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I.M. Danilin, E.M. Medvedev

Some Results of International Project on Investigation of Possibilities for Laser, Radar and Digital Aerial Survey of Forests

V.G. Russkov

Peculiarities of Scotch Pine Elongation in Eastern Siberia

S.I. Degtyareva

Biodiversity of Watershed Oak Forests of Voronezh Region according to Moss Component

V.D. Dorofeeva, V.T. Popova, Yu.V. Chekmeneva

Plants Biodiversity in Arboretum of Voronezh State Forest Engineering University

gritique and bibliography

S.A. Denisov, V.N. Karasev, M.A. Karaseva, V.I. Pchelin

Timely and Valuable Book

N.A. Babich, V.F. Tsvetkov

Sound Textbook

A.V. Plastinin

Useful and Valuable Book


E.S. Melnikov, N.V. Belyaeva

Dynamics of Current Increment in Pine and Spruce Stands after Complex Tending of Forest

S.V. Ilchukov

Horizontal Structure of Spruce Undergrowth in Mature Middle-taiga Spruce Forests

R.V. Vlasov

Spatial Attack Pattern of Bark Beetle Pityogenes сhalcographus on Specific Food Substrate

M.D. Merzlenko, H.V. Zhivaikina

To Question of Early Detection of Spruce Provenances on Growth Speed

A.A. Vice

Morphological Characteristics of Growing Trees in «Social Groups»

O.N. Ezhov, R.V. Ershov

On Aspen Stem Decay in Middle-taiga Forest Stands

Yu.I. Potasheva

Heavy Metals Content in Pine Stands Needles under Impact of Motor Transport Emissions

Yu.A. Shirnin, N.I. Rozhentsova, V.K. Khlyustov

Optimization of Thinning

E.P.Galenko, K.S. Bobkova, S.P. Shvetsov

Thermal Regime of Soil in Blueberry-sphagnum Spruce Forest of Middle Taiga

A.S. Yakovlev, S.V. Kirillov

Conservation of Oak in Geographical Cultures

T.Yu. Kuznetsova, A.F. Titov, L.V. Vetchinnikova

Influence of Cadmium on Morpho-physiological Characteristics of Birch in vitro

O.N. Ezhov

Pests and Diseases of Municipal Green Plantations of Arkhangelsk Industrial Centre

D.A. Dobrynin

Efficiency of Natural Forest Landscapes Conservation in System of Protected Territories of Arkhangelsk Region

N.A. Lugansky, L.P. Abramova, S.V. Zalesov, A.N. Pavlov

Selective Felling in Cedar Forests Using Selection Method

F.N. Lisetsky

Soil-formation Potential of Forest Stands under Sands Afforestation in Forest-steppe and Steppe Environment

S.V. Kirillov, A.S. Yakovlev

Geographical Oak Cultures in Mari El Republic

Yu.E. Kekisheva, E.N. Nakvasina

Coenotic Structure and Floristic Composition of Green-moss Spruce Forests of Middle Taiga Subzone

V.N. Smertin, A.V. Gryazkin

Peculiarities of Parcel Structure of Park Phytocenosеs

A.I. Lobanov, G.S. Varaksin, V.I. Polyakov, P.V. Cherkashin, V.S. Litvinova

Experience of Growing Larch Shelterbelt Forests in Chernozem Arid Zone of Middle Siberia

F.M. Khabibullina, T.A. Tvorozhnikova, I.A. Likhanova

Change of Microbiota Composition in Process of Tree Waste Decay in Post-anthropogenic Ecosystems of Middle Taiga

O.A. Nevolin, S.V. Tretyakov, O.O. Eremina

Dynamics of High-yield Pine-and-birch Stands

N.A. Prozherina, E.N. Nakvasina

Intra- and Interspecies Metabolic Peculiarities of Larch under Adaptation to North

