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Colleagues, progeny, friends

Yury M. Stakhiev (to 70th birthday)


O.A. Nevolin, S.V. Tretyakov, O.O. Eremina

Biological and Economic Value of Associated Species in Pine Stands of the European North of Russia

R.V. Vlasov

Factors of Trunk Insects Colonization of Spruce and Pine at Thinning by Chemical Method

S.Yu. Kondakov, L.S. Shikov

Organizing and Monitoring Cronartium Flaccidum in Pine Stands

D.G. Myasishchev

Determination of Dynamic Behavior of MP-5 "Ural" Engine Entering Motor-block

Yu.T. Tsay

Technique of Investigating Harmful Factors of Forest Fires

O.M. Poleshchuk, V.A. Frolova

State Rating Values of Urban Stands Based on Fuzzy Multitude Theory Methods

A.A. Afonin

Shoots Variability of White Willow

M.V. Surso

Structure of Larch Seeds Yield Depending on Pollination Conditions

N.P. Chuprov

Dynamics of Forest Stock of Arkhangelsk Region over 48 Years

E.N. Nakvasina

Geographical Variability Regularities of Scots Pine in Provenance Tests in the European North of Russia

A.P. Maksimenko

Eastern Azov Soils Suitability for Afforestation


Growth Dynamics of Best Trees in Pine Stands of Artificial Origin under Thinning Influence

S.Yu. Kondakov

Optimal Terms of Holding Preventive Spraying in Forest Nurseries

G.A. Chibisov, A.I. Nefedova

Ecological Efficiency of Thinning

V.F. Tsvetkov, E.A. Surina

Carbon Stock in Arkhangelsk Region Forests

A.M. Nevidomov

Ecology Problem of Flood Plain Forests in the Volga Basin as Important Constituent in Solving General Ecological Problem of the Volga

A.N. Zhezhkun

Damage of Birch Stands by Snow Bulks

O.I. Gavrilova, I.T. Kishchenko

InfluenceofMineralFertilizersonScotsPineGrowth on South Karelia Sand Soils

E.A. Kurbanov

Carbon in Wood-based Products of Mari El Republic


Method of Early Diagnostics of Growth Intensity and Drought Resistance of Deciduous Wood Plants

S.V. Ilchukov

Dynamics of Horizontal Structure of Secondary Deciduous Stands


F. Kh. Khakimova, S. G. Ermakov

TechnologyDevelopmentofComplexUtilizationofDebarkingWastes (part 2)

F.Kh. Khakimova, O.A. Noskova

Use of Wood Pulp of Increased Output as Raw Material for Producing Powdered Cellulose

A.I. Firsov

Toxicological Properties of Forest-chemistry Products

A.P. Smirnov, G.A. Pazukhina

Comparative Analysis of Wood Quality from High-productive Pine Stands on Drained Peat Soils

M.G. Mutovina, T.A. Bondareva, V.A. Kirsanov, N.E. Samsonov, B.V. Orekhov

Implementation of New Cooking Technology at Sulfite-pulp Mills of Russia Extends Raw-material Base, Increases Efficiency and ImprovesBranch Ecology

E.V. Dyakova, V.I. Komarov, A.V. Gurjev, V.P. Elkin, V.I. Gorshkov, N.A. Kaunikhin

Development and Introduction of Semi-finished Product Cooking Technology for Containerboa

T.A. Koroleva, Yu.V. Sevastjanova, M.A. Kholmova, L.A. Milovidova, G.V. Komarova, V.I. Komarov

Increasing Efficiency of Using Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorine Dioxide under Bleaching Sulphate Softwood Pulp

T.B. Pechurina, L.A.Milovidova, G.V. Komarova, V.I. Komarov

Influence of Dispergant Additives on Resin State Changing and Extractives Content in Sulphate Softwood Pulp

A.V. Fedorov, O.Yu. Derkacheva, D.A. Sukhov

On Assessment of Pulp Delignification Degree in Bleaching

N.V. Sysoeva, A.V. Gurjev, V.I. Komarov

Technological Control of Kraft Liner Hardness in Milling-preparation Department

Ya.V. Kazakov, V.I. Komarov

On Cracking Kraft Liner under Creasing and Seaming of Corrugated board

E. A. Chelpanova, D.G. Chukhchin, Ya.V. Kazakov, V.I. Komarov, O.M. Sokolov

Improving Method for Determining Adhesive Characteristics of Seal of Pulp-and-paper Materials

B.Ya.Zorin, E.A. Demchenko, V.M. Trishin, A.I. Kiprianov

Chemical Composition Investigation of Smoker Phenol Fraction by Chromato-mass-spectrometry Method

M.V. Efanov, A.I. Galochkin

Nitration of Aspen Wood under Mechanochemical Treatment

A.I. Firsov

Use of Wood Wastes for Treatment of Effluents of Forest-chemical Industry

V.V. Konshin, A.A. Beushev, V.G. Shabalin, N.A. Chemeris, M.M. Chemeris

Investigation of Acidification Reaction of Lignocellulose Materials by Mixture of Carboxylic acid - thionyl chloride - trifluoroacetic acid

E.I. Germer

Chemistry of Delignification under Organosolv Cooking

E.A. Pokusaeva, E.V. Novozhilov

Influence of Different Factors on Desulphitation of Sulphite Liquor in the Process of Superneutralization

K.G. Bogolitsyn, D.R. Kosyakov, A.N. Shkaev, A.S. Pochtovalova

High-performance Liquid Chromatography of Phenolic Components of PPI Effluents

A.P. Karmanov, K.G. Bogolitsyn, L.S. Kocheva, D.V. Kuzmin, V.Yu. Belyaev

Analysis of Physical-and-chemical Properties of Pine and Acacia Lignins

Yu.V. Churkina, O.M. Sokolov, M.N. Vasiljev, D.G. Chukhchin

Study of Influence of Low-enthalpy Electron-beam Plasma on Peat

Yu. G. Khabarov, N.A. Anokhina, L.V. Gusakov

Producing Iron-lignosulphonate Complexes under Iron Treatment of Lignosulfonic Acids in Nitric Acid Environment

P.V. Mironov, E.V. Alaudinova, Yu.S. Shimova, S.M. Repyakh

Physical-and-chemical Properties of Cryoprotective Proteins of Meristems of Spruce and Fir Wintering Buds

D.G. Chukhchin, T.A. Velichko, L.V. Gerasimova, S.V. Monakhova, O.M. Sokolov

Influence of Accelerated Electrons' Processing on Molecular Mass and Chemical Analysis of Technical Lignins

N.V. Shorina, D.S. Kosyakov, K.G. Bogolitsyn

Characteristics of pH Potentiometric Measurement in Water-acetone Medium

O.A. Samylova, A.M. Eisenschtadt, K.G. Bogolitsyn, D.S. Kosyakov, N.S.Gorbova

Acid-base Properties of Bjorkman Lignin


N.N. Dovbnya, S.A. Naumov, V.K. Khlyustov, V.Ya. Bondarev, A.M. Nevidomov, V.P. Korotky, I.A. Kirov, N.G. Korotkov, V.Ya.Polovkovich, A.A. Nefedov, V.P. Smirnov, B.A. Radbil

In memory of Anatoly M. Kirov

Staff of Central Scientific-research Forest-chemical Institute

In memory of Peter Polyakov


Yu. Gerasimov, G.A. Davydkov, S.A. Kilpelainen, A.P. Sokolov, V.S. Syunyov

Prospects of Applying New Information Technologies in Forest Complex

E.A. Pitukhin

Analysis of Top Level Mathematical Model for Pulp Production

A.A. Rogov

Simulation of Renewable Systems Operation (Papermaking Machine)

A.T. Gurjev, M. E. Demenkov

Integration of Information Processes for Life Cycle of Forest Machine-building Products Based on PLM-systems


Ya.F. Molnar

How to Find Customer of Educational Services in Industry?

T.S. Butorina, E.V. Shirshov

Development of Informational Base for Pedagogical Research

Ya.F. Molnar

Individual Plan as Tool of Motivation System and Professor-and Teachers Evaluation

O.M. Sokolov, A.L. Nevzorov, Yu.A. Varfolomeev, A.N. Fedotov

Formation of Building Dynasties and Scientific Schools at Arkhangelsk State Technical University

E.S. Romanov

Institutional Economics: from Theory to Practice

A.A. Efremov, O.M. Sokolov, Yu.A. Varfolomeev

Establishment of First All-Russia Students' Construction Brigade in Arkhangelsk Region

P.A. Korolev, Yu.A. Varfolomeev, V.V. Kichev, V.Yu. Chernega, A.I. Lavrov

Establishment of Headquarters of Students' Construction Brigades in Northwestern Federal Region


A.D. Golyakov

On Investigation of Pine Wood Density

A.R. Birman

Technology of Mass Production of Block Parquet with Decorative Facing

F.G. Sekisov, O.V. Smerdov

On Possibility of Drying Impregnated Wood in Gas Discharge Field

V.I. Melekhov, A.V. Volkov

Upgrading Quality of Sawn Timber Drying in Drying Kilns of Periodic Operation

V.G. Lisienko, A.V. Mekhrentsev, Yu.A. Shirnin

Energy Analysis of Forest Exploitation Processing

A.D. Golyakov, O.A. Lisitsyna

Investigation of Structural Properties of Pine Sawn Timber

E.S. Romanov, O.A. Goloviznina

Fixed Assets: Questions of Terminology


V.K. Popov, V.K. Kurjanov

Vladislav S. Petrovsky - 70 years old

N.V. Petukhov, A.M. Nevidomov, V.K. Khlyustov, V.Ya. Bondarev, V.V. Shishov, S.A. Naumov, N.N. Dovbnya

Vladimir V. Sidorenko, Veteran of Forest Organization, Forester and Ecologist, is 75 years old

V.V. Toropov, G.A. Godovalov, N.A. Kryazhevskikh

Sergey Veniaminovich Zalesov (by 50th Birthday)


N.N. Chernov

To 170th-Anniversary of Forest Education in the Urals

L.N. Haumova, I.A. Grachev

In Memory of Alexander V. Grachev (to 90th birthday)

A.S. Yarunov, V.V. Petrik

From History of Tapping Development

V.G. Sanaev

The Greatest Educational-scientific-production Forest Complex of Russia is 60 Years


O.O. Baimetova, A.V. Plastinin

On Selecting Standard of Profitability when Setting Prices on Pulpchips

G.V. Mertsalova

Forest and Forest Relations as Objects of State Rights Registration

A.V. Voronin

Multistage Tasks of Planning and Managing Material Flows in Vertical-integrated Structures of Forest Industry

V.A. Kuznetsov

Planning of Loading Finished Products of Pulp-and-paper Mill on Vehicles

E.S. Romanov

Industrial Branch Structures in the Northern Region

G.P. Butko

System of Competitiveness Provision of Forest-industrial Companies

I.V. Shutov

Reforms of Forestry Management in Russia

A.Yu.Kharitonov, A.V. Plastinin

Use of Real Options Method for Business Value Assessment of Forest-industrial Enterprises

S.E. Griaznov, Yu.V. Kuzminykh, J. Kerkvliet

Economic Appraisal of Carbon Stock Growth in Forest Ecosystems

E.S. Romanov

Institutional Factors and Means of Saving and Development of Forest-harvesting Enterprises


N.A. Babich

Book of Ural Foresters

G.A. Chibisov

New Book on Pretundra Forestry

G.I. Redko

On New Books of Professor M.D.Merzlenko

N.A. Babich, B.A.Semenov

History of Forestry in Russia

N.P. Chuprov

Forest Organization


B.N. Ugolev

Bryansk Session and Seminar of Coordination Council in Wood Science


V.I. Pchelin, A.Kh. Gazizullin, E.I. Patrikeev

Influence of Forest Environment Type on Wood Quality of Pinus Sylvestris in Stands of Middle Volga Region

M.V. Boyarsky

Detection and Elimination of Abnormal Observation Results in Woodworking Processes

