents are defined, height and diameter of trees are measured. Valuation of planting is made by continuous tally of trees. Some of these trans-actions are conducted by electronically dendrometer. Each tree (group of trees) is assigned an identification number under which the woody plant is listed in the statements and dendroplan. Simultaneously with the valuation field contours of inspected areas are composed with draw-ing on them the location of the examined trees, and their compensatory cost is determined. Compensatory cost depends on the breed, the size of the tree, its socio-ecological significance, location and condition. Compensatory cost of planting is calculated as separately growing woody vegetation, by multiplication the number of trees of each breed on compensatory cost of one tree of this breed. The results are entered into the electronic inventory. In the process of approbation of techniques was formed inventory of wood and shrub vegetation and electronic dendroplan. For each tree they reflect the following: inventory number, height, diameter, con-dition and mark or recommendation on the need for maintenance or other activities, compensa-tory cost. Electronic dendroplan provides simplicity and efficiency. Based on the results has been determined the species composition of plants of the city, have been revealed dangerous, sick, old and other trees, losted their ecological and sanitary-hygienic efficiency. Recommen-dations on the improvement of green areas of Lesosibirsk have been given. Technique can be used for accounting, inventory and management of urban green planting in other urban areas.


E.V. Goryaeva, Candidate of Agriculture, Associate Professor 
A.P. Mokhirev, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor


Lesosibirsky Branch of the Siberian State Technological University, Pobedy, 29, Lesosibirsk, Krasno-yarsk territory, 662543, Russia; е-mail:,


amenity forests, geographic information systems technology, dendroplan, forest inventory.


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Inventory of Green Planting Using Geographic Information Systems Technology by the Example of Lesosibirsk


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