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2024 год


S.L. Shevelev, S.V. Usov, L.I. Romanova

Assessment of the Sequestration Potential of the Aspen-Birch Stands in the Insular Forest-Steppes of Central Siberia. C. 9-22

A.L. Fedorkov

Forest Tree Breeding and Genetic Diversity of Wood Species. C. 23-32

D.A. Semenyakin, I.V. Tikhonova

The Use of Multivariate Data Analysis in Assessing the State of Advance and After-Regeneration of Pine Forests after Selective Felling. C. 33-51

A.S. Ilintsev, E.M. Romanov, V.V. Voronin, A.P. Bogdanov

Modern Practice of Artificial Reforestation in the Taiga Zone of the European Part of Russia. 52-64

M.I. Sedaeva, A.K. Ekart, A.N. Kravchenko

Reproductive Indicators of Nasczokin’s Lime (Tilia nasczokinii Stepanov). C. 65-76

N.R. Sungurova, O.P. Lebedeva, S.R. Strazdauskene

Adaptive Capacity of Species of the Genus Spiraea L. in the Conditions of the Dendrological Garden Named after I.M. Stratonovich. C. 77-90

M.Z. Mollaeva, F.A. Tembotova

Morphological Variability of the Assimilation Apparatus of Pinus sylvestris L. within the Teberda National Biosphere Reserve. C. 91-100

G.G. Terekhov, E.M. Andreeva, S.K. Stetsenko

Cultivating Siberian Stone Pine Plantations under Wild Animal Damage Conditions. C. 101-113

E.V. Boldanova

Dew Point as a Basis for the Operational Indicator of Forest Fire Danger. C. 114-125

Technology of Wood Chemical Processing and Production of Wood-Polymer Composites

S.V. Aniskin, V.S. Kurov

Recovery and Purification of Gas Emissions from Pulp Production. C. 182-194

A.V. Safina, D.F. Ziatdinova, L.R. Nazipova, R.G. Safin, K.V. Valeev

The Engineering Procedure for Calculating the Plant for Betulin Extraction from Birch Bark. C. 195-207


A.A. Kaptelkin, N.V. Kulikova, S.N. Rykunin

Increasing Sawn Timber Yield in Cant Sawing. C. 152-167

V.A. Martynov, M.S. Lisyatnikov, A.V. Lukina, S.I. Roshchina

The Use of Thermally Damaged Wood in Laminated Wood Beam Structures. C. 168-181


I.V. Petukhov, K.O. Ivanov, D.M. Vorozhtsov, A.A. Rozhentsov, N.I. Rozhentsova, L.A. Steshina

Segmentation of Overlapping Tree Images in the Digital Photographs of Forest Areas. C. 126-140

S.V. Posypanov, K.V. Kozlov

Theoretical Justification of the Holding Power of a Mobile Anchor for Holding Timber-Rafting Objects. C. 141-151


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