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Modification of Paper to Improve its Performance Properties

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A.A. Perepelkina, M.F. Galikhanov, L.R. Musina

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The paper dwells on the improvement of the quality of paper materials by physical actions. The research aimed to investigate the effect of lamination with plastic films and in the electric field treatment on the performance properties of paper. Our objects of research were M -70 and M -78 wrapping paper and high-density polyethylene films. Indicators of paper quality were: tear resistance, tensile breaking strength, bursting strength, surface absorbency at one-sided moistening, and full-immersion absorbency. Polyethylene film surface treatment tends to improve the strength and barrier properties of paper. This is due to the polymer melt flowing into the space between the fibers on the surface of the material, which reduces the degree of freedom of fibrils and fibers, increases paper stiffness and prevents water from entering into the fibrous structure of the paper from one of the sides. The effect of a unipolar corona discharge on laminated paper enhances the electrostatic bonding forces between the fibers and other structural elements in the paper, as well as to formation of oriented condition of macromolecule segments in fibers and sizing agents. In addition, exposure to this kind of discharge makes pulp and paper material stronger. Under the influence of corona discharge, surface absorbency and full-immersion absorbency of paper is reduced by 10–15 %, which can be explained as follows: movement of liquid molecules on the surface of a solid body is hindered by the electrostatic interaction in the electret field, thus increasing the work that a drop of water must do against the surface tension at the solid-liquid boundary as a result of electric potential jump at this boundary. A conclusion is made that lamination and corona discharge treatment of pulp and paper materials can make a great contribution to expansion of their areas of use.


A.A. Perepelkina, M.F. Galikhanov, L.R. Musina
Kazan National Research Technological University

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Kazan National Research Technological University


Pulp and paper material, paper, polymer coating, polyethylene, unipolar corona discharge.

Modification of Paper to Improve its Performance Properties