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S.V. Zalesov, L.А. Belov, А.S. Opletaev, A.G. Magasumova, Т.Yu. Kartashova, N.M. Debkov

Formation of Siberian Pine Forests by Improvement Felling on Former Agriculturаl Lands

T.S. Stankevich

Forecasting the Spatial Behavior of a Forest Fire at Uncertainty and Instability of the Process

V.A. Savchenkova, S.B. Vasilyev, V.F. Nikitin, P.A. Aksenov

Productivity of Forest Plantation Crops

E.N. Nakvasina, Yu.N. Shumilova

Dynamics of Carbon Stocks in the Formation of Forests on Post-Agrogenic Lands

N.V. Primakov

Variability of Silvicultural Characteristics of Forest Shelterbelts in Krasnodar Krai

V.P. Ivanov, S.I. Marchenko, D.I. Nartov, L.P. Balukhta

Radial Growth of Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) under Inhibition

O.N. Tyukavina, D.N. Klevtsov, D.M. Adaj

Calorific Value of Pine Wood in Crops of the Northern Taiga Forest Area

A.L. Fedorkov

Stem Volume and Quality of Hybrid and Common Aspen in the Clonal Archive

O.Yu. Kosheleva

Zoning of Catchments of Small Rivers in the South of the Volga Upland by the Water Protection Role of Forests

A.V. Skok, V.N. Sorokopudov, I.N. Glazun

Influence of Chronic Ionizing Radiation on the Variability of Mitotic Activity of Pinus sylvestris L. Tissues

P.P. Popov, M.N. Kazantseva, S.P. Arefyev

Phenotypic Structure of Spruce Populations in the European North of Russia

S.S. Makarov, I.B. Kuznetsova, A.I. Chudetsky, S.A. Rodin

Obtaining High-Quality Planting Material of Forest Berry Plants by Clonal Micropropagation for Restoration of Cutover Peatlands

S.N. Tarkhanov, E.A. Pinaevskaya, Yu.E. Aganina

Features of Adaptation of Different Forms of Scots Pine under Conditions of Prolonged Excessive Soil Moistening

A.V. Dancheva, V.K. Pankratov

Evaluation of Thinning Efficiency in Pineries of Dry Forest Sites of the Kazakh Uplands

S.N. Goroshkevich

Weather Conditionality of Siberian Stone Pine (Pinus sibirica Du Tour) Seeding

V.G. Soukhovolsky, V.I. Voronin, V.A. Oskolkov, A.V. Kovalev

Express Estimation of the Physiological State of Woody Plants by Dielectric Characteristics of Tree Stem Tissues

I.N. Kutyavin, A.V. Manov, A.F. Osipov, M.A. Kuznetsov

Stand Structure of Northern Taiga Pine Forests

V.M. Mamedaliyeva

Algorithm and Measurement of Forest Cover Area Change in the Khachmaz Region of Azerbaijan by Satellite Monitoring

A.B. Egorov, A.M. Postnikov, A.A. Bubnov, L.N. Pavluchenkova, A.N. Partolina

Cultivation of Spruce Plantations Using Modern Herbicides without Agrotechnical Weeding

G.N. Gordeeva

Effectiveness of Introduction of Rare Plants in the Arboretum of Khakassia

L.P. Rybashlykova, V.V. Lepesko

Assessment of Natural and Forest Reclaimed Forage Lands in Semi-Desert Conditions in Southern Russia

V.А. Usoltsev, А.А. Paramonov, S.V. Tretyakov, S.V. Koptev, I.S. Tsepordey

Generic Model of Willow Stem Volume: A Meta-Analysis

I.T. Kishchenko, E.S. Olkhina

Growth of Vegetative Organs of Picea abies (L.) Karst. in Anthropogenic Environment

N.А. Babich, Е.B. Karbasnikova, М.М. Andronova, О.S. Zalyvskaya, Yu.V. Aleksandrova, N.P. Gayevskiy

Stepwise Introduction of Dendroflora Species to the Northeastern Part of the Russian Plain (Review)

L.V. Zarubina, R.S. Khamitov

Seasonal Growth of Scots Pine under the Conditions of Water-Logged Soils of the North

