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Fiberboard Production at Single-Stage Grinding

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M.A. Zyryanov, N.G. Chistova

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It is known that wet method fiberboard production involves a significant impact of the quality and morphological characteristics of the wood fiber semi-product on the physical and mechanical properties of the finished board. As of today, we have no comprehensive knowledge about the impact of quality and morphological characteristics of wood fiber on the fiberboard structure formation. Thus, the given study aimed to determine the influence of the properties of wood fiber semi-products on the finished board quality. To achieve this goal we accomplished the following objectives:  substantiated the structure formation of the board made of wood fiber semi product obtained in single-stage grinding and evaluated the morphological characteristics of its constituent fractions; determined the influence of major technological and structural parameters of the grinding plant on the preparation of wood fiber semi-product and production of the finished board.  The research was conducted at varying operational and design parameters of the grinding plant, followed by an analysis of the obtained wood fiber. The paper presents the results of the research on the effect produced by the grinding plant operating parameters on the morphological characteristics of wood fibers and structure of the finished board.


M.A. Zyryanov, N.G. Chistova
Lesosibirsk Branch of Siberian State Technological University

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Lesosibirsk Branch of Siberian State Technological University


grinding, wood fiber semi-product, wood chips, fibrilplasma, melshtoff, wood fiber, degree of grinding, fractional composition.

Fiberboard Production at Single-Stage Grinding