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V.S. Shalaev, V.K. Teplyakov

Towards the XXV IUFRO World Congress


P. Angelstam, M. Manton, O. Khaulyak, V. Naumov, S. Pedersen, N. Stryamets, J. Törnblom, S. Valasiuk, T. Yamelynets

Knowledge Production and Learning for Sustainable Forest Landscapes: The European Continent’s West and East as a Laboratory

I.T. Kishchenko

Formation of Picea abies (L.) Karst. Trunk Wood in Different Taiga Zone Communities

S.A. Moshnikov, V.A. Anan’yev, V.A. Matyushkin

Accumulation Features of Debris in Mature Pine Forests of Middle Taiga in the Republic of Karelia

N.N. Besschetnova, V.P. Besschetnov, P.V. Ershov

Genotypic Conditionality of Plus Tree Needle Pigment Composition of Norway Spruce

I.I. Revyako, V.S. Manchenko, E.I. Revyako

Decorative Effect of Аésculus hipocástanum under the Conditions of Novocherkassk Urban Landscape

V.P. Makarov, O.F. Malykh, I.V. Gorbunov, L.N. Pak, Yu.V. Zima, E.A. Banshchikova, T.V. Zhelibo

Influence of Fires on Pine Forest Floristic Diversity of the Eastern Transbaikal Territory

E.I. Zakharova

Winter Dormancy Depths in Some Woody Species of the Fabaceae Lindl. Family Introduced in Nizhny Novgorod Region

A.I. Gorkin

On the Potential of Pine Sap Processing in the Places of Its Extraction

N.M. Debkov, V.S. Panevin

Artificial Reforestation of Siberian Pine Forests in Tomsk Region

A.I. Chudetsky, S.S. Bagaev

Potential Assessment of Spruce Stands for the Development of Forest Plantations by Silvicultural Methods in the Southern Taiga Region of the European Part of Russia

A.V. Gryazkin, N.V. Belyaeva, D.A. Danilov, G.V. Vandzhurak, Vu Van Hung

Thickness and Weight Variability of Birch Bark along the Trunk Length

V.N. Konovalov, L.V. Zarubina

Outflow and Distribution of Spruce 14C-Assimilates after Selective Felling in the Northern Taiga Phytocenosis

S.N. Tarkhanov, E.A. Pinaevskaya

Variability of Morphostructural Features of Uneven-Aged Spruce in the North of Arkhangelsk Region

A.S. Novoselov

Resin Productivity of Pine after Partial Logging on the Hydrotechnical Reclamation Site

A.I. Smirnov, F.S. Orlov, V.V. Belyaev, P.A. Aksenov

Influence of Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Field on Biometric Parameters of Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Seedlings

V.V. Ivanov, A.N. Borisov, A.E. Petrenko

Influence of Stand Density on Crown Formation and Growth along the Diameter of Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)

A.K. Mukhin

Long-Term Dynamics of Waterlogging Pine Forests under the Reservoir Influence

E.A. Vedernikov, S.V. Zalesov, E.S. Zalesova, А.G. Маgаsumovа, O.V.Tolkach

Provision with Undergrowth of Mature and Overripe Dark Coniferous Stands in Perm Krai

V.P. Ivanov, S.I. Marchenko, D.I. Nartov

Fire Prevention Measures for Forest Sites

N.V. Primakov

Condition of the Slope Land Forest Phytocenosis in Krasnodar Krai

Phan Trong Huan, Nguyen Thi Lan

A Study of Mangrove Forests in the Khanh Hoa Province of Vietnam

O.L. Tsandekova, V.I. Ufimtsev

Formation of Floodplain Forest Biogeocenosis Litter with the Participation of Acer negundo L.

V.A. Bryntsev, M.A. Lavrenov

Genetic Selection Analysis of Siberian and Sukachev’s Larches Introduced in Moscow and Moscow Region

V.V. Narzyaev, R.N. Matveeva, O.F. Butorova, Yu.E. Shcherba

Variability of Vegetative Progeny of Siberian Pine Plus Trees Certified for Stem or Seed Productivity

O.V. Gribacheva

The Current State of the Shelterbelt Featuring English Oak (Quercus robur L.) and Norway Maple (Acer platanoides L.)

