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O.P. Sushko, A.V. Plastinin, N.A. Shilovskaya

To the Question of Price Forecasting for Pulp and Paper Products on the World Market

А.V. Mekhrentsev, S.I. Kolesnikov, N.N. Kostyukov, S.V. Kraynov, N.А. Shpak

Sergey Zalesov

gritique and bibliography

S.N. Tarkhanov

Ecological and Physiological Characteristics of Conifers on Drained Land

V.V. Furyaev

A Major Contribution to the Forest Landscape Science


N.A. Lugansky, A.V. Suslov

Dynamics of Scotch Pine Increment under Traffic Pollution (Yekaterinburg)

D.A. Dobrynin, V.V. Petrik

Arkhangelsk Region Forest Ecosystems with High Conservation Value

V.S. Pisanov, A.K. Mukhin

Dynamics of Moss Pine Stands in the Area of Indirect Impact of Rybinsk Reservoir

M.P. Voronov, V.A. Usoltsev, V.P. Chasovskikh, I.S. Lazarev, N.V. Senchilo

Automated System for Identification and Mapping of Forest Carbon Depositions when using ADABAS System

S.I. Smirnov, L.A. Yurkova,  V.A. Kuchuk

To the Question of Area Differentiation for Managing Bioresources and other Ecosystems

A.I. Sivolapov, A.I. Chernodubov, V.A. Sivolapov

Populus Test Crops in Felling Areas of VSAFT Research Forestry

N.V. Ovsyannikova, P.A. Feklistov, N.V. Volkova, V.I. Melekhov, A.M. Tarakanov, M.D. Merzlenko

The Temperature of Spruce Trunks

A.F. Osipov

Biological Productivity of Whortleberry-Sphagnum Pine Forests in Medium Boreal Taiga

N.A. Moiseev

Lessons Learned from Two Centuries of Forest Management and their Use for Setting Guidelines for the Future

A.V. Zhigunov

Use of Biotechnology in the Russian Forest Sector

A.P. Tsarev, N.V. Laur

Promising Trends оf Breeding аnd Reproduction оf Woody Plants

V.P. Besschetnov, N.N. Besschetnova

Formation and Lignification of Xylem of Scotch Pine Elite Trees

;B.V. Babikov

Establishment and Development of Hydromelioration in a Forestry Enterprise

A.V. Volokitina, A.A. Belyakin, T.M. Sofronova

Ground Cover Regeneration after Surface Fires in the Forests of Southern Cisbaikalia

S.V. Zalesov, E.S. Zalesova, A.A. Zverev, A.S. Opletaev, A.A. Terin

The Method of Growing Artificial Pine Stands at the Ash Dumps of the Reftinskaya Power Plant

N.A. Babich,  S.A. Korchagov,I.N. Lupanova, O.A. Konyushatov,  N.N. Strebkov

Topical Issues of Reforestation in the European North of Russia in the Context of Switching to the Intensive Model of Forest Management

A.V. Gryazkin, N.V. Belyaeva

The Structure of Phenological Forms of the Young Generation Spruce he Leningrad Region

R.N. Matveeva, O.F. Butorova, A.G. Kichkildeev, V.V. Narzyaev

Variability of Clonal Offsprings of Siberian Pine Elite Trees at a Plantation in South-Central Siberia

A.I. Shcherbakova, A.V. Koptina, A.V. Kanarskiy

Biologically Active Substances of Lichens

V.G. Storozhenko,  V.M. Kotkova

The Condition of Indigenous Spruce Forests and Wood-Destroying Fungi of the “Kologriv Forest” Reserve (Kostroma Region)

