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Computer Simulation of the Operation of the Recuperative Swivel Bunk Device of a Hauling Tractor with a Timber Drug. P.85-99

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Valeryi I. Posmetyev, Vadim O. Nikonov, Andrey Yu. Manukovskii, Viktor V. Posmetyev

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Valeryi I. Posmetyev, Doctor of Engineering, Prof.; ResearcherID: Q-1411-2015,ОRCID:
Vadim O. Nikonov*, Candidate of Engineering, Assoc. Prof.; ResearcherID: N-3510-2019,ORCID:
Andrey Yu. Manukovskii, Doctor of Engineering, Prof.; ResearcherID: AAR-1976-2020,ORCID:
Viktor V. Posmetyev, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Assoc. Prof.;ResearcherID: Z-3736-2019, ОRCID:


Voronezh State University of Forestry and Technologies named after G.F. Morozov, ul. Timiryazeva, 8, Voronezh, 394087, Russian Federation;

For citation

Posmetyev V.I., Nikonov V.O., Manukovskii A.Yu., Posmetyev V.V. Computer Simulation of the Operation of the Recuperative Swivel Bunk Device of a Hauling Tractor with a Timber Drug. Lesnoy Zhurnal = Russian Forestry Journal, 2022, no. 5, pp. 85–99. (In Russ.).


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