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S.L. Shevelev, S.V. Usov, L.I. Romanova

Assessment of the Sequestration Potential of the Aspen-Birch Stands in the Insular Forest-Steppes of Central Siberia. C. 9-22

A.L. Fedorkov

Forest Tree Breeding and Genetic Diversity of Wood Species. C. 23-32

D.A. Semenyakin, I.V. Tikhonova

The Use of Multivariate Data Analysis in Assessing the State of Advance and After-Regeneration of Pine Forests after Selective Felling. C. 33-51

A.S. Ilintsev, E.M. Romanov, V.V. Voronin, A.P. Bogdanov

Modern Practice of Artificial Reforestation in the Taiga Zone of the European Part of Russia. 52-64

M.I. Sedaeva, A.K. Ekart, A.N. Kravchenko

Reproductive Indicators of Nasczokin’s Lime (Tilia nasczokinii Stepanov). C. 65-76

N.R. Sungurova, O.P. Lebedeva, S.R. Strazdauskene

Adaptive Capacity of Species of the Genus Spiraea L. in the Conditions of the Dendrological Garden Named after I.M. Stratonovich. C. 77-90

M.Z. Mollaeva, F.A. Tembotova

Morphological Variability of the Assimilation Apparatus of Pinus sylvestris L. within the Teberda National Biosphere Reserve. C. 91-100

G.G. Terekhov, E.M. Andreeva, S.K. Stetsenko

Cultivating Siberian Stone Pine Plantations under Wild Animal Damage Conditions. C. 101-113

E.V. Boldanova

Dew Point as a Basis for the Operational Indicator of Forest Fire Danger. C. 114-125

Aleksandr S. Alekseev, Dmitriy M. Chernikhovskiy

Identification of Damage to Coniferous Stands Based on Comprehensive Analysis of the Results of Remote Sensing of the Earth and Ground Surveys. P. 11–28

Natal’ya N. Besschetnova, Vladimir P. Besschetnov, Robert N. Khramov, Nikolai A. Babich, Vladimir I. Melekhov

The Use of Synthetic Shelters with Integrated Photoluminescent Phosphors for Greenhouse Structures in Rooting the Northern White-Cedar Cuttings. P. 29–48

Irina I. KamalovaƗ, Мarta Yu. Peturenko, Аlina P. Degtyareva, Nina F. Kuznetsova, Natal’ya I. Vnukova

The Genetic Structure Features of the Pinus sylvestris L. Population in the Steppe Zone of European Russia. P. 49–64

Аleksey А. Karaban, Vladimir А. Usol’tsev, Sergey V. Tret’yakov, Sergey V. Koptev, Аndrey А. Paramonov, Il’ya V. Tsvetkov

Age Dynamics of Gray Alder Biomass in the Stands of the Arkhangelsk Region. P. 65–75

Natal’ya V. Laur, Anatoliy P. Tsarev, Vadim A. Tsarev, Raisa P. Tsareva

The Archives of Clones of Scots Pine Plus Trees in the Republic of Karelia. P. 76–89

Andrey B. Lysikov, Petr G. Melnik, Mikhail D. Merzlenko, Aleksandr V. Kolesnikov

The Changes in Sod-Podzolic Soil in European Larch Forest Plantations over a Long Period. P. 90–104

Aleksey Е. Osipenko, Sergey V. Zalesov

Formation of Tree Morphology in Cultivated Pine Stands. P. 105–117

Technology of Wood Chemical Processing and Production of Wood-Polymer Composites

S.V. Aniskin, V.S. Kurov

Recovery and Purification of Gas Emissions from Pulp Production. C. 182-194

A.V. Safina, D.F. Ziatdinova, L.R. Nazipova, R.G. Safin, K.V. Valeev

The Engineering Procedure for Calculating the Plant for Betulin Extraction from Birch Bark. C. 195-207

Larisa V. Yurtayeva, Yuriy D. Alashkevich, Elena A. Slizikova, Evgeniy V. Kaplyov, Snezhana A. Pozharkova

The Effect of the Knife Tacking Type on the Process of Producing Microcrystalline Cellulose. P. 152–165

Dmytriy V. Tarabukin, Elena N. Patova, Irina V. Novakovskaya

The Prospects for Advanced Processing of Paper Sludge Using Enzymes, Microalgae and Yeast. P. 166–177


A.A. Kaptelkin, N.V. Kulikova, S.N. Rykunin

Increasing Sawn Timber Yield in Cant Sawing. C. 152-167

V.A. Martynov, M.S. Lisyatnikov, A.V. Lukina, S.I. Roshchina

The Use of Thermally Damaged Wood in Laminated Wood Beam Structures. C. 168-181

Vladimir N. Ermolin, Mikhail A. Bayandin, Alexey V. Namyatov, Nikolay V. Smertin

Wood-Composite Boards with a Low Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion. P. 142–151


I.V. Petukhov, K.O. Ivanov, D.M. Vorozhtsov, A.A. Rozhentsov, N.I. Rozhentsova, L.A. Steshina

Segmentation of Overlapping Tree Images in the Digital Photographs of Forest Areas. C. 126-140

S.V. Posypanov, K.V. Kozlov

Theoretical Justification of the Holding Power of a Mobile Anchor for Holding Timber-Rafting Objects. C. 141-151

Sergey A. Chudinov

Fiber Cement Soil in the Construction of Pavements for Logging Roads. P. 118–127

Vadim O. Nikonov, Valeryi I. Posmetyev, Andrey Yu. Manukovskii, Viktor V. Posmetyev, Igor V. Sizmin

Optimization of the Design Parameters of the Regenerative Rod of a Logging Road Train. P. 128–141


Oksana A. Goncharova, Olesya E. Zotova

Pinus sibirica Du Tour in the Conditions of Introduction by the Example of the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute. P. 178–188

Dmitriy V. Belyakov, Oleg A. Konyushatov, Sergey A. Korchagov, Sergey E. Gribov

The Conservation of Plant Species Diversity in Forest Management in the Key Biotopes of the Vologda Region. P. 189–200

Vasiliy Yu. Chernov, Il’shat G. Gaisin, Anzhelika N. Nosova, Elena M. Maltseva

Water Absorption of Thermally Modified Wood Filler of Thermal Wood-Cement Composition. P. 201–215


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