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Lesnoy Zhurnal

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Lesnoy Zhurnal (Russian Forestry Journal) is published once every two months.

To order a print subscription, please contact the subscriptions departments:

"Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications" (catalogue "Newspapers and magazines", heading "Proceedings of the higher educational institutions" (subscription index 70368);

JSC "ARZI" (Agency of the foreign publications circulation) (general catalogue "Press of Russia", heading "Proceedings of the higher educational institutions" (subscription index 93510).

In foreign countries, the subscription can be arranged by the catalogues of the subscription agencies "Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications".

The issues of the journal can be sent collect on delivery by verbal demand or written application, directed to the editor of  Lesnoy Zhurnal (Russian Forestry Journal).

You can also subscribe the journal using the online store "Press subscription".

The electronic archive of full-text Journal articles since 2000 is available online: (

An electronic version of the issues and articles is available on the website.

Also, starting May 2018, a subscription to the electronic version of the Journal can be made in the largest distribution company, OOO "IVIS" (East View Information Services). You can contact the Marketing and Sales Department by mob. ph.: +79096337659, ph.: +7 (495) 777-6557 or E-mail: