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gritique and bibliography

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Headbox for Increased Concentration Mass

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High-technology Geodetic Equipment of Airdromes in the North

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Integration of Innovation Activity on Development and Production of Protection Facilities against Industrial Accidents Consequences and Catastrophes in the Arctic and Subarctic with Use of Local Raw Resources

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Challenges and Perspectives of Safe Development of the Arctic Resources

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Determining the Possibility of Circular Saw Aerostatic Guides for Cooling Saws in the Process of Sawing Timber


S.V. Zalesov

By Eightieth Birthday of Forestry Scientist

I.I. Stepanenko

Biogeocenology – source of inspiration and creation (by 80th birthday of Kamil Dgigan-shievich Muhamedshin)

Аdministration of Northern Arctic Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, editorial board and editorial staff of “Lesnoi Zhurnal”

Jubilee of Efim D. Gelfand


G. A. Chibisob, A.P. Fomin

Forest Research in the North is 100 Years

V.A. Egorushkin

Forestry Faculty of Bryansk State Academy of Engineering and Technology: History, Mod-ern Times, Prospects


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Methodological Issues of Forest Plans Development in Russian Federation Subjects

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Economic Factors Analysis in Cost Formation of Forest Resources

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Property Factor of Competitive Advantages Formation for Forest Industry Enterprises

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Price Determination on New Types of Plywood Products

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Innovation Management of Small Enterprises Development in Forest Industry

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State Regulation of Forest Export in the Russian Federation

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Development of Modern Forest-industrial Cluster in Krasnoyarsk Territory

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Credit Cooperatives Problems and Prospects of Development

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Reformation of Rating Payment System at Forest-industry Enterprises

S.E. Gryaznov, Yu.V. Kuzminikh, Yu.K. Bogachyov

Assessment and Measurements of Illegal Logging Scale in Industrial Forestry of the Russian Federation


B.N. Ugolev

Voronezh Session of Regional Coordinating Council of Wood Science


A.S. Toropov

Perfection of English Oak Cutout Affected by Included Sapwood Caused by Low Tempera-tures Effect

I.M. Merkushev

Statics of Defect-free Drying of Sawn Timber

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Determination of Wood Layers Volume Characterized by Different Levels of Radionuclide Pollution

A.A. Lukash

Creation Technigue for New Types of Glued Wood Materials

V.I. Konyshkin

Limiting Characteristics of Instrumental Materials

A.A. Lukash

Wood Deformations at Glueing Relief Plywood

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Mathematical Model for Determination of Three-dimensional Output of Sawn Products in Cutting of Tree-length Timber Polluted by Radionuclides

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Automated Photometric Method of Logs Sorting

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Efficiency Increase of Mechanical Processing of Drying Timber

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Dynamics of Faultless Drying of Sawn Timber

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Energy Operation Conditions of Frame Sawmills

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Intensification of Fibrous Materials Drying

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Characteristics of Frost-Heart Aspen Wood

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Synchronization of Traverse Speeds of Wood Raw Material by Production Line Mechanism

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Experimental Research of Dissipative Characteristics of Vibration-damping Bearings with Friction for Noise Reduction of Circular-saw Woodworking Machine

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Saw Machine with Nonstretched “Floating” Drag Saws Making Reciprocating Motion in Guides

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Determination оf Technological Surfase Temperature оf Wood Pellets

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Probability Modelling оf а Vertical Frame Saw Performance

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Experimental Investigation of Wood Surface Roughness Variation During Milling

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Wood Pellets Production Effectiveness


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On Possibility of Using Recuperative Energy of Forest Soil Cultivating Machine for Technological Process Intensification

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Dynamics Simulation of Multicircuit Mechanisms based on Acceleration Analogs Approximated by Piecewise Linear Functions

S.V. Posypanov

Combined Calculating Method of Round Tim-ber Pile Stacked on Horizontal Foundation

V.A. Alferov

Experimental Research of Additional Running Resistance of Timber Carrier according to Curves in Plane

V.P. Stukov

Optimization of Connections Placement among Branches in Wood Reinforced Concrete Beam of Road Bridge Superstructure

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Statistical Identification of Dynamic System “Microprofile of Crane Tracks – Carriage Loading of KB- type Crane”

E.A Pamfilov, A.N. Zaikin, G.N. Krivchenkova, G.A. Pilyushina

Basic Regularities for Loading Details of Sawing Devices of Logging Machinery

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Technique of Tree Availability Assessment for Gripping at Harvester Operation Simulation

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Setting Optimization Task for Resources Volume and Logging Machines Operation Modes

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Energy Assessment of Pneumatic Wheel Rolling Process along Deformed Soil

R.P. Kapustin

To Determination of Filtration Degree by Combined Centrifugal Purifier

M.V. Drapalyuk, S.N. Batishchev

Theoretical Study Results of Vibratory Impact Machine for Stump Removal

M.V. Piskunov

Algorithm of Building Optimal Forest Road Network

S.P. Dorokhov

Comparative Study of Two-link Manipulator Cycle Time under Different Organization of Its Links Motion

I.M. Enaleeva-Bandura

Building of Basic Transportation Plan by Relative Turnover Method

A.N. Baranov, N.D. Gaidenokh, V.F. Chumakov, R.A. Yasinsky

Improvement of Technology for Road Bed Building from Frozen Soil

A.S. Voinash, S.A. Voinash

Study of Run Load Impact on Cross-country Ability of Track-type Short Log Truck

V.I. Posmetiev, L.T. Sviridov, V.A. Zelikov

Operating Parameters Optimization of Vibration Device for Forest Disc Cultivator

Yu.A. Shirnin, V.I. Chernyakevich

Computation of Bending Moments in the Slabs of Forest Roads in Case of Foundation Plastic Deformation Has Been Performed

S.A. Chudinov

In-process Testing of the Grounds Reinforced with Portland Cement Containing Polyelectrolyte Additive

M.S. Tarasova

Multicriteria Optimization of the Forest Sector Effectiveness Increase


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