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R.V. Ignatenko, M.A. Ershova, N.A. Galibina, B.V. Raevsky

Cytogenetic Characteristics of Seed Progeny of Scots Pine Plus Tree Clones in Karelia

A.V. Gryazkin, Thanh Tran Trung, Hung Vu Van, A.N. Prokof’yev, Minh An Hoang

Integrated Assessment of Raw Material Resources of Birch Forests

M.A. Gusakova, K.G. Bogolitsyn, A.A. Krasikova, N.V. Selivanova, S.S. Khviyuzov, N.A. Samsonova

Characteristics of Wood Substance Formation during Growing of Scots Pine Seedlings Using Chemical Markers

L.V. Lyasheva, A.A. Lyashev, Yu.S. Steinberg

Winter Hardiness of Conifers in the Northern Forest Steppe Conditions of the South of the Tyumen Region

M.M. Andronova, A.V. Platonov

Sucrose in the Tissues of Annual Shoots of Introduced Woody Plants

A.N. Sobolev, P.A. Feklistov

Features of the Structure of Pine Stands on Bolshoy Solovetsky Island

V.M. Mamedaliyeva

Changes in Forested Areas of the North-Eastern Region of Azerbaijan Revealed by Satellite Images

N.V. Primakov

Prospects for Woody and Shrubby Plants in the Landscaping of Krasnodar

N.A. Prozherina, E.N. Nakvasina

Climate Change and Its Impact on Adaptation and Intraspecific Variability of Conifer Species of the European North of Russia

V.A. Bryntsev, M.A. Lavrenov, A.A. Kozhenkova

Studying Morphological Characteristics and Sowing Qualities of Seeds of Species of the Genus Larix Mill. in the Conditions of Introduction

V.G. Storozhenko

Features of the Horizontal Structure of Forests of Spruce Formations in the European Taiga of Russia

N.R. Sungurova, I.A. Popkova

Productivity of Pine Plantations during Reclamation of Sand Quarries

S.G. Biganova, Yu.I. Sukhorukikh, K.N. Kulik, А.K. Kulik

Morphological Characteristics of Hazel Crowns in Mountain Forests

B. Miletić, B. Drašković, T. Đorem, S. Bojić, B. Matović, D.B. Stojanović

The Potential Impact of Climate Change on the Distribution of Norway Spruce (Picea abies Karst.) in Bosnia and Herzegovina

S.A. Zotov, E.V. Dmitriev, P.G. Melnik, T.V. Kondranin

Increasing the Informativity of Multispectral Satellite Images Using Texture Analysis Data

A.S. Novoselov

Dynamics of Pine Turpentine Flow Depending on the Macrostructural Parameters of Wood on Swamped Soils

E.Yu. Kolmogorova, V.I. Ufimtsev

Soil Characteristics of Embryozems under Cover of Pine Plantations on Technogenic Residual Rocks of Kuzbass

Lidia V. Vetchinnikova, Alexander F. Titov

Reintroduction of Curly Birch. P. 9–31

Tamara A. Rubtsova, Anna M. Zubareva

Characteristics of Melliferous Lands and Their Fire Hazard in the Jewish Autonomous Region. P. 32–43

Ivan Ya. Cheplyanskij, Taras Ya. Turchin, Alexandra S. Ermolova

Remote Monitoring of State Forest Shelterbelts in the Steppe Zone of European Russia. P. 44–59

Natalia P. Bratilova, Natalia V. Moksina, Olga A. Gerasimova

Selection of Half-Sib Species of the Genus Malus L. by Growth and Formation Parameters in the Suburban Area of Krasnoyarsk. P. 60–72

Galina N. Gordeeva, Anatoly I. Lobanov

Life Expectancy and Winter Hardiness of Introduced Woody Plants in the Dry-Steppe Zone of Khakassia. P. 73–90

Sergey S. Makarov, Irina B. Kuznetsova, Alexandra V. Zaushintsena, Elena I. Kulikova, Galina V. Tyak, Tatyana V. Kurlovich

Improving the Efficiency of Multipurpose Forest Management of Depleted Peatlands. P. 91–102

Boris V. Babikov, Marina B. Subota

Hydromelioration in Forestry: History of Research. P. 103–118

Vladimir V. Lepesko, Ludmila P. Rybashlykova

Growth Features of Siberian Elm on Brown Soils of the Astrakhan Semi-Desert. P. 119–129

