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N.A. Moiseev

Leader of Forest Management in Russia, Professor M.M. Orlov (on the 150th Anniversary of His Birth) (1867-1932)

gritique and bibliography

R.S. Khamitov

New Book "Geobotanical Studies in the European Part of Russia"


P.G. Mel’nik, Yu.B. Glazunov, M.D. Merzlenko

The Growth and Productive Capacity of the Arkhangelsk Climatype of Scots Pine in the Moscow Region

А.S. Novoselov, N.A. Druzhinin

Seasonal Resin Productivity Dynamics of Drained Pine Stands

Kh.M. Khetagurov

Trautvetter’s Maple Regeneration Potential in the Mountain Forests of the Republic of North Ossetia–Alania

T.V. Kashtelyan

Formation of the Forest Regeneration System of Belarus

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The Impact of Climatic Factors on the Seasonal Growth of Deciduous Trees of the Forest-Forming Species in the Taiga Zone

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Recreational Load and Mechanical Erosion on the Mountainsides in the Forests of Colchis

O.N. Tyukavina, D.N. Klevtsov, N.A. Babich

The Similarity of the Needle Length Dynamics on an Annual Basis of Scots Pine Growth in Different Conditions

O.I. Antonov

Qualitative Productivization of Forest Stands is the Goal of Intensive Forestry

A.S. Il'intsev, S.V. Tret'yakov, R.A. Ershov, I.V. Fedotov

The Effect of Voluntary-Selective Felling on the Basic Wood Increment in the Aged Spruce Forests

S.A. Shavnin, V.A. Lebedev, V.A. Galako, V.E. Vlasenko

Integrated Assessment of Forest Genetic Reserves of the Sverdlovsk Region by the Methods of Remote and Ground Survey

R.N. Matveeva, L.I. Milyutin, O.F. Butorova, N.P. Bratilova

Selection of High Reproductive Siberian Cedar Trees in the Geographic Seed Plantation

N.A. Rybakova, M.V. Rubtsov

Effect of Birch Stand Cutting on Seed Production of Spruce of Preliminary Generation in the South Taiga

V.K. Shirnin, V.A. Kostrikin, L.V. Shirnina, S.A. Kryukova

English Oak Reforestation by Ball-Rooted Seedlings

S.L. Shevelev, M.N. Efremova

The Relationship Between the Average Forest Inventory Indices of Birch Stands in the Krasnoyarsk-Achinsk-Kansk Forest-Steppe Area

E.N. Pilipko

The Trophic Effect of Moose (Alces alces L.) in the Mixed and Deciduous Young Stands of the Vologda Region in Summer

O.M. Shabalina, I.N. Bezkorovaynaya, Yu.N. Baranchikov

Changes of Phytocenosis Understories of Fir Forests in the Breeding Grounds of Four-Eyed Fir Bark Beetle (Polygraphus Proximus Blandf.) in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

E.A. Pinaevskaya, S.N. Tarkhanov

The Variability of Radial Increment of Sexual Types of Scotch Pine Under Hydrogenic Conditions

S.E. Gribov, A.A. Karbasnikov, E.B. Karbasnikova, S.A. Korchagov

Prospective Assessment of Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica) in the Landscaping of the City of Vologda

N.A. Moiseev

Forest Management: Past, Present and Future

M.D. Merzlenko

Relevant Aspects of Artificial Reforestation

I.T. Kishchenko

Seasonal Growth and Development of Juniperus communis L. in the Taiga Zone

V.M. Ivonin, I.V. Voskoboynikova

Substantiation of Allowable Recreational Loadings in the Forests of the Western Caucasus

A.I. Sokolov, A.N. Pekkoev, V.A. Kharitonov

The Aftereffect of 30-Year-Long Annual Phosphorous Fertilizers Application on the Pine Diameter Growth and Timber Quality. Report II

Yu.F. Aref'ev, M.M. Mamedov

Prediction and Control of Pathogenesis in Forest Ecosystems

V.P. Bobrinev, L.N. Pak, E.A. Banshchikova

Agricultural Technology of Cultivation of Siberian Spruce Seedlings in the Trans-Baikal Territory

N.R. Sungurova, N.A. Babich, R.V. Sungurov, V.K. Lyubov, A.N. Popov

Energy Potential of Pine and Spruce Cultures

Z.N. Markina

Forest Soil Characteristics and Their Impact on the Growth of Pine Plantations Under Radioactive Contamination in the Bryansk Region

V.N. Konovalov, L.V. Zarubina

The Influence of Chlorine-Containing Fertilizers on Metabolism of Spruce and Pine in the North Taiga Plant Communities

L.V. Chernykh, D.V. Chernykh, S.A. Denisov, V.L. Chernykh

Silvicultural and Statistical Approach to the Reforestation Methods Assignment in Forest Management

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Formation of Artificial Pine Stands in the Karelian Taiga Zone

O.N. Tyukavina, A.S. Il'intsev, R.A. Ershov

The Effect of Thinning on the Radial Increment of Scotch Pine

B.P. Churakov, S.G. Bityaev, R.A. Churakov

On Natural Reforestation in the Focus of Pine Fungus

N.N. Besschetnova, V.P. Besschetnov, A.V. Kul'kova, I.V. Mishukova

Starch Content in Shoot Tissues of Different Spruce Species (Picea A. Dietr.) in Introduction

