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Variability of Seed Progeny of Siberian Pine at Introduction

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V.A. Bryntsev, M.I. Khramova

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The research aimed to study the variability of seed progeny of introduced Siberian pine and selection of the most adapted families and individuals to create a forest seed base of this species in the region of introduction. The tasks were to define the best introduction plantations and parent trees; explore family and individual variability of Siberian pine seed progeny by key parameters; study the seasonal growth and development of the apical shoot of seedlings of the introduced generation; investigate the seedlings at the initial stages of ontogeny and, using early diagnostics, select the best families and individuals. The objects of our research were seedlings of Siberian pine aged 1 to 7 years from Nizhny Novgorod, Vetluga and Tomsk. The study of seed progeny of different origin showed that seedlings from the seeds of the local Nizhny Novgorod population have the best properties. The results of the two-year phenological observations indicate superiority of the seedlings from the seeds of Nizhny Novgorod plantations, which can be explained by their better adaptation in this area. Methods of early diagnostics help select the most promising families by the results of researches on yearlings. We studied the population, family and individual variability in Siberian pine by key parameters, intensity of seasonal growth and individual features. In addition, we selected the most fast-growing families and individuals which are recommended for a permanent forest seed base in the region.


V.A. Bryntsev, M.I. Khramova
Moscow State Forest University 

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Moscow State Forest University


introduction, Siberian pine, seedlings, variability, selection.

Variability of Seed Progeny of Siberian Pine at Introduction