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Yu.G. Khabarov

In Memory of Gennady Fedorovich Potutkin

gritique and bibliography

N.A. Babich

The Current Concepts at the Topical Issues of Forest Breeding

R.A. Tsil'ke, A.I. Zemlyanoy

A Review of the Textbook “Selective Breeding of Forestand Ornamental Woody Plants?

P.A. Feklistov

A Review of the Monograph “The Scientific Approach to the Forest Seed Breeding”


S.V. Zalesov

Window to Nature! Great Book about the Taiga of the White Sea Region


B.V. Babikov, K.I. Kobak

Absorption of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide by the Wetland Ecosystems of Russia in Holocene. The Problems of Рaludification

S.N. Tarkhanov

Influence of Aerotechnogenic Pollution on the Tree Trunks Coverage by Epiphytic Lichens in the Forest Plantations of the Northern Dvina Basin and the White Sea-Kuloi Plateau

L.N. Gutiy, A.L. Fedorkov

Experimental Plantations of Lodgepole Pine in the Syktyvkar Forestry in the Komi Republic

O.N. Tyukavina, V.N. Evdokimov

Pinus Silvestris Root System in the North Taiga Zone

V.P. Makarov

Larch Seeds Qualities in Zabaikalsky Krai

A.P. Bogdanov, R.A. Aleshko, K.V. Shoshina, S.A. Demidenko

Use of the Materials of Close Mapping Satellite Acquisition for the Siberian Larch Assessment in the Arkhangelsk Region

S.V. Kirillov, A.A. Teplykh, V.V. Bochkova, V.A. Martynov

Provenance Trials of English Oak (Quercus robur L.) in the Mari El Republic

A.N. Pekkoev

Wood Quality of Spruce Crops under Intensive Growing

L.V. Zarubina, V.N. Konovalov

Impact of Thinning and Nitrogen on Seasonal Dynamics of Pine and Spruce Root Respiration

I.I. Tikhonov, T.V. Yakusheva

Selective Logging, Challenges and Solutions

A.A. Kalachev, S.V. Zalesov

Post-Fire Recovery Peculiarities of Siberian Fir-Tree Stands Under Conditions of Rudny Altai

N.R. Sungurova, V.N. Konovalov

Spruce Assimilation Apparatus in Plantations at the Polytric Cutting

S.A. Korchagov, I.N. Lupanova

Revisiting Protection of Forests from Illegal Felling in Vologda Region

A.A. Deryugin, M.V. Rubtsov

Dynamics of Spruce Population Under the Canopy of Birch Forests of the Southern Taiga of the Russian Plain

O.N. Ezhov

Aphyllophorales in the Urban Plantations of Arkhangelsk Region

V.S. Shalaev, V.K. Teplyakov

Analysis of the National Representatives’ Participation in the IUFRO Conventions and Congresses

S.V. Zalesov, A.V. Dancheva, A.V. Ebel', E.D. Ebel'

Silvicultural Effectiveness of Improvement Cutting in the Pine Forests of Kazakh Upland

N.V. Kovylin, O.P. Kovylina, N.V. Sukhenko

Relation Features of Forest Stands and Ground Vegetation in Artificial Phytocenosis of Populus Balsamifera L. and Populus Nigra L.

M.V. Ustinov, O.I. Glushenkov, R.S. Korsikov

Mathematical Modeling of the Scheme of the Pine Forest Types of BryanskRegion on the Basis of the Resource and Ecological Zoning

L.V. Zarubina

Natural Regeneration of Spruce in the Small-Leaved Forests in the North of Russia

A.A. Afonin, S.A. Zaytsev

Cyclicity of the Average Daily Radial Growth of Bearing Shoots of European Willow (Salix Alba L.) in the Bryansk Forestland

N.A. Demidova, S.V. Yaroslavtsev, T.M. Durkina, I.V. Fedotov, A.S. Il'intsev

The Growth Course of Neva Poplar (Populus х newesis Bogd.) and Californian Poplar (Populus trichocarpa Torr. et Gray) in the European North of Russia