A.F. Osipov, S.N. Kuzin

Thermal Regime of the Soil in Blueberry-Sphagnum Pine Forest in Middle Taiga

M.G. Komissarova

Types of Northern Floodplain Oak Forests of the European Part of Russia

E.P. Galenko

Thermal Regime of Old Spruce Forests in Middle Taiga

E.G. Gladkov,  O.G. Plekhov

Drying Forests: a Model of Regional Forest Management

B.V. Raevsky

Features of Vegetative Growth of Scots Pine Clones in Karelia

S.V. Kirillov, E.P. Lebedeva, A.S. Yakovlev, V.G. Krasnov

Growth of Oak Forest Cultures From Acorns Varying in Shape

T.N. Novikova

Feature Variability of Crown Development in Progenies of Siberian Scots Pine Climatypes

M.D. Evdokimenko

Forest Fire Causes and Distribution in the Baikal Region

V.A. Usoltsev, N.V. Habibullina

Structure and Geography of Cedar Pine Phytomass Distribution in Asia

N.V. Belyaeva, A.V. Gryazkin, M. Gutal, P.M. Kalinsky

Influence of Partial Cutting Technology and Composition of Parent Stand on Spruce Regeneration

S.V. Tretyakov, A.A. Gorbunov, P.A. Feklistov

Growth Dynamics of Mixed Modal Mid-Taiga Aspen-Dominated Stands in the Arkhangelsk Region

M.D. Merzlenko, M.I. Zakharova

The Results of Professor Tursky’s Experiment on Growing Pine Cultures from Various Planting Stocks

N.A. Druzhinin, F.N. Druzhinin

Classification and Peculiarities of Clear and Selective Cuttings

B.A. Mochalov, S.V. Bobushkina

Influence of the Type of Containers and the Size of Containerized Pine Seedlings on their Growth in Artificial Stands in the North

A.B. Egorov, A.A. Bubnov

The System of Herbicides for Protection of Coniferous Crops in Forest Nurseries

N.A. Demidova, T.M. Durkina

Growth and Development Features of Poplars in the European North of Russia

B.V. Raevsky

Present-Day Situation and Development of Woody Species Breeding Base in Karelia

A.I. Sokolov, A.N. Pekkoev, V.A. Kharitonov, T.I. Krivenko

Accelerated Growing of Spruce Cultures in the Middle Taiga Subzone of Karelia

V.A. Ananyev, S.A. Moshnikov

Silvicultural and Ecological Assessment of Selective and Gradual Cutting Systems in Protective Forests of the Northern Ladoga Area

I.N. Kutyavin

Age Dynamics of Pinus sylvestris Growth in the Northern Cis-Urals

D.G. Khinchuk, K.E. Khinchuk

Justification of Parameters of a Seed Drill Equipped with Spherical Coulters and Used for Sowing Spruce in Drained Cut-over Areas

A.A. Fetisova, A.V. Gryazkin, N.V. Kovalev, M. Gutal

Assessment of Natural Conifer Regeneration in the Clear Cutting Arеa of the Roshchino Forestry

T.A. Sukhareva

Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Microelement Composition of Conifers and Soils Under Industrial Pollution

I.V. Petrova, S.N. Sannikov, O.E.

Genetic Differentiation of Upland and Bog Populations of Scots Pine on the Russian Plain

V.A. Bryntsev, M.I. Khramova

Variability of Seed Progeny of Siberian Pine at Introduction


A.V. Vurasko, B.N. Driker, E.V. Mertin, A.R. Minakova 

Use of Ozone for Oxidative and Organic Solvent Delignification of Non-Wood Plant Raw Material

A.P. Karmanov, L.S. Kocheva, V.Yu. Belayev, О.S. Brovko, U.S. Ovodov

Lignin оf Abies sibirica Xylem. Study оf Macromolecule Structure by Means оf Molecular Hydrodynamics

G.E. Korotaev, Ju.V. Sevastyanova, N.N. Fetyukova

Study оf the Structure-Dimensional аnd Fundamental Properties оf Unbleached Sulphate Pulp Obtained from Normal, Dying and Dead Spruce