D.M. Chernikhovskii, A.S. Alekseev

The Method for Determining Forest Characteristics Based on Earth Remote Sensing Materials, Forest Management Data and the k-NN Algorithm (Case Study of Lodeynopol’skoe Forest District of Leningrad Region)

R.S. Khamitov, S.A. Korchagov, M.D. Merzlenko, V.F. Kovyazin, E.N. Kuznetsov

Correlation between Dissymmetry of Siberian Pine Cones and Formation of Seeds in Them

O.O. Vronskaya, L.L. Sedelnikova

Morphological Analysis of the Genus Lilium (Liliaceae) in the Northern Forest Steppe of Western Siberia

I.T. Kishchenko

The Influence of Air Temperature on Seasonal Growth of Coniferous Forest-Forming Species in the Taiga Zone (Republic of Karelia)

E.V. Dmitriev, V.A. Kozub, P.G. Melnik, A.A. Sokolov, A.N. Safonova

Classification and Assessment of the State of Mixed Forests from Very High Spatial Resolution Airborne Images

O.I. Polyakova, Е.А. Zhuk, S.N. Goroshkevich

Cone Production and Cone Structure in the Clones from Mutational Witches’ Brooms of Siberian Stone Pine

S.N. Velisevich, A.V. Popov

Pattern of Diversity in the Vegetative and Generative Crown Structure of the Siberian Stone Pine on a Seed Orchard with Sparse Tree Planting

V.I. Turusov, A.S. Chekanyshkin, A.A. Lepyokhin

Experience of the Reconstruction Cutting in the Forest Belts of Kamennaya Steppe

M.A. Semenov, A.A. Vysotskiy, V.I. Pashchenko

Adaptation Scenarios in Forest Management Due to the Possible Climate Changes

A.S. Ilintsev, A.P. Bogdanov, Yu.S. Bykov

Physical Properties Dynamics of Podzolic Soil in the Naturally Regenerated Cutover Areas

N.А. Tikhonova, I.V. Tikhonova

Water-Retaining Capacity of Needles in Populations of the Main Forest-Forming Coniferous Species in the Forests of the Taiga Zone of Siberia

A.B. Zakharov, V.P. Besschetnov

Anomalies of Birch (Betula) Branching in Protective Forest Belts of Highways

Yu.V. Zagurskaya, Т.I. Siromlya

Comparative Analysis of the Elemental Chemical Composition of Padus avium Shoots from Antropogenically Disturbed Ecotops

N.A. Kutakova, I.A. Morozkova, N.N. Vasiljeva, I.E. Bashkina, Yu.V. Aleksandrova

Phenolic Compounds in Barberry and Wild Rose Fruits

N.M. Debkov

Dinamics of the Radial Growth of Siberian Pine Pinus sibirica Du Tour under Different Thinning Modes

O.S. Mashkina, E.A. Shabanova, I.N. Varivodina, T.A. Grodetskaia

Field Trials of in vitro Propagated Aspen Clones (Populus tremula L.): Growth, Productivity, Wood Quality, and Genetic Stability

N.V. Beliaeva, Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, D.A. Danilov, A.V. Gryazkin

Development of the Vegetation Lower Layer under the Tropical Forest Canopy in Vietnam

N.N. Besschetnova, A.V. Kul’kova

The Content of Reserve Nutrients in the Cells of Annual Shoot Tissues of the Representatives of the Spruce (Picea L.) Genus in Nizhny Novgorod Region

M.Yu. Sautkina, Yu.I. Cheverdin

Microbiological Analysis of the Soil Cover of the Kamennaya Steppe Agroforestry Landscapes

I.V. Volchatova

Vegetation Fires as a Factor of Reducing the Volume of Ecosystem Services of Forests of Specially Protected Natural Areas

V.M. Lebedev, E.V. Lebedev

Ecological and Physiological Features of the Scots Pine Reaction to the Soil Fertility Level as an Indicator of Adaptation to Environmental Conditions

S.A. Kabanova, M.A. Danchenko, I.S. Kochegarov, A.H. Kabanov

The Experience of Intensive Cultivation of One-Year-Old Seedlings of Pinus sylvestris L. in Pavlodar Region of the Republic of Kazakhstan

S. S. Makarov, E.S. Bagayev , S.Yu. Tsaregradskaya, I.B. Kuznetsova

Problems of Use and Reproduction of Phytogenic Food and Medicinal Forest Resources on the Forest Fund Lands of the Kostroma Region

V.D. Gorbunova, S.L. Menshikov

The Content of Nutrients in Leaves of White Birch Trees in Intrazonal Conditions in the Northern Urals

A.V. Semenyutina, N.G. Noyanova

Regional Specificity of Urban Greening at the Residential Areas of the Southern Arid Steppe Zone


T.E. Boykova, N.I. Bogdanovich, K.B. Vorontsov

The Efficiency of Coagulants in Water Treatment in the Pulp and Paper Industry in the North

