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Formation of Low Toxicity Particle Boards Using Modified Adhesives

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A.N. Chubinsky, G.S. Varankina

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The paper studies the effect of reactive filler on the physico-mechanical properties of particle board and content of free formaldehyde in board materials. For this purpose we used samples of particle board based on urea-formaldehyde binder as the most frequently used in production. Intensity of formaldehyde emission from the finished board depends on the following factors: properties of the resin used and, in the first place, the content of free formaldehyde in it; the amount of added binder; board pressing conditions (moisture of tarred chips, pressing temperature and duration); use conditions of boards or products made of them, and the type of surface coating. Board toxicity is reduced due to the chemical interaction between a new type of filler – aluminosilicate – and adsorption of aromatic hydrocarbons contained in resin: alcohols, aldehydes, acids, including formaldehyde. The strength of particle board at static bending grows due to higher degree of polymer structuring and increased molecular weight, greater cohesive strength and better reaction with wood components. Using the methods of search for optimal variable factors and corresponding efficiency indices, we determined specific values of the regime parameters under investigation.


A.N. Chubinsky, G.S. Varankina
St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University namber after S.M. Kirov

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St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University namber after S.M. Kirov


particle board, urea-formaldehyde resin, modifier, aluminosilicate

Formation of Low Toxicity Particle Boards Using Modified Adhesives