N.F. Nisametdinow, P.A. Moiseev, I.B. Vorobiev

Laser Scanning and Aerial Photography with UAV in Studying the Structure of Forest-Tundra Stands in the Khibiny Mountains

B. Udval, S. Gerelbaatar, Ts. Dashzeveg, A.I. Lobanov

Seed Quality of Larix sibirica Ledeb. Depending on the Distance between Forest Areas and Pollution Sources around Ulaanbaatar City of Mongolia

N.A. Demidova, T.M. Durkina, L.G. Gogoleva, N.N. Vasiljeva

Representatives of thePine Family (Pinaceae Lindl.) of the North American Flora in the Collection of the Dendrological Garden named after V.N. Nilov (NRIF)

N.R. Pirtskhalava-Karpova, A.A. Karpov, E.E. Kozlovski, M.Yu. Grishchenko

Protection of Spruce Forests from Outbreaks of Ips typographus (Review)

V.A. Kostrikin, V.K. Shirnin, S.A. Kryukova

Criteria for Assessment of Plus Oak Stands

B.A. Mochalov, S.V. Bobushkina

Silvicultural Production as a Basis for Continuity of Forest Management

V.I. Turusov, A.S. Chekanyshkin, A.A. Lepekhin

Growth and State of Mixed Stands of Forest Plantations of the Kamennaya Steppe

N.R. Sungurova, A.A. Drochkova

Biometric Parameters of Planting Material as a Test Indicator of Success of Pinus silvestris L. Plantations

T.H. Phan, V.F. Kovyazin, S.S. Zvonareva, T.H.T. Nguyen, T.L. Nguyen

Physical and Chemical Soil Properties of Mangrove Forests in Vietnam

Yu.V. Zaripov, S.V. Zalesov, E.S. Zalesova, A.S. Popov, E.P. Platonov, N.I. Starodubtseva

Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Undergrowth on the Dumps of the Chrysotile Asbestos Deposit

N.F. Ovchinnikova

Spatiotemporal Structure Features of a Pine Stand on the South Slope of the Eastern Sayan Mountains

N.N. Besschetnova, P.V. Besschetnov

Differentiation of Dust Holding Capacity of Poplar Crowns

T.Y. Nguyen, V.H. Dang, T.A. Parinova

Species Diversity and Decorative Features of Plants Used in the Landscaping of Hanoi

Yu.I. Cheverdin, V.A. Bespalov, M.Yu. Sautkina, T.V. Titova

Ecological and Agrochemical Assessment of the Kamennaya Steppe Soils under Forest Cenosi

V.L. Gavrikov, A.I. Fertikov, R.A. Sharafutdinov, E.A. Vaganov

Variability in Elemental Composition of Conifer Tree Rings

A.P. Tsarev, N.V. Laur, V.A. Tsarev, R.P. Tsareva

The Current State of Forest Breeding in the Russian Federation: The Trend of Recent Decades

G.G. Terekhov, E.M. Andreeva, S.K. Stetsenko

Evaluation of Siberian Stone Pine Plantations at the End of the First Age Clas

A.A. Paramonov, S.V. Tretyakov, S.V. Koptev, A.P. Bogdanov, I.V. Tsvetkov

Stem Volume Tables by Height Classes of Willow Trees in the Northern Taiga Region of the European Part of the Russian Federation

E.М. Tsarev, K.P. Rukomojnikov, S.E. Anisimov, D.S. Tatarinov

Fir Reproduction Technology for Harvesting Coniferous Boughs

S.S. Makarov, G.V. Tyak, I.B. Kuznetsova, A.I. Chudetsky, S.Yu. Tsaregradskaya

Producing Planting Material of Rubus arcticus L. by Clonal Micropropagation

L.A. Semkina, E.A. Tishkina

Growth and Productivity of Non-Indigenous Woody Species in the Middle Ural

S.A. Korchagov, R.S. Khamitov, S.E. Gribov, M.G. Ivanova (Komisarova), D.V. Belyakov