A.S. Smolin

The Development of Paper and Cardboard Technology

A.P. Karmanov

The Study оf Lignin оf Cross-Grained Birch Wood

Y.V. Kazakov

Quantitative Estimation of Deformation Heterogeneity in a Paper at niaxial Stretching at Constant Rate of Speed

L.L. Krotova

Development оf Sawn Timber Drying in Siberia

А.А. Komissarenkov, Т.L. Lukanina

Study of the Modification of Kaolin by Aluminum Ions 

R.Kh. Khakimov, F.Kh. Khakimova, T.N. Kovtun

Preparing of Wastepaper by Aerodynamic Disintergrator for Using in Paper and Board Composition

V.V. Miroshnichenko, N.A. Osmolovskaya, V.N. Parshikova, R.A. Stepen

Comparison of Pine Oil Distillation Methods оf Microwave Technology аnd Hydrodistillation

S.N. Vikharev

Contact Interaction оf Mill Blades with Wood Pulp

A.P. Karmanov, V.Yu. Belyaev, L.S. Kocheva, О.S. Brovko, Yu.S . Ovodov

Life Form of Plants and Structure of Lignins Isolated from the Secondary Xylem of Betula nana and Betula verrucosa

A.I. Dmitrenkov, O.N. Filimonova, S.S. Nikulin, G.Yu. Vostrikova

Modification of Petroleum Resin Based on C9 Fraction by Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Waste and its use for Protective Treatment of Fiberboard

V.P. Sivakov, I.A. Partin

Similarity Criteria of Suspension Deformation Model in a High-Pressure Feeder

E.V. Novozhilov, D.G. Chukhchin, E.V. Smirnov, E.A. Varakin, I.V. Tyshkunova

Localization and Component Status of Starch Binder in Test Liner

E.N. Koptelova, N.A. Kutakova, S.I. Tretyakov

Study of Mass Transfer Kinetics During Birch Bark Extraction

S.A. Pokryshkin, K.G. Bogolytsin, Yu.G. Khabarov, K.G. Bogolytsin

Oxidation of Lignin with Hydrogen Peroxide in Water/DMSO Binary Solvent in the Presence of Horseradish Peroxidase

Ya.V. Kazakov, R.G. Khromtsova,

Formation of Viscoelastic Properties of Pulp-and-Paper Material in the Process of Drying

E.N. Koptelova, L.N. Kuznetsova, N.A. Kutakova, S.I. Tretyakov

Intensification of Betulin Isolation from Birch Bark Using Microwave Field

K.G. Bogolitsyn, M.V. Surso, M.A. Gusakova, I.N. Zubov

Peroxidase Activity Within the Needles of Common Juniper (Juniperus Сommunis L.): Dynamics of Seasonal and Age-Related Changes

E.V. Petrenko, V.N. Parshikova

Effeciency of Co-Processing of Wood Green of Fir and Spruce

S.N. Vikharev

Axial for Ces Generated in the Disk Mill at Grinding

M.A. Zyryanov, N.G. Chistova

Fiberboard Production at Single-Stage Grinding

A.A. Perepelkina, M.F. Galikhanov, L.R. Musina

Modification of Paper to Improve its Performance Properties


V.A. Zakharenko, Doctor of Engineering, Professor

About the Training and Methodological Seminar “The Reference and Ordinary Measuring Instruments in Thermal Physics”


V.P. Sivakov, I.A. Partin

Kinematic Forces in the Process of Suspension Discharge from Feeder

E.V. Dyakova, A.V. Guryev

Pap-For 2012: International Innovation Forum for Pulp and Paper Industry

M.A. Derbina

Use of Vermicompost for Growing Stock in a Greenhouse

E.N. Serov, A.E. Serov

Suggestions For Strengthening the Beams of the Lower Quadrangle of the Transfiguration Church on the Kizhi Island

V.P. Sivakov, I.A. Partin

Damping Pipeline Supports оf Cooking Boilers


Stem Crookedness in Larix in Plantations on Iceland

O.O. Ferents, R.Ya. Kindrat, P.N. Rybitsky

Theoretical Approaches to Evaluation of Ecological and Economic Efficiency of Integrated Wood Processing