I.P. Demitrova

Influence of Climatic and Biological Factors on Radial Increment of Spruce

I.S. Lobanova, N.V. Lobanov

Effect of Band and Frame Saw Support Conditions on their Initial Rigidity

V.I. Malygin, P.V. Perfiljev, M.P. Khudyakov

Parametric Computer-aided Design (Based on Example of Furniture Production)

E.N. Pokrovskaya, I.V. Koteneva

Study of Wood of Wooden Architecture Monuments

D.Yu. Streltsov, M.A. Tarasov

Influence of Cracks on Stress Condition of Wooden Beams

R.E. Kaliteevsky, V.V. Korneev

Peculiarity of Drying Sawn Wood Cut from Different Log Zones

A.R. Birman

Production of Facing Wooden Coverings in Conditions of Forest-industrial Stocks

G.F. Prokofjev, I.S. Lobanova

Influence of Strip Saws Milling on their Cross-section Hardness

S.V. Melgunov, A.G. Lapkaev

Fire Risk of Wood-working Enterprises of Krasnoyarsk Kraj

S.M. Sultson, E.V. Kharuk, G.S. Kovrigin

Wood Structure of Scots Pine (Pinus silvestris L.) in Eastern Siberia

Yu.A. Varfolomeev, L.A. Badanina

Calculation of Permeability by Protective Agents under Excessive Pressure

Yu.A. Varfolomeev, M.A. Ambrosevich

Method of Expert Appraisal for Choosing Antiseptics

V.M. Kostyukevich

Logistic Approach in Analysis of Woodworking Company Operation

I.I. Ivankin

To Question of Initial Bandsaw Bending in Cutting Zone

A.M. Kopeikin, E.B. Sergeeva, E.V. Serykh

Analysis of Technological Characteristics of Sawing Unit 2ZDB-60

D.V. Ivanov

Use of Different Log-sawing Equipment for producing Sawn Timber by Small Companies

V.G. Turushev, E.Yu. Varfolomeeva

Improvement of Labor Conditions in Small Enterprises at Protective Wood Treatment

I.I. Ivankin

Calculation of Details and Blocks Taking into Account Dispersion of Parameters' Values Using GPSS Simulation Technique System

L.S. Surovtseva, D.V. Ivanov

Additional Resources of Wood Raw Material for Pulp-and-Paper Production

N.V. Lobanov, G.F. Prokofjev, I.S. Lobanova

Hardness of Bandsaws Taking into Account Squeeze Guides

V.I. Onegin, Yu. I. Tsoj

Coating Formation on Wooden Products with Modified Water-dispersion Paintwork Materials


A.V. Zhukov, V.N. Loy, V.V. Khainovsky, D.A. Zenkevich

Assessment of Dynamic Loading of New Wheeled Skidder MTZ

V.S. Morozov, G.S. Morozov

Calculation of Building Settlement on Frozen Peat Base

Ya.I. Shestakov, I.N. Bagautdinov

Study of Teeth State of Bearing-turnable Device of Felling-bunching Machine LP-19V

V. Shtollmann

Input into Designing Forest-industrial Robots

P.M. Mazurkin, E.N. Bedertdinov, P.A. Perov

Assessment and Forecast of Forest Area Quality

V.N. Shilovsky

Mathematical Model of Supplies Volume Optimization and Spare Parts Distribution among Territorially Scattered Customers

A.M. Krasnov

On Use of Fine-aggregate Sandy Concrete in Construction of Pre-cast Coating of Motor Roads

P.F. Voitko, A.S. Fadeev

Mathematical Models of Forest Cargo Formation by Gravitational Trimmers

Yu.A. Shirnin, E.M. Onuchin

Simulation of Movement of Multiple-function Logging Machine

M.M. Ovchinnikov, D.M. Shvarts

On strength of Wood Floating Bundles

A.S. Milyaev

Stressed State of Bank Slope under Anchor Bearing Pressure

V. Schtollmann

Navigation of Forest-industrial Robots

M.Yu. Smirnov

Logging Truck TrainFormation

A.N. Fadeev

Costs of Forest-harvesting Machines Relocation

N.N. Butorin

Transport Network for Forest Stock Development


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