Valery V. Fomin, Natalya S. Ivanova, Sergey V. Zalesov, Anna P. Mikhailovich

Pan-European Approaches to the Classification of Habitats, Vegetation and Forest Types. P. 9–24

Andrey F. Osipov, Ivan N. Kutyavin, Aleksey V. Manov, Mikhail A. Kuznetsov, Kapitolina S. Bobkova

Reserves and Structure of Phytomass in Northern Taiga Pine Forest Stands in the Komi Republic. P. 25–38

Anna V. Kul’kova, Natalia N. Besschetnova, Vladimir P. Besschetnov, Yerzhan Zh. Kentbaev, Botagoz A. Kentbaeva

Growth of Schrenk’s Spruce (Picea schrenkiana) Seedlings Related to the Pre-Sowing Stimulating Seed Treatment. P. 39–51

Andrej K. Mukhin

Features of the Dynamics of Lichen Pine Forests under Flooding by the Rybinsk Reservoir. P. 52–69

Aleksandr N. Sobolev, Pavel A. Feklistov, Ludmila F. Popova

Windproof Role of Birch Crooked Forests on Bolshoy Solovetsky Island. P. 91–100

Tatiana E. Galdina, Aleksey I. Chernodubov

Productivity of Larch of Different Origin in the Voronezh Region. P. 101–114

Liliya V. Zarubina

Daily Pine Growth on Highmoor Peat Soil under the Influence of Fertilizers. P. 115–126

Alexander S. Manaenkov, Alexander S. Ponomarev

Forest Sustainability of Ecotopes of the Volga-Akhtuba Floodplain when Cultivating Pine Plantations. P. 127–145

Vladimir P. Makarov, Olga F. Malykh, Tatyana V. Zhelibo

Variability in Traits of Gmelin Larch Generative Organs in Eastern Transbaikalia. P. 70–90

Anatoly P. Tsarev, Raisa P. Tsareva, Vadim A. Tsarev, Natalia V. Laur.

Breeding Tests of Juvenile Factorial Hybrids of Populus tremula L. P.9-20

Aydar K. Gabdelkhakov, Vladimir F. Konovalov, Zagir Z. Rakhmatullin, Liubov N. Blonskaya, Ilyas I. Fazlutdinov

Biomass and Volume Estimation Models for Bark of Small-Leaved Linden (Tilia cordata Mill.). P. 21-36

Mikhail D. Merzlenko, Petr G. Melnik, Anna A. Kozhenkova

Introduction of European Larch Climatypes in the Mixed Forest Zone. P.37-46

Roman V. Mikhalishchev, Tatyana B. Srodnykh

Seed Propagation of Spiraea L. Species in the Botanical Garden of the Ural Federal University. P.47-57

Aleksandra S. Solomentseva

The Condition of Woody Plants at the Sites of Protective Afforestation and Landscaping of the Kalachevsky District, Volgograd Region. P.58-72

Elena A. Tishkina, Irina V. Shevelina

Range Expansion of Cotoneaster lucidus Schlecht. in Forest Parks of Yekaterinburg. P.73-84

B.V. Raevsky, R.V. Ignatenko, E.V. Novichonok, V.M. Prokopiuk, K.K. Kuklina

The Current State of Conifer Species Breeding and Seed Production. P. 9–37

V.А. Usoltsev, I.S. Tsepordey, I.M. Danilin

Designing a Model of the Picea L. and Abies L. Biomass for Regional Climatic Conditions in Eurasia. P. 38-54

A.V. Kabonen, O.I. Gavrilova, I.T. Kishchenko

Digital Scanning of Woody Plant Growth and Development. P. 55–70

O.N. Tyukavina, L.F. Popova

Root System of Balsam Poplar (Populus balsamifera L.). P. 71–81

S.S. Makarov, M.T. Upadyshev, I.B. Kuznetsova, A.V. Zaushintsena, E.I. Kulikova, E.A. Surina

The Use of Lighting of Various Spectral Ranges for Clonal Micropropagation of Forest Berry Plants. P. 82–93

I.S. Konovalova, D.Yu. Konovalov

Ecological and Cenotic Activity of Species of the Middle Taiga Flora. P. 94–106

V.V. Tuzhilkina

Functional Characteristics of Siberian Spruce Undergrowth Needles under the Canopy and in the Cutting of Bilberry Spruce Forest in the Middle Taiga Subzone. P. 107–116

