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2008 год

gritique and bibliography

N.A. Babich, V.F. Tsvetkov

Sound Textbook

A.V. Plastinin

Useful and Valuable Book


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Dynamics of High-yield Pine-and-birch Stands

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Intra- and Interspecies Metabolic Peculiarities of Larch under Adaptation to North

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Briophyte Community Dynamics on Windfall-soil Complexes in Bryansk Area of Broad-leaved Forest Zone

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Forest Stands Structure of Pre-tundra Spruce Forests in European North-East


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Modern Concept of Ecological Rationing of PPP Technological Processes and Possible Ways of its Realization in Russia. 3. Problems of Solid Wastes Rationing and By-production, on Restrictions and Obtaining Complex Permission for Nature Management

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Adsorption Refining of Air Sulfur Dioxide at Low Concentrations

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V.G. Lisienko – 75 Years Old


N.A. Moiseev

On Background of Arkhangelsk Institute of Forest and Forestchemistry of USSR Academy of Sciences (NRIF)

G.A. Chibisov

Northern Research Institute of Forestry is 50 Years Old

Branch of FSI «SPbRIF» – Northern Research Institute of ForestryArkhangelsk Branch of Soil Scientists’ Association Named after V.V. DokuchaevArkhangelsk Centre for Russian Geographic Association

In memory of Anatoly L. Parshevnikov


V.G. Ulasovets

Sawing of Side Log Zone into Boards of Similar Thickness

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Efficiency of Sawn Timber Production Process

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Technological Characteristics of Producing Relief Plywood

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To Question on Dynamic Stability of Band Saws


A.S. Milyaev

Strength Design Calculations for Winter Wood Tracks by Finite Element Method

A.A. Karyakin

To Determination of Timber Stocks in Storages of Woodworking Mills

O.N. Galaktionov

Application of Linear Crossing Method in Assessment of Logging Wastes Volumes

A.A. Popov

Technique of Experiment Сonduction on Contact Compression of Two Bodies