А.V. Safina, N.F. Timerbaev, D.F. Ziatdinova, R.G. Safin, A.R. Khabibullina

Heat and Mass Transfer Simulation in the Pyrolysis Zone

A.V. Potashev, A.V. Gur’ev, I.B. Filippov, V.G. Moseev

Structure Deformation Features of Molded Pulp Products

D.S. Rusakov, G.S. Varankina, A.N. Chubinskiy

Modification of Phenol Formaldehyde Resins by Wastes of Aluminum and Cellulosic Pulp Production

M.Yu. Mikulintseva, D.A. Ponomarev, A.N. Grachev, S.A. Pokryshkin, D.S. Kosyakov

Chemical Composition of Phenolic Fraction of Wood Ablative Pyrolysis Resin

D.Yu. Arsenyeva, Ya.V. Kazakov, E.O. Okulova, A.Yu. Lagunov

Peroxide-Acetate Delignification Patterns of Non-Wood Raw Material Containing

E.L. Sedova, K.B. Vorontsov, S.A. Burkova

Influence of Coagulation Treatment on the Efficiency of Lignin Containing Wastewater Purification

R.A. Smith, E.Yu. Demyantseva, O.S. Andranovich

Analysis of the Resin Forms in the Process of the Short Fiber Sulphate Cellulose Deresination

K.S. Bolotova, O.V. Travina, A.S. Aksenov, M.V. Emelyanova, V.A. Rudakova, A.V. Kanarski

Bioconversion of the Cellulose-containing Materials in the Arctic Region Conditions

Yu.G. Khabarov, V.A. Veshnyakov, N.Yu. Kuzyakov

Preparation and Application of Complexes of Lignosulfonic Acids with Iron Cations

N.V. Chernaya, V.L. Fleisher, N.I. Bogdanovich

Reduction of Energy Consumption of Paper and Cardboard Machines in Production of Glued Paper and Cardboard

E.V. Starzhinskaya, A.M. Kryazhev, A.A. Glukhanov, S.I. Tret’yakov

Mixed Sulfate Soap Washing with Neutralized Spent Acid

O.S. Andranovich, E.Yu. Demiantseva, A.P. Filippov, R.A. Smit

Sulphate Soap Demulsifying with Addition of Non-Ionic Surfactant

S.I. Basirova, M.F. Galikhanov, L.R. Galeeva

Surface Properties of Modified Cardboard

N.V. Selivanova, N.A. Samsonova, M.A. Gusakova, K.G. Bogolitsyn, M.V Bogdanov

Composition of Extractive Substances from Wood Greenery of Common Juniper (Juniperus communis L.) in Subarctic Territories


A.S. Afanas’ev, M.A. Boldyrev, P.S. Vorontsov, V.M. Suslov, Yu.T. Kotov, V.K. Voronitsin, A.A. Kamusin

The Control and Management System of High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries

N.A. Babich, A.A. Drochkova, A.M. Komarova, O.P. Lebedeva, M.M. Andronova

Variability of Weight Characteristics of Pinus sylvestris Seeds in the Taiga Zon

A.A. Karpov

Area Reduction of Intact Forest Landscapes on the Example of the Dvina-Pinega Interfluve

N.R. Sungurova, V.V. Khudyakov, S.E. Strazdauskas

Comparative Carbon Pool Structure in Above-Ground Phytomass of Pine and Spruce Crops

P.A. Cuza

Evaluation of the Thermostability of English Oak and Rock Oak and Their Degree of Adaptation to the Effects of Heat Shock

A.N. Zaikin, V.V. Sivakov, E.V. Sheveleva

Methods to Reduce Damage of the Tree Trunks During Selective and Sanitary Forest Felling Operations

E.N. Pokrovskaya, D.V. Adapov, Yu.L. Kovalchuk

Mycological Investigation of a Wood Substance of Historic Cultural Heritage


G.F. Prokof’ev, M.Yu. Kabakova, T.V. Tsvetkova

The Use of Modern Design Methods in Saw Machine Development

E.A. Pamfilov, G.A. Pilyushina, E.V. Sheveleva, Ya.S. Prozorov, P.G. Pyrikov

Improving the Feeder’s Working Capacity of Timber Processing Equipment

V.E. Danilov, A.M. Ayzenshtadt

The Use of Modified Scots Pine Bark as Filling Material of Heat and Sound Insulation

I.V. Yatsun, A.G. Gorokhovskiy, S.A. Odintseva

Study of Physical and Mechanical and X-Ray Protection Properties of Wood-Based Composite Laminated Material “Fanotren B”

S.P. Ageev, A.N. Minaev, S.I. Roshchina

Probability Analysis of Relations between Operation Mode Parameters of Saw Frames

V. Moazami, M. Khodadadi, F. Afsooni, H. Hatefnia

The Effect of Seasonal Temperature Variations on the Production Efficiency of Medium Density Fiberboard (Case Study of Arian Sina Company)