Bahram G. Aliyev, Valida M. Mamedaliyeva

The State of Forests Growing on Iron Oxide-Saturated Soils of Azerbaijan. P. 117–125

Technology of Wood Chemical Processing and Production of Wood-Polymer Composites

Irina A. Palamarchuk, Marina E. Belousova, Olga S. Brovko, Vadim V. Staritsyn, Artem D. Ivakhnov, Anatoliy A. Sloboda

The Content of Phenolic Compounds in Lichens in the Tectonic Fault Zones. P. 198–213

Anton A. Penkin, Yakov V. Kazakov

Changes in the Morphological Characteristics of Secondary Fiber Obtained from Wet-Strength Paper during Gentle Refining of Recycled Pulp. Part 1. Fiber Characteristics. P.157-172

Rushan G. Safin, Viktor G. Sotnikov, Leonid Yu. Grunin, Maria S. Ivanova, Dilyara F. Ziatdinova

Quality Control of Activated Carbon by the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Method. P.173-185

Elena V. Starzhinskaya, Anatoly M. Kryazhev, Sergey I. Tret’yakov, Anatoliy A. Gluhanov

Sulphate Soap Separation from Wood Mixture Cooking Black Liquor. P. 178–192


A.O. Korshunov, E.A. Lavrenteva, M.A. Lazarev, A.B. Radbil’

Optimization of Tall Oil Pitch Saponification by Experimental Design

N.V. Koryakovskaya, O.I. Bederdinova

Monitoring and Control of Paper Web Moisture

N.A. Krinitsin, V.K. Dubovy, K.V. Polyakova, I.N. Koverninsky

Study of the Influence of Binder Type on the Properties of Glass Fiber Filter Paper for Air Purification

Yu.G. Khabarov, A.Yu. Garkotin, V.A. Veshnyakov

Study of Kraft Lignin Nitration with Acetyl Nitrate in the Presence of Aprotic Solvents

Elena N. Koptelova, Natal’ya A. Kutakova, Sergey I. Tret’yakov, Anna V. Faleva

Kinetics of Water-Alkaline Hydrolysis of Birch Bark in a Microwave Field. P. 179–190

Sergey D. Pimenov, Georgy V. Mzokov, Alexander I. Sizov

Cellulose Hydrolysis Using Hydrogen Chloride Gas-Air Mixtures. P. 191–202


T.N. Vakhnina, A.A. Fedotov, I.V. Susoeva, V.E. Rumyantseva

Plywood and Thermal Insulation Boards Based on the Modified Phenol Formaldehyde Binder

A.G. Gorokhovsky, E.E. Shishkina, A.S. Agafonov

Lumber Convective Drying Based on Controlled Moisture Transfer

A.R. Birman, A.A. Tambi, S.A. Ugryumov, P.R. Gilvanov

Birch Wood Modification Technology for Creating Neutron Shielding Materials

V.I. Melekhov, I.I. Solovev, N.G. Ponomareva

Formation of Coaxial Fields of Residual Stresses in the Circular Saw Blade

Daniil V. Ivanov, Ksenya E. Baka, Daria A. Konareikina

Powdered Paper-Resin Films as Reactive Fillers for Urea-Formaldehyde Resins. P. 153–166

Danila A. Chibrikin, Mikhail V. Lukin, Anastasiya V. Lukina, Tatiana V. Tyurikova, Svetlana I. Roshchina

Numerical Study of the Stress-Strain State of a Modified Wooden Beam. P. 167–178

Elena V. Tomina, Aleksandr I. Dmitrenkov, Konstantin V. Zhuzhukin

The Use of Nanosized ZnO in Compositions for Wood Protective Treatment. P. 173–184

Irina V. Susoeva, Tatiana N. Vakhnina, Andrey A. Titunin, Varvara E. Rumyantseva

Processing Factors and Properties of Thermal Insulation Boards Made of Plant Fillers. P. 185–197

Alexander V. Sergeevichev, Viktoriia A. Sokolova, Ivan I. Kostyukov, Anna Е. Mikhailova, Sergey A. Voinash

Abrasive Tools Made of Spherical Corundum in Wood Working. P.131-142

Yuri G. Skurydin, Elena M. Skurydina

Layer-by-Layer Dynamic Shear Modulus in the Cross-Section of a Particle Board. P.143-156