L.N. Anishchenko

Briophyte Community Dynamics on Windfall-soil Complexes in Bryansk Area of Broad-leaved Forest Zone

A.V. Manov

Forest Stands Structure of Pre-tundra Spruce Forests in European North-East

A.V. Skvortsov, M.P. Chernyshov

Recreation Potential of Forest Resources of Apsheron Resort Region in Krasnodar Territory

Yu.F. Arefjev, O.V. Kireeva, M.M. Mamedov, G.A. Bondareva

Geneticoecological Strategy of Forest and Municipal Stands Protection

D.I. Ashcheulov, A.I. Milenin

Intraspecific Variation of English Oak in Central Forest-steppe and the Caucasus

M.M. Bondarev, V.I. Mikhin

Peculiarities of Field-shelter Afforestation in Kursk Region Conditions

A.V. Balandin, V.I. Mikhin

Forest Reclamation Complexes of Tambov Region

A.V. Balandin, V.I. Mikhin

Ninety Years to Voronezh Higher School of Foresters

N.Yu. Evsikova, N.N. Matveev, O.M. Korchagin, N.S. Kamalova, V.Yu. Zapletin

Scanning of Electric Field in Wooden Plant Stems as Method of Exposing Living State


Differentiation of Natural Birch Populations according to Reproduction Systems

M.V. Kochergina

Phytoncide Properties of Ornamental Plants in Voronezh Conditions

A.G. Krylov

Production Dynamics of Oak Stands in Shipov Forest

V.V. Kruglyak, A.S. Darkovskaya, A.V. Tsaregorodtsev

Protected Natural Territories of Central-Chernozem Areas

O.Yu. Likhatskaya

Problems of Biodiversity Conservation on Protected Nature Territories

A.L. Musievsky, V.V. Tsaralunga

Criteria for Sanitary Felling Assigning in Oak Forests

S.V. Navalikhin

Role of Forest Stands in Protection of Disturbed Areas of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly against Water Erosion

E.A. Mikhina, Ya.V. Pankov

Theory and Practice of Forest Reclamation in Forest-shelter Belts of Lipetsk Region

A.L. Musieevsky, N.V. Esipov, I.A. Nikiforov

Oak Culture in Shipov Forest of Voronezh Region

Ya.V. Pankov, P.F. Andryushchenko, T.P. Dedenko

Peculiarities of Forest Cultures Growth in Chalkpit Landscapes of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly

A.I. Sivolapov

Theory and Practice of System Research of Genetics, Selection and Reproduction of Poplars in Forest-Steppe Zone of Central Chernozem Area in Russia

M.T. Serikov

On Planning Development of Protection Forests for Recreational Purpose

I.V. Treshchevsky, M.Yu. Glatko, E.I. Treshchevskaya

Change of Soil Mixtures Properties in Pits of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly Resulting from Biological Revegetation

V.I. Tarankov, E.E. Melnikov, V.V. Akulov, S.M. Matveev

Dendrologic Aspects of Productivity for Main Forest-forming Species in Central Forest-steppe

I.P. Ushatin, D.N. Mamonov

Cutting and Reforestation in Coniferous Stands of Voronezh Region

N.A. Kharchenko, O.M. Korchagin, V.Yu. Zapletin

Characteristic of Stomatal Apparatus for Seedling Leaves of English Oak due to Different Shading Conditions

N.N. Kharchenko, D.S. Mironov

Spatial Characteristics of Stem Rotting Caused by False Oak Tinder Fungus

A.I. Chernodubov, E.E. Shelestov

Characteristic of Ash-Oak Cenoses in Central Forest-Steppe

P.E. Yakutov

Oxidation-reduction Properties of Meliorated Landscapes in Western Part of Taman Peninsula

