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2012 год


M.V. Surso, O.S. Barzut

Morphological characteristics and growth peculiarities of juniper species at the Pyatigorsk-Elbrus area

P.A. Tarasov

Evaluation of pine-birch succession effect on the soil properties in the Angara river area

E.Y. Kolmogorova, V.A. Kaydorina, O.A. Neverova

Morphophysiological assessment indices of the woody plants sustainability and pollution of air in Kemerovo

A.I. Lobanov, G.S. Varaksin

Effect of seeding method and microtopography on vegetation and condition of Siberian elm stands in shelter forest belts of arid steppe zone of Khakassia

V.G. Sergiyenko, O.I. Sokolova

Dynamics of ground vegetation cover and natural reforestation in the cut-over areas

P.M. Mazurkin

Partition law of tree diameters in multiple-aged pine stand for selective felling

N.A. Babich, E.D. Gelfand, V.I. Melekhov, D.N. Klevtsov

Age variability of superterranean phytomass indices of the homogeneous Scots pine stands in the Northern boreal subzone

N.V. Ovsyannikova, P.A. Feklistov, V.V. Hudyakov, S.V. Tretyakov,  E.D. Gelfand, M.D. Merzlenko

Moisture of wood in the Spruce trees at a whortleberry type forest

V.P. Beschetnov, N.N. Beschetnova

Scots pine elite trees selective estimation by means of multivariate analysis method


V.S. Kurov, J.A. Tikhonov

Turbulent rotor to increase effectiveness of mackle paper mass sorting

G.I. Maltsev, B.K. Radionov, S.V. Vershinin

Analysis of rheological properties of asbestos suspension

S.V. Vershinin, A.S. Pochtovalova, E.V. Shulgina, K.G. Bogolitsyn

Characteristics of lignine substance content and chemical oxygen demand in the Severnaya Dvina River water at the area of Arkhangelsk Pulp&Paper Mill wastewater impact

M.V. Panfilova, D.S. Kosyakov, N.S. Gorbova, K.G. Bogolitsyn

Acidity constants of syringil phenols in admixtures of water with dimethyl sulfoxide and N,N dimethyl formamide


N.L. Ivanchenko, A.N. Shkayev, N.V. Shkayeva, K.G. Bogolitsyn,

Comparison characteristics of solvation effects of structural lignine link model compounds in water-ethanol medium


S.P. Ageev, R.V. Deryagin, A.M. Kopeykin, N.I. Bogdanovich

Probabilistic description of the gang-sawing machines energy consumption factors

O.D. Mueller, V.I. Malygin, V.K. Lubov

Effect of technological equipment parameters on wood pellets quality factors

G.F. Prokofiev, E.D. Gelfand, I.E. Ulyanovskiy

Application possibility of a band tackle block in a hoisting apparatus of wood processing machines

O.S. Ponomaryov, I.K. Gindulin, Y.L. Yuriev

Efficiency of charcoal briquets production

O.S. Ponomaryov, I.K. Gindulin, Y.L. Yuriev

Durability of wood particle board in furniture structural units

Various grading standards analysis of export sawn timber quality assessment


I.R. Shegelman, A.S. Vasiliev, A.Y. Lapatin

Analysis of grouped debarking process at positive and negative temperatures

V.N. Starzhinskiy, D.R. Gagarin

Sound pressure dimensioning of a forest complex machinery undergoing impact loads

V.S. Morozov, I.N. Belyaev

Evaluation and modeling of dehumidificated dying Spruce trees characteristics at Arkhangelsk Region