I.D. Samsonova

Melliferous Capacity of Plant Formations in Forest Area Landsof the Steppe Don Region

M.V. Shvets

Bacterial Dropsy of European White Birch (Betula pendula Roth.) in Zhytomyr Polesye of Ukraine

A.A. Dobrovol'skiy, L.S. Bogdanova, V.Yu. Neshataev

Peculiarities of Lime Woods in the Lisino Forestry of the Training Forest District

V.N. Glukhikh, A.Yu. Okhlopkova

Resin Pocket Formation in Tree Stems of Dahurian Larch

S.V. Koptev, S.V. Tret'yakov, A.P. Bogdanov, A.S. Il'intsev, S.A. Demidenko

Forest Inventory Norms of Alder Stands by the Relascopic Circular Plot Method

N.V. Kilyusheva, P.A. Feklistov, N.V. Ezhova, I.N. Bolotov, B.Yu. Filippov

Comparative Analysis of Mineral Content in Pine and Spruce Wood

А.М. Pastukhova

Prospects of Selection of Siberian Cedar Half-Sibs According to Their Growth Rate at an Early Age

V.F. Kovyazin, K.Kh. Kan, T.K. Fam

Assessment of Woody Plant Species Composition in Landscapes of the Pavlovsk Park in Saint Petersburg

S.A. Korchagov, S.E. Gribov, О.Yu. Obryadina

Economic Appraisal of Forest Plantation Development by Kinds of Planting Material

G.V. Sokolova, A.L. Verkhoturov, V.A. Egorov

Use of Ground and Satellite Observations in the Analysis of Forest-Hydrological Processes in the Catchment of the Amur River

N.M. Debkov, A.S. Il’intsev

Assessment of Sustainable Forestry within the FSC Voluntary Forest Certification Scheme

O.I. Gavrilova, V.N. Gavrilov

Formation of Pine and Birch Young Forests on Drained Transitional Mires of South Karelia

A.V. Gryaz'kin, A.A. Kochkin, V.V. Petrik

Dynamics of Understory Vegetation Structure in the Park Phytocenosis

O.N. Tyukavina, D.N. Klevtsov, I.I. Drozdov, V.I. Melekhov

Wood Density of Scots Pine in Different Growth Conditions


E.S. Tyurmina, I.S. Il'ichev, A.B. Radbil', L.L. Semenycheva, M.A. Lazarev, E.A. Mavrina, A.A. Shalashova

The Raw Sulfate Turpentine Purification from Sulfur-Containing Compounds

O.S. Brovko, I.A. Palamarchuk, N.V. Sysoeva, N.A Val’chuk, T.A. Boytsova, K.G. Bogolitsyn, V.K. Dubovyy

Filter Materials Based on Mineral Fibers with Biopolymer Layer

I.V. Lebedev, Ya.V. Kazakov

Paper Sheet Texture Simulation

M.A. Molodtsova, Yu.V. Sevast'yanova

Opportunities and Prospects of Microwave Radiation in Industry (Review)

V.I. Vrublevskaya, V.O. Matusevich, V.V. Kuznetsova

TSubstantiation of the Interaction Mechanism of Wood Components and Water

A.I. Badogina, S.I. Tret’yakov, N.A. Kutakova, E.N. Koptelova

The Comparison of Kinetics of Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Bast and Birch Bark

K.A. Romanenko, N.I. Bogdanovich, A.V. Kanarskiy

Obtaining of Activated Carbons by Pyrolysis of Hidrolytic Lignin

V.V. Abramova, A.V. Gur'ev

Evaluation of Macrostructure Forming Uniformity of Copy Paper

Yu.L. Yur'ev, I.K. Gindulin, N.A. Drozdova

Options of Low-Grade Wood Processing into Carbon-Base Materials

A.I. Nazmieva, M.F. Galikhanov, L.R. Musina

Physical and Mechanical Properties and the Process of Biodegradabilityof Modified Sack Paper

A.S. Smolin, N.V. Shcherbak, M.A. Lorengel’, Е.V. Dybovoy

Estimating Efficiency of Air Cleaning by Mineral Fiber Separator Papers

I.V. Zakharov, N.L. Zakharova, A.V. Kanarskiy, E.O. Okulovа, Ya.V. Kazakov, D.A. Dul’kin

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cardboard Processed by Biomodified Gluten

V.N. Ivanova, D.Yu. Uvarova, L.G. Makhotina, E.L. Akim

High-Yield Pulp Processing

S.G. Luchinkin, V.A. Kozhukhov, Yu.D. Alashkevich

Production of Thermal Insulating Materials on the Basis of the Secondary Cellulose Fiber

V.V. Gorazdova, E.V. Dernova

The Influence of Multilayer Formation on Strength, Deformation and Fracture Toughness Characteristics of Board