M.A. Kumakova

Cost Estimation of Low-valuable Oak Stands in Voronezh Region


T.M. Vladimirova, O.M. Sokolov, S.I. tretyakov

Comparative Analysis of Calculation Method for Tall Oil Rectification

S.V. Karavaev

Production of Volatile Oils from Forest Industry Wastes of Primorye

V.M. Ushanova, L.I. Chentsova

Influence of Aqueous-alcoholic Solutions and Treatment by Liquefied Carbon Dioxide on Efficiency of Conifers Bark Extraction

N.A. Osmolovskaya, V.N. Parshikova, R.A. Stepen

Utilization of Wood Green of Siberian Pine Resulting in Native Products Production

Yu. Ya. Simkin, I.N. Besedina

Green Coal and Sorbents from Briquette Bark Residue of Siberian Larch

V.K. Dubovyi, L. Yu. Fokina, A.D. Ivanenko, V.V. Bogdanov

Properties of Sheet Composite Materials with based on Glass Fiber

L.P. Maiоrova

Quality Analysis of Sulphate Pulp from Waste Wood

E.I. Hermer

Modern Concept of Ecological Rationing of Technological Processes of Pulp-and-Paper Production and possible Ways of its Realization in Russia. 1. On Draft New System of Ecological Rationing – Prerequisites of its Emerging and Conceptual Solutions: Problem

O.A. Kalinicheva, N.I. Bogdanovich, G.V. Dobele

Pre-pyrolysis of Wooden Raw Material in Synthesis of Active Coals with NAOH

E.I. Hermer

Modern Concept of Ecological Control of Technological Processes in Pulp-and-paper Production and Possible Ways of its Realization in Russia. 2. Recommended Values of Rated Indices of Discharge and Emissions

U.O. Zibulski, T.B. Pechurina

Oxygen-alkaline Treatment Stimulation

R.I. Vinokurova, I.Yu. Troshkova

Variability of Betulin and Suberin Accummulation in Birch Bark of Betula Pendula RothDepending on Geographical Zoning

S.M. Krutov I.V. Gribkov, M.Ya. Zarubin, A.V. Pranovich, V.S. Sultanov

Investigation of Hydrolysis Lignins by Method of Pyrolysis Chromato-mass-spectrometry

R.E. Smirnov, A.G. Andreev, T.F. Demidyuk

Chloramine Method of Sulfite Acid Analysis

A.V. Koptina, A.I. Shurgin, A.V. Kanarsky

Interpopulation Variability of Silver Willow according to Biomass Productivity and Phenol Components Content

L.A. Yuzhaninova, E.Yu. Larina, V.I. Komarov

Comparison of Assessment Techniques for Fiber Length of Waste Paper Mass

N.A. Sekushin, A.P. Karmanov

Development of New Approaches to Polychronic Kinetics Description

A.V. Kuleshov, A.S. Smolin

Effect of Cyclic Use of Waste Paper Fiber on Paper-formation Properties

F.Kh. Khakimova, T.N. Kovtun, R.R. Khakimov

Pulp Deresination by Surfactants at Bisulfite Pulping Stage

E.I. Hermer

Modern Concept of Ecological Rationing of PPP Technological Processes and Possible Ways of its Realization in Russia. 3. Problems of Solid Wastes Rationing and By-production, on Restrictions and Obtaining Complex Permission for Nature Management

L.N. Grigorjev, I.N. Anushin, O.A. Shanova, D.A. Kostina

Adsorption Refining of Air Sulfur Dioxide at Low Concentrations

Yu.G. Khabarov, N.D. Kamakina, V.A. Veshnyakov

Photometric Method of Quantitative Determination of Reducing Carbohydrates in Solutions


D.A. Neradovsky

Vibration Stability Assessment of Saw Frame Base

V.K. Lyubov

Experimental Research of Ignition and Burning of Solid Fuel Particles

S.V. Karpov, V.V. Radyushin, E.N. Saburov, G.A. Shepel

Reduction of Electric Power Loss and Hazardous Industrial Emissions at Woodworking Enterprises

