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2011 год


N.P. Chernobrovkina, E.V. Robonen, N.N. Nikolaeva,N.P. Chernobrovkina

Effect of boron on the growth of Betula pendula Roth var. carelica (Mercklin) H?met-Ahti, Betula pendula Roth и Betula pubescens Ehrh.

V.M. Ivonin, V.V. Tanyukevich

Evaluation of Forest Belts Resources on the Agroforestry Areas in the Rostov Region

А.V. Gryazkin, V.N. Smertin, V.V. Petrik

Changes in the Stand State in the Largest Park of St. Petersburg

N.N. Pankratova

Selection and Justification of the Priorities of Forest Utilization

S.N. Tarkhanov, S.Yu. Biryukov

Damage of Different Morphological Forms of the Pine Growing in the Lower Reaches of the Northern Dvina River in the Course of Aerotechnogenic Pollution

Yu. A. Frolov, A.A. Sabanin, S.N. Shtrakhov, V.F. Korolchuk

Investigation of Tapping Effect with Various Chemicals Used on the Yield of Commercial Assortments


A.V. Ladesov, D.S. Kosyakov, K.G. Bogolitsyn

1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Methylsulfate – New Solvent of Lignocellulosic Materials

A.I. Andreev, N.L. Bogdanovich, S.B. Selyanina

Description of Sorption Properties of Kraft Lignin

I.M. Babkin, J.G. Khabarov, V.A. Veshnyakov, O.S. Brovko, M.V. Trufanova

The Effect of Nitrosation on Surface Active of Lignosulfuric Acids

V.V. Kovalenko, N.V. Sysoeva, V.K. Dubovoy,  A.I. Bezlakovskiy

Fractional Composition Along the Length of Staple Glass Fibers which are Used in Paper-Making Production, Measuring Methods

E.N. Koptelova., N.A. Kutakova., S.I. Tretyakov

Determination оf Ethanol Extract оf Birch Bark

A.I. Smirnova, A.B. Diagileva

Obtaining Organic-Mineral Structure on the Basis of Technical Lignin and Alum-Containing Components

A.L. Beloglazova, N.R. Popova, K.G. Bogolitsyn

Oxidation of Ferulic Acid by Hydrogen Peroxide using Sodium Vanadomolybdophospate as a Catalyst

A.S. Smolin, R.O. Shabiev

The Complex Study of Electrosurface Phenomena of Plant Fibers Hydrosuspensions

M.G. Beletskaya, N.I. Bogdanovich, L.N. Kuznetsova, Y.A.Savrasova

Methods Termochemical Activation in the Synthesis of Activated Carbons of Technical Lignin

E.M. Kashina, A.V. Malkov, K.G. Bogolitsyn

Determination of Heavy Metals Content in Wood by X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy


V.G. Novoselov, I.T. Rogoshnikova

Experimental Investigation of Wood Surface Roughness Variation During Milling

L.S. Surovtseva, A.V. Starkova

Wood Pellets Production Effectiveness


Yu.A. Shirnin, V.I. Chernyakevich

Computation of Bending Moments in the Slabs of Forest Roads in Case of Foundation Plastic Deformation Has Been Performed

S.A. Chudinov

In-process Testing of the Grounds Reinforced with Portland Cement Containing Polyelectrolyte Additive

M.S. Tarasova

Multicriteria Optimization of the Forest Sector Effectiveness Increase


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