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Axial for Ces Generated in the Disk Mill at Grinding

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S.N. Vikharev

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The paper aimed to research the axial forces generated in cutting mills at grinding. The author’s aim was to develop a technique to define these forces. As a rule, axial forces have non-uniform distribution in the grinding zone because of a non-uniform clearance between the rotor and stator and viscoelastic properties of the fibrous layer. Earlier these forces could be defined in the grinding zone only at uniform pressure distribution and without taking into account variable components of force. The paper presents a method of calculating axial forces and driving power of mills in view of the above mentioned factors. This method is recommended for cutting mills.


S.N. Vikharev
The Ural State Forest Engineering University

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The Ural State Forest Engineering University


axial forces, mill, pressure distribution.

Axial for Ces Generated in the Disk Mill at Grinding