P.A. Feklistov, A.N. Sobolev

On Possibility of Using Growth Progress Tables on Solovetsky Islands


E.N. Vinogradov

V.G. Lisienko – 75 Years Old


E.N. Nakvasina

Modern Forestry in Publications of «Lesnoy Zhurnal»

E.N. Nakvasina

Development and Traditions of «Lesnoy Zhurnal». Brief Survey of Magazine in 19th Century

I.V. Evdokimov

Higher Forest Education of Vologda Area - 10 Years

N.A. Moiseev

On Background of Arkhangelsk Institute of Forest and Forestchemistry of USSR Academy of Sciences (NRIF)

G.A. Chibisov

Northern Research Institute of Forestry is 50 Years Old

Branch of FSI «SPbRIF» – Northern Research Institute of ForestryArkhangelsk Branch of Soil Scientists’ Association Named after V.V. DokuchaevArkhangelsk Centre for Russian Geographic Association

In memory of Anatoly L. Parshevnikov


M.D. Nekrasov

Self-repayment Peculiarities of Forestry production

V.I. Konkov

Role of Controlling in Crisis Management

V.N. Myakshin, T.N. Pesjakova

Characteristics for Equilibration Assessment of Regional Forest-industrial Complex

E.S. Romanov

Forest-industrial Complex: Reality, not Words


V.F. Dunaev

Sawmilling: from Geometry to Physics, Mechanics and Technology

A.R. Birman, N.A. Belonogova

Neutron-shielding Wood Characteristics

G.F. Prokofjev, I.I. Ivankin

Use of Sawing Modules with Aerostatic Slides for Saws in Flexible Automated Sawing Lines

V.V. Korovin, R.V. Shchekalev, P.A. Aksеnov

Assessment of Mongolian Oak Suitability in Cognac Alcohol Production

A.D. Golyakov, A.V. Knapkis

Sawlogs Sorting before Sawing

R.E. Kaliteevsky, A.M. Artemenkov, A.A. Tambi, A.V. Gavryukov

Technique and Calculation Example of Debarking, Sorting and Sawlogs’ Storing Processes

V.I. Malygin, N.V. Lobanov, L.V. Kremleva

Methods of Optimization and Quality Rating of Wood Cutters under Bench and Mathematical Simulation. 1. Algorithm of Problem Solution on Optimization of Assembled Tool Structure under Physical and Mathematical Modeling

S.I. Roshchina

Reinforcement – Efficient Means of Increasing Reliability and Durability of Wooden Structures

I.T. Glebov

On Friction Coefficient in Wood Milling

L.S. Atroshchenko

Drying of Steam-air Mixture of Convective Chambers

M.M. Chernykh, A.I. Pjankov, A.V. Troyanov

Processing of Sculptural Wooden Items on Machines with Numerical Program Control

V.K. Pashkov, S.V. Shchepochkin

Temperature Field of Circular Saw Tooth

G.F. Pokofjev, I.I. Ivankin

Determination of Critical Force of Strip Saw. General Case

L.S. Surovtseva

Tapering Impact on Round Assortment Volume

E.N. Pokrovskaya

Producing Hydrophobic Biostable Materials under Surface Wood Modification

A.N. Ekimenko

Investigation of Reinforced Wooden Plastics and their Application in Mechanical Engineering

R.E. Kaliteevsky, A.A. Tambi, A.V. Gavryukov, A.P. Artemenkov, V.M. Toropov

Design Procedure of Trimming Processes for Boards

S.M. Plotnikov

Investigation of Wooden Particles Fall in Orientation Device

L.S. Surovtseva, O.A. Lisitsyna

Railroad Delivery of Rawwood to Sawmill-woodworking Enterprises

E.N. Serov, S.A. Labutov

Tension Distribution on Supports of Glue-Plywood Structure

I.I. Ivankin, G.F. Prokofjev, A.A. Bannikov

Initial Stiffness of Strip Saws. General Case

R.E. Kaliteevsky, A.M. Artemenkov, A.A. Tambi, A.V. Gavryukov

Determination of Productive Capacity of Sawmills in Designing

E.D. Gelfand, V.I. Melekhov, M.V. Potykalova

Mechanical Deformation of Timber as Means of Increasing Moisture Absorption Ability