A.S. Toropov, V.E. Byzov, S.A. Toropov

Lumber Production for Construction from Round Timber with Heart Rot

V.I. Melekhov, L.V. Kremleva, T.V. Tyurikova, E.V. Sazanova, D.A. Luzhansky, V.A. Slutskov

Experimental Study of the Woodworking Dynamics with End Milling Cutters

V.N. Ermolin, M.A. Bayandin, S.N. Kazitsin, A.V. Namyatov

Structure Formation of Low-Density Boards from Hydrodynamically Activated Soft Wood Waste

V.Yu. Chernov, O.V. Tsoy, N.A. Magalyas, М.S. Chernova

A Device for Dendrochronological Analysis

Sh.G. Zaripov, A.P. Chizhov, V.A. Kornienko, N.I. Semenova

The Influence of WaterSoluble Substances on Moisture Distribution in Larch Lumber before Drying

S.P. Ageev

Mathematical Modeling of Electric Energy Consumption of Frame Sawing

S.N. Rykunin, А.А. Kaptelkin

The Influence of Birch False Heartwood on the Volume Yield of Lamellae from the Sapwood Zone for Board Panel Production

A.N. Desnev, G.F. Prokof’ev, V.Yu. Tyurikov

Simulation of the Temperature Field in the Crushed Wood Heap Massif


I.R. Shegelman, P.V. Budnik, V.N. Baklagin

Computer Experiment Technique for Determining the Load Capacity and Dimensions of the Carrying Compartment of a Forest Vehicle

G.A. Pilyushina, E.A. Pamfilov, E.V. Sheveleva

Wear Resistance Improvement of Delimbing Knives of Multifunctional Logging Machines


A.L. Vorobyov, А.А. Kalachev, S.V. Zalesov

Phytomineral Gel for Seedling Roots Incrustation of Siberian Spruce (Picea obovata Ledeb.)

L.N. Pak

Variability of Seed Quality Indicators of Pinus sylvestris L. within the Territory of Zabaykalsky Krai

V.S. Shalaev, S.N. Rykunin, V.I. Melekhov

Publication Research Performance for the Forest Complex of Russia

H. Falck, Mikhaylov K.L., Demidova N.A.

Wood Waste Potential as Forestry Competitive Advantage (By the Example of the Arctic Inland Territories of the Russian European North)


V.S. Shalaev

New Book on the International Union of Forest Research Organizations


N.A. Moiseev

The Role of Forests in Creation of a Comfortable Ehvironment and Measures for Its Implementation

Z. Tsogt, Ch. Dugarjav, A.I. Lobanov, S. Gerelbaatar, B. Bulgan-Erdene

Age-Related Dynamics of Above-Ground Phytomass Structure of Scots Pine Plantations Aged up to 25 in the Western Khentii Mountains of Northern Mongolia

E.B. Karbasnikova, O.S. Zalyvskaya, O.V. Chukhina

Heavy Metals Content in Soils and Woody Vegetation of Urban Area


S.E. Rudov, V.Ya. Shapiro, I.V. Grigor’ev, O.A. Kunitskaya, O.I. Grigor’eva

Features of Contact Interaction between the Skidding System and Frozen Soils

K.P. Rukomoynikov, S.V. Vedernikov

Modernization of Harvester Head Delimbing Knife

E.F. Gerts, N.N. Terinov

On the Issue of Thinning Schedule Using Gasoline Saws and Mini Skidders

E.V. Chernyshova, A.V. Skrypnikov, V.V. Samtsov, M.A. Abasov

Logging Roads in a Transportation Network of a Forest Industrial Enterprise

I.R. Shegelman, P.V. Budnik

Features of Calculated Truck Load Estimation at Antecedent Design Stage of Chokerless Skidding System Based on Computer Experiment

S.N. Orlovskiy

Calculation Procedure of Machine Working Body Parameters for Rotary Cultivation of Forest Soils Layer by Layer

K.P. Rukomojnikov, A.P. Mokhirev

Validation of the Logging Operations Scheme through the Creation of Dynamical Model of the Enterprise Functioning

V.I. Posmetyev, V.O. Nikonov, V.V. Posmetyev

Computer Simulation of the Recuperative Towing Coupler of a Forest Truck with a Trailer

R.V. Voronov, O.B. Markov, I.V. Grigorev, A.B. Davtyan

Mathematical Model of the Modular Approach for Selection of a System of Machines for Creation and Operation of Forest Plantations

S.V. Posypanov

Dimensional Determination of a Two-Storied Package Rafting Unit Placed on a Solid Basement


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