Forest Management Assessment of Biodiversity in the Taiga Zone

N.F. Kuznetsova, E.S. Klushevskaya, E.Yu. Amineva

Highly Productive Pine Forests in a Changing Climate


G.A. Sabirova, R.R. Safin, N.R. Galyavetdinov, A.R. Shaikhutdinova, R.Z. Khayrullin

Studying the Rheological Properties of a Polylactide Melt Mixed with Wood Filler

R.A. Smit, E.Yu. Demiantseva, O.S. Andranovich, A.P. Filippov

Features of Solubilizing Effect of Amphiphilic Compounds during Pulp Deresination

Yu.V. Sevastyanova, Е.А. Toptunov, N.V. Shcherbak, P.V. Solntsev

Determination of the Mathematical Dependence of the Black Liquor Density on the Dry Matter Content (High Yield Softwood Pulp)

V.P. Sivakov, A.V. Vurasko, N.V. Kutsubina

Experimental and Theoretical Study of Heat Losses in Drying Cylinders

S.V. Aniskin, V.S. Kurov

Dynamic Behavior of Liquid Flow Rate from Nozzles in Jet Scrubbers of Pulp Production

N.A. Makarevich

Non-Ideality Factor in Multifractal and Entropy-Based Analysis of Self-Organized Structures of Plant Polymers (Lignins)

A.V. Pranovich, O.I. Antonov, A.A. Dobrovolsky

Pruning Influence on Chemical Composition of Spruce Wood (Picea abies (L.) Karst.)

T.A. Koroleva, L.A. Milovidova, A.A. Dryakhlitsyn

Production of High-Yield Hardwood Pulp by Bisulfite Minimizing the Chlorine Content Cooking

D.S. Mikson, V.I. Roshchin

Hydrocarbons and Ethers of Extractive Substances of Siberian Larch Needles

e.D. sofronova, v.A. Lipin, v.K. Dubovy, t.A. Sustavova

Minimizing the Chlorine Content in bleached sulfate pulp for sanitary tissue products and food packaging

A.A. Sosnovskaya, V.L. Fleisher

Identification of the Crystalline Product of Liquid-Phase Oxidation of α-Pinene with Atmospheric Oxygen in the Presence of Cobalt (II) Stearate

K.B. Vorontsov, N.I. Bogdanovich, E.L. Sedova, P.V. Solovyova

Formation of Adsorption Properties of Carbon Nanostructured Materials by Thermochemical Activation of Sludge-Lignin

I.A. Khadyko, E.V. Novozhilov, D.G. Chukhchin

Influence of Cardboard Pretreatment on the Determination of Starch Content by the Enzymatic Method

L.A. Mingazova, E.V. Kryakunova, Z.A. Kanarskaya, A.V. Kanarsky

Applying Sulfite Liquors as a Nutrient Medium for Cultivation of Lactic Acid Producer Rhizopus oryzae F-1030

D. Rech, A.N. Potasheva, Ya.V. Kazakov

Regulating the Deformation Properties of Paper by Varying the Degree of Its Anisotropy

A.I. Sizov, S.D. Pimenov, A.D. Stroiteleva, K.D. Stroiteleva

Bleaching of Microcrystalline Cellulose Produced by Gas-Phase Hydrolysis

V.A. Plakhin, Yu.G. Khabarov, V.A. Veshnyakov

Synthesis of Colloidal Silver Using Lignosulfonates

O.S. Yakubova, E.Yu. Demiantseva, R.A. Smit, V.K. Dubovy

Analysis of Micelle Formation and Adsorption Layers of Binary Mixtures of Sulphate Soap Components


V.S. Shalaev, V.K. Teplyakov

Towards the Results of the XXV IUFRO World Congress


V.V. Ogurtsov, E.V. Kargina, I.S. Matveeva

Optimization of Log Sorting by Diameter

V.K. Lyubov, A.M. Vladimirov

Complex Efficiency of Using Wood Pellets in Power Plants

Yu.G. Skurydin, E.M. Skurydina, R.G. Safin, A.R. Khabibulina

Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of a Pine Thermowood Composition during Barothermal Treatment