V.G. Ulasovets

Sawing of Side Log Zone into Boards of Similar Thickness

L.S. Surovtseva, O.A. Lisitsyna

Efficiency of Sawn Timber Production Process

A.A. Lukash

Technological Characteristics of Producing Relief Plywood

L.V. Kremleva, V.I. Malygin

To Question on Dynamic Stability of Band Saws

L.T. Sviridov, A.V. Ivanovsky, V.P. Ivanovsky

Purpose Bases of Force Parameters for Wood Division

international cooperation

O.V. Kormilitsyna, V.V. Bondarenko

Assessment of Water Stress in Municipal Plantations Depending on Soil Properties

O.V. Kormilitsyna, V.V. Bondarenko

Some Aspects of Water Balance Estimation in Urbanized Territories

V.V. Fomin, D.S. Kapralov, A.S. Popov, V.I Kryuk

Automated Assessment of Trees State Based on Image Analysis System

G.V. Komarova

Are you international?

A.A. Bakhtin, S.V. Koptev, S.V. Tretyakov, O.Ja. Sorensen

Experience of Cooperation of Arkhangelsk State Technical University with Nord-Trondelag University College in Forest Education and Research

S.V. Koptev, S.V. Tereshchenko, M.V. Danilova

Model of Educational System Improvement in Forest Sector at Regional Level

S.V. Koptev, S.V. Tereshchenko, M.V. Danilova

Teachers’ Training for Forest Sector in the North-West of Russia


A.M. Borovskikh

Track with Increased Adhesion

S.I. Morozov

Impact of Bodies Hardness on their Elasto-plastic Indices

D.L. Neradovsky

Papers Review on Piles Length Determination

V.Ya. Kharitonov, S.V. Posypanov

Resources of Remote Forestland and Possibility of their Development by Rafting

K.P. Rukomoinikov

Infrastructure Development of Compartment Reclamation of Forest Sites

E.M. Guseinov

Operating Efficiency of Timber Truck Transmission

Yu.I. Provotorov, V.D. Valyazhonkov

Statistical Models of Parameters of Wheeled Forest-industrial Machines

E.M. Guseinov, R. E. Guseinov

Efficiency of Operation of Log Truck with Double-step Suspension

K.P. Rukomoinikov

Transport-Technology Development of Logging Sites by Using Felling-Bunching Machines of Frontal Type

V.D. Valyazhonkov

Classification of Main Parameters for Wheeled Skidders

A.Yu. Nikiforov

Questions of Waste Wood Utilization

I.R. Shegelman, V.I. Skrypnik, A.V. Kuznetsov, A.V. Pladov

Experimental-calculating Study of Logging Trailers Movement

V.Ya. Shapiro, I.V. Grigorjev, А.I. Zhukova

Assessment of Soil Deformation Processes under Cyclic Compaction

D.G. Myasishchev

Substantiation of Forest-fire Technologies and Machines Based on Small-scale Mechanization

V.I. Varava, V.P. Antipin, G.V. Karshev, O.A. Mikhailov

Comparative Analysis of Power Consumption of Tractor VP-100 in Load Motion Mode

A.S. Milyaev

Strength Design Calculations for Winter Wood Tracks by Finite Element Method

A.A. Karyakin

To Determination of Timber Stocks in Storages of Woodworking Mills

O.N. Galaktionov

Application of Linear Crossing Method in Assessment of Logging Wastes Volumes

A.A. Popov

Technique of Experiment Сonduction on Contact Compression of Two Bodies


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