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The Role of Forests in Creation of a Comfortable Ehvironment and Measures for Its Implementation

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N.A. Moiseev

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The article discusses the ecological role of forests for the organization of sustainable management and use of forests, as well as the necessary measures for creation of an comfortable environment on the example of Moscow region.


N.A. Moiseev, Acad. of RAS, Chief Research Scientist; ORCID: 0000-0001-7061-652X


All-Russian Research Institute of Silviculture and Mechanization of Forestry, ul. Institutskaya, 15, Pushkino, Moscow Region, 141202, Russian Federation; e-mail:


ecological role of forests, sustainable forest management, intensification of multipurpose forestry

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Moiseev N.A. The Role of Forests in Creation of a Comfortable Environment and Measures for Its Implementation. Lesnoy Zhurnal [Forestry Journal], 2019, no. 5, pp. 203–207. DOI: 10.17238/issn0536-1036.2019.5.203


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Received on August 02, 2019

The Role of Forests in Creation of a Comfortable Ehvironment and Measures for Its Implementation


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