Yu.I. Makarov

Fir Spruce Growth and Development Under the Influence of Intraspecific Polymorphism

V.F. Kovyazin, A.N. Martynov, E.N. Kuznetsov


V.A. Anan'ev, S.A. Moshnikov

Structure and Dynamics of the Forest Reserves of the Republic of Karelia

V.V. Kopytkov, V.N. Konovalov

The Seed Pelleting Technology with the Use of the Composite Polymer Preparations

M.V. Surso, N.V. Selivanova

Pollination in Common Juniper (Juniperus communis L.): Involving of Pollen and the Male Gametophyte Influence on the Ovules and “Cypress Cones” Development

M.M. Andronova

Taxonomic Composition and Systematic Dendroflora Structure in Belozersk

I.T. Kishchenko

Anatomical Structure of the Annual Ring of Pinus Sylvestris L. in Different Forest Types of the Taiga Zone

Yu.I. Perepechina, O.I. Glushenkov, R.S. Korsikov

Forest Inventory and Assessment in the Agricultural Lands Using the Earth Remote Sensing Data

A.V. Gryaz'kin, M.A. Novikova, Ya.A. Novikov

Features of Natural Birch Regeneration in Cutting

G.A. Kisternyy

Female Reproductive Structure of Scots Pine Under the Influence of Degradation Forest Pathology Factors in the Plantations of the Bryansk Region

A.P. Dobrynin, I.V. Evdokimov

Geobotanical Peculiarities and Productivity of the Fragmentary Elm Forests of Vologda Region

K.V. Dorokhov, V.P. Shelukho, G.A. Kisternyy

Comparative Influence of Anthropogenic Factors on the Composition, Trophic Structure and Density of Mesofauna

М.А. Nikolaeva, А.V. Zhigunov, А.М. Golikov

36 Years of Scots Pine Provenance Trials Experiment in the Pskov Region

E.V. Volkov

Forests with Korean Pine in the Bureya River Basin

V.N. Konovalov, L.V. Zarubina

Viability Evaluation of Spruce in а Bilberry Birch Forest in the Process of Its Developmental Age

S.N. Sen'kina

Dynamics of Water Exchange of Pine Needles in Different Taiga Subzones

A.S. Kholmanskiy, Yu.M. Kozhevnikov

Generation Mechanism of the Tree Electrochemical Potential

S.A. Korchagov, A.V. Mironov, I.N. Lupanova

Main Trends and Challenges of the Use and Reproduction of Forests on the Forest Lands of Vologda Region

A.K. Mukhin

Dynamics of Lichen-Green Moss Pine Forests in a Direct Impact Zone of the Rybinsk Reservoir

N.A. Moiseev,

Financial Crisis in Forestry and Its Measures

G.A. Ivanova, S.V. Zhila, E.A. Kukavskaya, V.A. Ivanov

The Post-Fire Transformationof Forest Stand Рhytomass in Plantations of the Lower Angara Region

K.G. Bogolitsyn, M.V. Surso, M.A. Gusakova, I.N. Zubov

The Influence of Stresses on the Component Composition and Structure of Juniper Wood

A.I. Sokolov, A.N. Pekkoev, V.A. Kharitonov

The Effect of Long-Term Mineral Fertilizers Treatment on the Pine Diameter Growth at Plantings in the Burnt Clear-Cuts with Sandy Soils. I. The Consequence of the 30-Year Annual Treatment ofPotash Fertilizers on the Pine Diameter Growth and Wood Quality

N.A. Druzhinin, F.N. Druzhinin, S.E. Gribov

The Influence of Selective Cutting on the Wood Quality Indicators of Understory Spruce

V.P. Ivanov, A.V. Erokhin, T.G. Kolosova

Analysis of Natural Reforestation on the Basis of Parcel Structure in Pine and Spruce Forests After Selective Sanitary Felling