A.A. Smirnov

Introduction and Naturalization of Coniferous Trees on the Sakhalin Island

P.V. Biley, P.P. Biley, A.M. Kombarov

The Study of Physical Properties of Maple Wood


Editorial Board of the “Forest Journal”, Administration, Staff of Forestry Engineering Institute of Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov

Nikolay Alekseevich Babich

G.V. Komarova, N.А. Kutakova, L.N. Kuznetsova, S.I. Tretyakov

Professor Nikolay Bogdanovich is 70

E.G. Tsarev, S.V. Lyubova, P.A. Feklistov, S.V. Tretyakov, V.V. Petrik

Birthday Anniversary of Elena Nakvasina

M.D. Merzlenko

The 180th Anniversary of the Forest Journal

A.S. Novoselov, V.S. Vernodubenko

40th Anniversary of the Regional Vologda Laboratory of the Northern Research Institute of Forestry

D.V. Trubin

The History of Formation of the Scientific Heritage of “Forest Journal” and its Role in the Development of the Forest Sector

E.N. Nakvasina

180th Anniversary of the Forest Journal

O.N. Bolgova

On the State of Forestry in the Arkhangelsk Region in the Pages of Forest Journal» (1833–1918)

E.A. Pamfilov

To the Release of the Index of Articles Published in Forest Journal in 1958–2012


V.I. Zheldak

Russian Silviculture from the 20th to the 21st Century: a Historical Legacy Evolution or a Paradigm Shift?


O.S. Brovko, T.A. Boytsova, I.A. Palamarchuk, K.G. Bogolitsyn, Ya.V. Kazakov,  D.A. Tormosina

Effect of the Composition and Molecular Weights of Lignosulfonates and Chitosan on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Polymer Films on their Basis


Staff of Forestry Engineering Institute of Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov

V.V. Shchelkunov (on the occasion of 100th Birthday Anniversary)

Administration of Moscow State Forest University, colleagues, pupils

P.S. Sergovskiy – Founder of Educational Research School of Hydro-Thermal Treatment of Wood (on the occasion of 100th Birthday Anniversary)


A.N. Galashev, M.A. Khviyuzov

Time Calculation of Circular Saw Cooling at Idle Speed

R.E. Kaliteevsky, A.M. Artemenkov

Structural Dynamic Analysis of Professional Field of Sawmilling

M.A. Korelskaya, A.M. Kopeikin

On Correctness of Saw Log Dimensions Calculation

O.S. Ponomarev, I.K. Gindulin, Yu.L. Yuryev

Possible Ways of Charcoal Briquette Production

N.N. Cheremnykh

Efficiency Calculation of Acoustic Treatment of Sawing Workshops

O.D. Mueller, V.I. Melekhov, V.K. Lyubov, D.L. Gerasimchuk, A.N. Popov

Dependence of Compacting Technological Parameters on Relative Density of Wood Fuel Pellets

S.P. Ageyev

Multifactor Model of a Sawmill Production Line Electric Energy Demand

P.V. Bilei, I.A. Sokolovsky

Research Trends of the National Forestry University of Ukraine Within Wood Science, Heat Treatment and Wood Drying

S.N. Rykunin, E.V. Kravtsov

Optimization Model for Timber Cross-Cutting into Blanks

E.N. Serov, B.V. Labudin

Glued Timbering: Present State and Development Problems

G.F. Prokofyev

Intensification оf Wood Sawing by Means of a Sawing Machine

I.V. Grigoryev, O.A. Kunitskaya, G.V. Grigoryev, G.Yu. Yesin

Kinetics of Centrifugal Wood Treatment

A.S. Toropov, E.Yu. Kuznetsov

Theoretical Research of Accuracy of Woodsawing by Circular Saws using Electromagnetic Guides