G.A. Pilyushina, P.G. Pyrikov, E.A. Pamfilov, A.Ya. Danilyuk, V.V. Kapustin

Improving the Performance of Wood-Metal Slide Bearings for Forestry Machinery

M.A. Zyryanov, S.O. Medvedev, A.P. Mokhirev

Effect of Addition of Chopped Needles on the Fiberboard Quality Indicators

Е.G. Sokolova, D.S. Rusakov, G.S. Varankina, A.N. Chubinsky

Effect of Technical Aerosil on the Properties of Adhesive Compositions

N.A. Kapustina, V.I. Malygin, V.I. Melekhov, V.A. Slutskov

Modeling of Discrete Contacts for the Thermodynamic Element System of a Modular Wood-Milling Cutter

A.M. Buglaev

Device for Wood-Cutting Tool Hardening

A.E. Alekseev, I.O. Dumanskij, A.V. Prokhorov

Plate Dampers in the Tensioning Units of Bandsaw Machines

V.I. Fedyukov, V.Yu. Chernov, M.S. Chernova, O.V. Tsoy

Interrelations of Wood Physical and Mechanical Properties and Patterns of Their Change within the Birch Stem

А.S. Toropov, V.Е. Byzov, Е.V. Toropova, А.V. Sergeevichev, E.V. Sazanova

Cutting of Round Timber with Heart Rot to Structural Lumber


I.R. Shegelman, P.V. Budnik

Typification of Forest Areas by Natural-Production Conditions Based on Cluster Analysis

E.F. Gerts, A.V. Mekhrentsev, V.V. Pobedinsky, N.N. Terinov, A.F. Urazova

Improving the Efficiency of Multifunctional Machines for Intensive Forestry

O.N. Burmistrova, A.A. Prosuzhih, E.G. Khitrov, O.A. Kunitskaya, E.N. Luneva

Theoretical Studies of Forwarder Productivity with Limited Impact on Soils

K.P. Rukomojnikov, V.O. Kuptcova

Design Improvement of the Mechanism of Delimbing by Multi-Operational Forest Machines

A.V. Abuzov, P.B. Ryabukhin

Technologies of Intermediate Felling in Difficult to Access Areas

R.N. Kovalev, I.M. Enaleeva-Bandura, A.V. Nikonchuk

Assessment of the Impact of Fires on Forest Ecosystems Considering the Level of Development of the Forest Transportation Network

A.O. Borovlev, A.V. Skrypnikov, V.G. Kozlov, T.V. Tyurikova, O.N. Tveritnev,<br> V.V. Nikitin<br>

Mathematical Modeling of the Route of Logging Roads

А.S. Ilintsev, E.N. Nakvasina, L. Högbom

Methods of Protection Forest Soils during Logging Operations (Review)

I.M. Bartenev, M.V. Drapalyuk

Improving the Technology of Reforestation in Cuttings with the Use of Energy-Efficient Tractors

S.E. Rudov, V.Ya. Shapiro, I.V. Grigorev, O.A. Kunitskaya, O.I. Grigoreva

Modeling the Interaction of Forest Machines with Soil when Working on Slopes

E.A. Pamfilov, V.V. Kapustin, G.A. Pilyushina, E.V. Sheveleva

Improving the Performance of Working Bodies and Tribosystems of Harvester Technological Equipment


R.N. Babaev

Application of the Adobe Photoshop Software Package in Leaf Blade Area Measurement of Woody Plants

N.M. Debkov

Experience in the Creation of Forest Plantations Using Container Seedlings

I.V. Evdokimov, A.P. Dobrynin, N.A. Armeeva

Tree Form of Juniper (Juniperus communis L.) in the Forests of the Vologda Region


R.V. Kotelnikov, A.A. Martynyuk

An Indicator for Assessing the Effectiveness of Organizing Forest Fire Protection


S.M. Bazarov, Iu.I. Belenkii, S.A. Ugryumov, F.V. Svoikin, V.F. Svoikin

System Analysis of Process Efficiency of the Wheeled Forwarder

S.Ye. Ariko, S.A. Voinash, D.A. Kononovich, V.A. Sokolova

Power Characteristics of Mulcher Joints When Removing Tree and Shrub Vegetation


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