F.E. Gulieva

Interrelation of Diversity Levels of Land Cover and Lithology and the Anthropogenic Impact on Canopy Cover in the Mountainous Area

V.A. Bryntsev, A.A. Kozhenkova

Geographic Variability of Siberian Stone Pine (Рinus sibiriсa Du Tour) at the Introduction


E.I. Ivanova, S.M. Gerasyuta, V.I. Ivanov-Omskiy

Comparison of the Hydrogen Bonding Systems inWood and Paper

E.Yu. Larina, Ya.V. Kazakov

Measurement of Bending Stiffness of Corrugated Board

P.A. Mar'yandyshev, A.A. Chernov, V.K. Lyubov

Thermogravimetric and Kinetic Data Analysis of Wood Biofuels in the North-Western Region of the Russian Federation

E.O. Okulova, A.V. Gur'ev

Determination of Species Composition of Hardwood Pulp and Semi-Chemical Pulp

M.A. Arkhilin, N.I. Bogdanovich

Adsorption and Magnetic Properties of Magneto Susceptible Adsorbents, Obtained on the Basis of Hydrolytic Lignin

F.Kh. Khakimova, K.A. Sinyaev, D.R. Nagimov

Environmentally Sound Technology of Sulphite Pulp Bleaching

O.S. Belyaev, Ya.V. Kazakov

Using Non-Destructive Methods of Kraft Liner Quality Control

S.N. Dolgoborodova, N.I. Bogdanovich, T.S. Mauricheva

The Relevance of Application of Gas Liquid Mixtures for the Wastewater Treatment Intensification of the Pulp and Paper Mills

Yu.A. Knyazeva, L.G. Makhotina

Study of the Use of Russian-Manufactured Synthetic Dispersions in Paperand Cardboard Coating

O.S. Mikhaylova, E.V. Kryakunova, A.V. Kanarskiy, Ya.V. Kazakov, T.N. Manakhova, D.A. Dul'kin

The Influence of Modified Potato Starch on the Cardboard Deformationand Strength Properties

N.S. Nikulina, G.Yu. Vostrikova, A.I. Dmitrenkov, O.N. Filimonova, S.S. Nikulin

C9 Polymeric Petroleum Resin is a Fibreboard Modifier

E.V. Dernova, V.V. Gorazdova, A.V. Gur'ev

The Effect of Pressing on the Structure Formation and Physicaland Mechanical Properties of Fluting

S. Bakier, E. Bayko, N.V. Chernaya, V.L. Fleysher

Alternative Method for the Pine Turpentine Production by Supеrcritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction

S.V. Gavrilov, A.V. Kanarskiy, E.V. Skvortsov, Yu.V. Sevast'yanova

Enzymatic Activity of Filamentous Fungus Trichoderma reesei M18 in Culture in the Nutrient Solution Based on Peat Lignocellulose

K.S. Bolotova, D.G. Chukhchin, L.V. Mayer, A.A. Gur'yanova

Morphological Features of the Fibrillar Structure of Plant and Bacterial Cellulose

V.P. Sivakov, A.P. Panychev, I.A. Partin, I.K. Kashapov

Driving Power of the Digester Load Circulation Pump for the Slurry Deformation in a Feeder


G.F. Prokof'ev, O.L. Kovalenko

Determination of the Stress Concentration Factor in the Tooth Spaceof a Band Saw under Tension

А.А. Tambi, A.N. Chubinskiy

Wood Density Evaluation of Compliance of the Woodworking Industries Production

O.A. Kunitskaya, А.Е. Lukin, G.N. Kolesnikov, E.A. Tikhonov, T.V. Tyurikova

Numerical Modeling of Long Logs Barking in the Barking Drums

F.V. Cherepenin, S.M. Skovpen', D.A. Ul'yanichev, M.A. Byzova

Improving the Quality of the Wooden Patterns Processingon a Turning-and-Boring Single-Drive Lathe