Dmitry S. Rusakov, Galina S. Varankina, Anatoly N. Chubinsky

Theoretical and Experimental Substantiation of the Nature of Interaction between Modified Binders and Wood. P. 153–163

Vladimir I. Fedyukov, Vasilii Yu. Chernov, Maria S. Chernova, Olga V. Tsoy

Resonance Acoustic and Colorimetric Characteristics of Wood in Old Structures. P. 164–177


A.V. Abuzov, P.B. Ryabukhin

Aerostatic Aircraft for Logging in Remote Forest Areas

V.V. Vasiliev, D.N. Afonichev

The Use of Flat Rafting Units during the Initia Timber Rafting

S.V. Posypanov, V.O. Chuprakov

Justification of Ballast Tank Parameters of a Mоbile Berth for Timber Transshipment

R.Yu. Dobretsov, S.B. Dobretsova, S.A. Voinash, V.A. Sokolova

Mathematical Model of the Track Depth Formation of a Forestry Tracked Vehicle

A.M. Borgonutdinov, S.E. Rudov, I.V. Grigorev, D.S. Efimov, V.V. Shvetsova

Experimental Studies of the Thermal Regime in the Pavement Layers of Long-Distance Forest Roads

Konstantin P. Rukomojnikov, Evgeny М. Tsarev, Sergey E. Anisimov, Denis S. Tatarinov, Viktoriia O. Kuptcova, Tatiana A. Gilyazova

Upgrading the Feller-Delimber-Crosscutter Mechanism of a Forest Harvester. P. 130–138

Anatoliy N. Zaikin, Vladimir V. Sivakov, Nikolay A. Bulkhov, Svetlana A. Konshakova, Sergey G. Kuznetsov

The Use of Logging Machinery Sets in the Republic of Bashkortostan. P. 139–152

Vladimir V. Vasiliev, Dmitry N. Afonichev

Flexibility Justification of a Raft Made of Raft Units. P. 146–155

Maksim V. Matsnev, Natalia G. Ponomareva, Oleg N. Tveritnev, Petr V. Tikhomirov, Dmitry M. Levushkin, Andrei N. Briukhovetskii

Calculating the Groundwork Volume for the Construction of Logging Roads. P. 156–172

Valeryi I. Posmetyev, Vadim O. Nikonov, Andrey Yu. Manukovskii, Viktor V. Posmetyev

Computer Simulation of the Operation of the Recuperative Swivel Bunk Device of a Hauling Tractor with a Timber Drug. P.85-99

Gennady N. Kolesnikov, Olga I. Grigoreva, Igor V. Grigorev, Valentin A. Makuev, Tamara N. Storodubtseva, Victoria V. Shvetsova

Modeling of Critical Local Deformations of Growing Tree Bark under Wind Loads. P.100-113

Kirill D. Zhuk, Sergey A. Ugryumov, Fedor V. Svoikin, Vladimir F. Svoikin

Dimension and Quality Specifications of Round Logs Harvested with the Use of Multi-Operational Forest Machines. P.114-130

Eduard F. Gerts, Andrey V. Mekhrentsev, Nikolay N. Terinov, Alina F. Urazova

Substantiation of the Technological Process Parameters of Wood Skidding with a Mini Tractor in Increment Thinning. P. 126–138

Eugene A. Pitukhin, Stepan S. Rogozin

Optimizing the Forest Firefighting Vehicle Operation Modes. P. 139–152


Oksana V. Skudneva

Flight Navigation System of Transport Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Forestry Practice. P. 203–212

Viktor I. Lisitsyn, Michael V. Drapalyuk, Nikolai N. Matveev

Modeling the Forest Stand Growth Dynamics Based on the Thermodynamic Approach. P. 213–225

George M. Adayi, John F. Eshun, Eric D. Marfo, Nikolay A. Babich, Vladimir I. Melekhov, Denis N. Klevtsov

Forest Resources of the Republic of Ghana. P.186-194

Konstantin L. Mikhaylov, Svetlana V. Gorbunova, Dan’yal H. Fayzulin

Creation of Greenhouse Complexes for Growing Pine Planting Material. P.195-203

Nikolay A. Neverov, Zinaida B. Chistova, Alexandr L. Mineev

Radial Growth of Scots Pine in the Northern Taiga. P. 193–205


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