M.G. Romanovskiy, V.V. Korovin, R.V. Shchekalev

Humus Biodegradation


S.P. Ageev

Rationing of Electricity Consumed by Saw Frames

F.V. Cherepenin, S.M. Skovpen’, D.A. Ul’yanichev

Digital Simulation when Wood and Wood-Based Materials Casting Patterns Processing on the Turning Lathes

O.D. Myuller, V.I. Melekhov, N.G. Ponomareva, T.V. Tyurikova, M.O. Khrustaleva

Mathematical Model of the Pressing Process of Thermally-Modified Tree Bark in the Drum-Type Press-Granulators

E.O. Bulatasov, V.P. Popov, V.P. Khanin

The Impact of the Shape of the Knife Cutting Edge and Face Surface on the Power Indicators of?Wood Shredding

A.M. Buglaev, M.P. Bokacheva, V.V. Sivakov

Study into the Feasibility of Reducing Woodworking Equipment Vibration

A.A. Lukash, N.P. Lukuttsova

Differentiation of Processing Methods of Pumped Wood

Yu.V. Maksimuk, D.A. Ponomarev, V.N. Kursevich, V.V. Fes’ko

Calorific Value of Wood Fuel

S.P. Ageev

Electrical Energy Rationing of Transport Units in the Woodworking Industry

V.K. Lyubov, A.N. Popov, E.I. Popova, P.V. Malygin, L.M. Solnyshkova

Wood-Based Biofuel Efficiency in the Heat Producing Installation

O.D. Myuller, V.I. Melekhov, N.G. Ponomareva, T.V. Tyurikova

Influence of the Relative Length of the Matrix Drawplate on the Compacting Pressure of Thermally-Modified Birch Bark in the Roller Press-Granulators

A.V. Turkov, V.I. Korobko, A.A. Makarov

The Experimental Studies of Cross-Beam Systems of Wood Members on a Square Plan when Dynamic and Static Load Variation

A.F. Zamilova, M.F. Galikhanov, N.A. Pestova

Influence of the DC Field on Moisture Resistance and Strengthof the Plywood Materials

E.A. Pamfilov,E.V. Sheveleva

A Study of Cutter Wear Rate for Wood-Based Materials Processing

A.E. Alekseev, A.P. Alabyshev

Flatness Control of Circular Saws

M.G. Ermochenkov

Kinetic Parameters of Wood Drying Process


N.I. Bogdanovich, S.I. Tret'yakov, V.S. Komarov, V.I. Melekhov, N.A. Kutakova, L.N. Kuznetsova, E.A. Lagunova

The Аnniversary of Рrofessor N.A. Makarevich

V.I. Melekhov, N.A. Babich, N.P. Bratilova

Rimma N. Matveeva – a Scientist and а Plant Selection Breeder

V.V. Pakhuchiy, A.A. Selivanov, N.A. Druzhinin

Anniversary of Professor Boris V. Babikov

B.V. Ermolin, D.N. Klevtsov, S.A. Korchagov, S.N. Marich, V.I. Melekhov, M.D. Merzlenko, P.A. Feklistov

On the Anniversary of Professor Nikolay A. Babich

L.V. Morozova, S.V. Lyubova, S.V. Koptev, S.V. Tret’yakov, A.A. Bakhtin

Elena N. Nakvasina – a Teacher, a Scientist


N.A. Babich

The Dictionary “Еcological and Geographical Terms in Forestry”


A.S. Toropov, A.N. Zaikin, V.M. Merkelov

Peculiarities of Processing of Wood Polluted by Radioactive Nuclides

D.G. Myasishchev, S.A. Putintsev

Fuel Optimization of a Rotary Chopper for Plant Residues

S.V. Posypanov

Numerical Determination of the Geometric Parameters of a Transport Floating Roundwood Bundle

A.N. Zaikin, E.G. Ryzhikova, I.I. Teremkova

Method of Operational Planning and Control of Logging Operations

E.F. Gerts, N.N. Terinov, Yu.N. Bezgina, A.F. Urazova, T.A. Perepechina

Rational Cutting Technology with Mini Tractors Log SkiddingUnder the Forest Canopy

Yu.A. Makarova, A.Yu. Manukovskiy

Geosynthetics for Slope Protection of the Truck Haul Road Subgrade Under Conditions of Underflooding

S.N. Orlovskiy, A.I. Karnaukhov

Application and Configuration Technology of the Stump Lowering Device

K.P. Rukomoynikov, E.M. Tsarev, S.E. Anisimov

Substantiation of Average Distance of Skid Logging during Integrated Development of Forest Divisions

S.N. Orlovskiy, A.I. Karnaukhov

Calculation Methodology of Energy and Dynamic Parameters of the Stump Lowering Device and Cutting Conditions of Its Working Member

N.V. Kazakov, P.B. Ryabukhin

The Accounting Methods of Stands in the Harvest Sitesand Actual Production Monitoring

S.N. Orlovskiy

Technology and Structural Configuration of a Tractor Unit for Forest Strip Planting in Desertified Territories

A.A. Tambi, I.V. Grigor'ev, O.A. Kunitskaya

The Rationale for Implementation of Industrial Sawmilling Processes in the Logging Industry


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