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2009 год


V.A. Kozlov, Ya.A. Neronova, М.V. Kisternaya

Influence of Forestry Measures on Density and Chemical Wood Composition of Scotch Pine

A.K. Gabdelkhakov, A.A. Arslanov

Structure and Productivity of Cultivated Lime Phytomass in Bashkirian Pre-Ural Region

V.V. Chmelev

On New Technology and Combined Tool for Creating Cultivated Coniferous Species by Seeding

O.M. Korchagin, V.Yu. Zapletin

Anatomical Structure of Sprouts Laminas of English Oak under Different Crops Shading

V.A. Slavsky, E.A. Nikolaev

Comparative Characteristic of Black Walnuts in the Central Chernozem Area and Prospects of their Cultivating

D.N. Torbik, P.A. Feklistov, O.D. Kononov

Natural Reforestation in Spruce Bilberry Forests after Regeneration Felling

R.V. Sergeev, A.I. Shurgin

Reproduction in Vitro of Willow Genotypes with High Content of Bioactive Substances for Plantation Growing on Salicin

S.N. Senkina

Transpiration and Stomatal Resistance of Scotch Pine in Different Growing Conditions

V.P. Shelukho, V.A. Sidorov

Diagnostics and Spread of Birch Bacteriosis in Bryansk Region


A.A. Komissarenkov, L.L. Paramonova, G.F. Pruglo

Synthesis and Application of Zink-kaolinite in Pulp Composition

A.A. Komissarenkov, V.G. Khorkov

Modification of Chalk by Nonionic Surfactant to be Used as Additive for Wastepaper Recovery under Disintegration

A.I. Bezlakovsky, V.K. Dubovyj

Bond-formation in Mineral-fiber Composites of High Strength

V.I. Komarov, L.A. Blinova, V.A. Spiridonov

Possibility of Determining Magnitude of Friction Force in Structure of Fiber Pulp-and-Paper Materials

P.V. Kaurov, N.N. Kokushin

Comparison of Calculation and Experimental Data at Paper Stock Dewatering by Hidrofoils


D.E. Chalykh, A.V. Ovodov, E.D. Gelfand

On Cyclicity of Annual Ring Formation for Cultivated Pine

L.V. Alekseeva, A.N. Desnev

To Assessment of Resources of Sawmilling Waste Wood

A.V. Koptina, A.I. Shurgin, A.V. Kanarsky, Z.A. Kanarskaya, E.Yu. Tarasova, M.Ya. Tremasov

Efficiency of T-2 Mycotoxin Adsorption by Bark of Willow Salix Acutifolia L.


M.P. Chernyshov, A.N. Smoljanov,

Jubilee of V.A. Bugaev

Northern Scientific-research Institute of Forestry, Arkhangelsk State Technical University, colleagues, friends

Glorious Jubilee of Academician N.A. Moiseev


E.N. Pokrovskaya, I.N. Chistov, N.V. Velikanova, G.N. Kononov

Chemical Transformations of Wood under Long Contact with Soil

P.Yu. Bunakov

Theory of Technological Accompanying as Integration Basis for Design, Technological and Economic Information in Complex CAD of Cabinet Furniture

A.V. Artemov, V.G. Buryndin, V.V. Glukhikh, V.G. Dedyukhin

Study of Physical-mechanical Properties of Wood Plastics Got by Extrusion

A.E. Alekseev, S.V. Butakov

Experimental Assessment of Determining Wood Materials Volumes by Gas-dynamic Method


Yu.A. Shirnin, V.I. Chernyakevich

Study of Pavement Plates Stress by Photoelasticity Method

P.N. Perfiljev, V.A. Barabanov, A.A. Mitrofanov

Design Technique of Lines’ Characteristics Made of Flat Raft Sections for Timber Rafting in Curve River Reaches

V.S. Morozov, E.G. Fomin

Investigation of Rheological Characteristics of Frozen Peat

A.M. Kochnev

Mathematical Model of Power Circulation in Wheeled Skidder Transmission