O.D. Myuller, V.I. Melekhov, V.K. Lyubov, V.I. Malygin

The Effect of Compacting Pressure on the Side Pressure Coefficient of Wood Pellets

S.I. Roshchina, P.B. Shokhin, M.S. Sergeev

Study of Composite Wood Structures Using Carbon Nanotubes

A.B. Shmidt, M.N. Pavlenko

Some Features of Designing Wood Trusses with Toothed Metal Plates with Optimization of Joint Connections

M.A. Khviyuzov, A.N. Galashev

Calculation of Heat Temperature of the Saw Blade Surface under Pyrometric Control

A.V. Turkov, K.V. Marfin

Study of Deflection and Natural Vibration Frequencues of Composite Circular Transtropic Plates

S.V. Ershov

Determination of Size Ranges of Saw Logs under Efficient Operation of Sawmill Equipment

S.I. Roshchina, M.S. Sergeev, A.V. Lukina

Reinforced Wooden Structures

V.P. Ryabchuk, V.M. Grib

Physical Properties of Pine Wood

A.A. Fomin

Methodology for the Process of Machining of Peripheral Segments

A.N. Chubinsky, G.S. Varankina

Formation of Low Toxicity Particle Boards Using Modified Adhesives

V.I. Malygin, L.V. Kremleva, N.V. Lobanov, V.I. Melekhov

Evolution of the Topological Structure of Wood-Milling Cutters

S.V. Ivanov, E.S. Sharapov

Wood Cutting: Overview, Analysis and Concept Formulation


O.N. Orudzhova

Dynamics of Logging Road Network Development

E.A. Pamfilov, P.G. Pyrikov, G.A. Pilyushina, S.V. Tyapin

Increased Tightness of Stable Demountable Connections in Machines and Forestry Equipment Hydrosystems

S.P. Dorokhov

Solution of the Euler Equation in a Speed-in-Action Problem for a Two-Link Vehicle Manipulator

D.G. Myasishchev, A.S. Vashutkin

Organization and Planning of the Experimental Study of Compressed Air Supply between the Brake Pads and Brake Drum under Deceleration

S.A. Abramenko

Validation of Lift Device Type Choice as a Component of a Logging Machinery Service System

V.A. Aleksandrov

The Tree-Length Method Revisited

A.M. Kochnev, A.N. Yushkov

Methodology for Estima ting Tractive Efficiency of a Wheeled Skidder

A.M. Kochnev, А. N. Yushkov

The Selection Methodology of Cutting Area Skidding Trails

A.N. Zaikin

The Types and Purpose of Timber Stocks in the Process of Timber Production

V.I. Zhabin, M.A. Melnitsky, O.V. Gerasimov

Empirical Evaluation of the Strength Characteristics of Oiled Gravel Road Surface

D.G. Myasishchev, А.S. Vashutkin

Results of an Experimental Investigation of Compressed Air Supply between the Drum Brake Friction Surfaces

V.N. Shilovsky, V.A. Kyalviyaynen

Estimation of Maintenance Workability of Logging Machines

O.N. Orudzhova

Influence of Flexible Geotextile Layers on the Strength of Road Structure

E.A. Pamfilov, G.A. Pilyushina

Possibilities and Prospective Ways to Increase Working Capacity of Forest Sector Machines and Equipment

A.N. Minaev, A.I. Nikiforova, A.A. Pelymsky, D.S. Kiselev, V.A. Andronov, V.N. Yazov

Mathematical Model for Rutting by the Action of Wheeled Forest Vehicles

V.M. Derbin, M.V. Derbin

Conceptual Model of Forest Management Certification

V.N. Ivashchenko

Structure of Resources Allocated for Silvicultural Technological Processes

A.L. Popov

Results of Research on Bulging Prisms of Vertically Loaded Floating Ground Anchors

S.V. Samsonov, V.A. Barabanov

Validation of Technical Parameters of Floating Containers for Timber Transportation and Results of the Study of their Hydrodynamic Properties


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