E.V. Popov, V.A. Filippov, V.I. Melekhov, B.V. Labudin, T.V. Tyurikova

Effect of Shear Connections Rigidity in Calculating the Ribbed Panelson a Wooden Frame

A.A. Goryaev, V.I. Melekhov, N.B. Balantseva, O.A. Kalinicheva

Features of Softwood Lumber Drying Under Reduced Medium Pressure

V.I. Fedyukov

State of the Art and Prospects of Sounding Timber Selection, Targeted Use and Cultivation in the Forests of Russia

L.V. Kremleva, V.I. Malygin, K.K. Snegireva

The Modes of Laser Hardening of Alloyed Steel Wood-Cutting Tools

A.M. Buglaev, M.P. Bokacheva, V.V. Sivakov

The Roundwood Assortment Machines


N.A. Babich, I.V. Evdokimov

250 Years to the Forest Publications in Russia!


S.V. Zalesov

The Anniversary of an Expert of the Northern Taiga

M.N. Nerush

A Scientists and a Teacher Fedor Kishenkov – 80 years

M.D. Merzlenko, I.V. Delegan

Professor Stepan Mykhailovich Stoyko – Milestones of Biography (to the 95th Anniversary of the Birth)

V.I. Melekhov, N.A. Babich, I.V. Evdokimov

In the Ranks of the Real Arborists (To the 70th Anniversary of M.D. Merzlenko)


V.D. Davydov

Improving the Determination Accuracy of Costs in the Hydraulic Structures Operating Under the Scheme of a Broad-Crested Weir


V.V. Stoyanov, Sh. Zhgalli

Load Bearing Capacity of Wooden Bending Elements

V.I. Melekhov, V.A. Shul'gin

Сontrol of Lumber Drying Process in the Microwave Cavity-Type Wood-Drying Kiln

G.F. Prokof’ev, N.Yu. Miklovtsik, A.M. Tyurin

New Sawmill Modules for the Flexible Automated Sawmill Lines

А.I. Agapov

Setting of Optimal Sizes of the Square-Sawn Beams and Boards at Sawlog Cutting by Beam-Segment Method Considering the Cut Width

S.P. Ageev

Rationing of Electricity Consumed by a Cutting Machine

E.S. Sharapov, V.Yu. Chernov, A.S. Toropov, E.V. Smirnova

The Impact of Moisture Content on the Accuracy of Wood Properties Evaluation by Drilling Resistance Measurement Method

P.V. Biley, R.A. Rokun'

Kinetics of Drying of Wood Profile Blanks


S.N. Orlovskiy, S.A. Astapenko, S.V. Komissarov

Calculation of Equipment for Shaking of Cones and Larvae off Conifer Trees

N.N. Terinov, E.F. Gerts, Yu.N. Bezgina

Development of Logging Technology in the Urals

D.G. Myasishchev, A.S. Vashutkin, A.S. Lorents

Reduction of Relaxation Oscillation Resonance of Wheel Brake Devicesof Lumber Trucks

L.Ya. Gromskaya, M.V. Simonenkov

Current Status of Modeling and Optimization of Forest Roads?

V.M. Derbin, M.V. Derbin

Cut-to-Length Method in Selective Felling

K.L. Mikhaylov, V.A. Gushchin, A.M. Tarakanov

Collection and Processing of Logging Residual and Firewood in a Felling Area

Yu.V. Maksimuk, V.S. Kruk, Z.A. Antonova, D.A. Ponomarev, A.V. Sushkova

Calculation of the Heating Value of Wood Fuel from the Elemental Composition


S.V. Posypanov

Comprehensive Assessment of the Strength Characteristicsof a Floating Roundwood Bundle

S.P. Sannikov, E.F. Gerts, A.A. D'yachkova

Methodology of Remote Monitoring of Forest Stands and Transport Wood Flows


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