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B.N. Ugolev,

Session of the Regional Coordinating Council for Wood Science and Conference in Kostroma

B.N. Ugolev, G.A. Gorbacheva, P. Nimts

Fundamental and Applied Research on Wood in Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ)

gritique and bibliography

A.I. Korablev

V.I. Mosyagin’s textbook "Prices and Pricing in Forest Industry" – a reference book for students and specialists

N.A. Babich

New Book of Professor N.N. Chernov


S.N. Drozdov, E.S. Kholoptseva, T.A. Sazonova,

Light-Temperature Characteristics of Betula pubescens (Betulaceae) Seedlings

I.S. Konovalova, N.A. Babich, S.N. Marich

Phytocenotic Importance of Weed Plants in Forest Nurseries

S.M. Govorushko

Environmental Consequences of Logging

V.S. Vernodubenko, N.A. Druzhinin

Formation of Early and Late Pine Wood on Peat Soils

P.I. Nazmiev

The Structure of Dark Coniferous Forests of Zyuratkul National Park

O.N. Tyukavina

Influence of Drainage on the Structure of Pine Annual Rings

K.P. Rukomoynikov

Improving the Process Equipment for Containerized Undergrowth Replanting

I.Yu. Kharlov

Forest Designation by Purpose as the Basis of Forest Management

V.P. Shelukho, V.I. Shoshin, V.S. Klyuev

Sanitary State Dynamics of Spruce Forests Under Culminating Ips typographus Reproduction and Efficiency of Forest-Protection Measures

А.S. Novoselov, А.L. Fedyaev, V.V. Petrik

Influence of Environmental Conditions on Turpentine Output in Drained Pine Forests of the Vologda Region

I.T. Kishchenko

Seasonal Growth of Differently Aged Picea abies L. (Karst.) Trees in Northern Karelia

V.P. Bobrinev, L.N. Pak

Agricultural Methods of Growing Gmelin Larch Seedlings in the Trans-Baikal Territory

F.N. Druzhinin

Application of Complex Cutting

V.M. Alekseev, А.V. Zhigunov, А.S. Bondarenko, D.S. Burtsev

Introduction of Pinus contorta in the Leningrad Region

Е.А. Rai, N.V. Burova, S.I. Slastnikov

Changes in Species Diversity of Plant Communities After Clear-Cutting

V.V. Kostyshev

Comparative Growth of Artificial Pine and Larch Stands in Herb Pine Forests

N.V. Likhanova

The Role of Tree Waste in the Litter Layer Formation in Cutting Areas of Middle Taiga Spruce Forests

Е.V. Robonen, N.P. Chernobrovkina, T.N. Makarоva, V.P. Korotky, Yu.N. Prytkov, S.S. Marisov

Accumulation of L-Arginine in Scots Pine Needles and Its Distribution over the Crown Under Regulation of Nitrogen and Boron Supply

B.A. Mochalov

Soil Cultivation and Selection Planting Site Attached to Pine Artificial Stands Creation from Containerized Seedlings

A.S. Novoselov1, Candidate of Agriculture, Associate Professor G.S. Tutygin2, Candidate of Agriculture, doz.

Pine Stands Resin Productivity after Drainage and Complex Cutting at Chemical Action Tapping

A.G. Tretyakov

Formation of Stumpage Pricing in Private Forests

M.I. Soroka, T.V. Yuskevych, V.M. Gryb

Features of the Formation of Forest Stands with Introduced Species of Pinus L. on Ukrainian Polissia

E.N. Nakvasina

Test of Intergeographical Offsprings of Scotch Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Komi Republic

I.Yu. Kharlov, Director E.V.

Organization of Forest Exploitation in the Tyumen Region

E.V. Oshkina, R.D. Kolesnikova, N.V. Vyvodtsev, Yu.G. Tagiltsev

Chinese Magnolia Vine – the Far Eastern Volatile-Oil-Bearing Plant

S.V. Koptev

Regularities of Commodity Structure Forming in Shrinking Spruce Forests

G.V. Sokolova

Long-Term Forecast Method of Fire Danger in the Priamurye Forests by Taking into Account the Parameters of Atmospheric Motion

A.I. Bezlakovskiy, V.K. Dubovyy, N.V. Sysoeva, A.V. Dyu, V.G. Gusev

Basalt Fiber Materials as a Barrier for Ground Fire Localization

D.A. Danilov, V.B. Skupchenko

Changes in the Structure of Pine and Spruce on the Anatomical Level in the Stands Passed Cutting and Complex Care

V.Yu. Lisov, V.N. Yazov

Experimental Definition of the Water Permeability of Forest Soils According to its Density

B.V. Babikov

Mires in the Forests of Russia and Their Use

S.V. Zalesov, E.S. Zalesova, A.V. Dantcheva, Ju.V. Fedorov

Experience of Regeneration Fellings in the Even-Aged Pine Forests of the Northern Forest-Steppe Subzone

M.D. Merzlenko, Yu. B. Glazunov

Growth and State of Pine Cropper with Different Density in Serebryanoborskoe Experienced Forestry

N.A. Babich, R.S. Khamitov, S.M. Khamitova, V.N. Vorob'ev

Fenetic Analysis Features of Populations of Siberian Pine on Seed Scale Form

E.N. Pilipko

The Dynamics of NPK-Complex Content as a Result of Elk (Alces Alces (l. 1758)) Faeces Decomposition in the Soils of Different Granulometric Composition

D.G. Khinchuk

Influence of Magnetic Radiation on Parameters of Common Spruce Seedlings

V.V. Petrik, E.D. Gelfand, N.O. Pastukhova, A.I. Gorkin

The Search of New Resin Exudation Stimulators of Scotch Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)

История науки

S.N. Orlovsky

Technology and Structural Configuration of a Fire-Fighting Soil-Thrower


I.T. Glebov, V.V. Glebov

Dependence of Cutting Forces on Planing Direction and Plywood Edge Width

N.G. Chistova,

Experimental and Theoretical Modeling of Power Consumption in Fiberboard Production

N.V. Sysoeva, V.V. Kovalenko

The Effect of Glass Fiber Critical Length on the Quality of Paper-Like Filter Materials

A.I. Dernov, E.V. Dyakova, A.V. Guryev

Comprehensive Evaluation of Strength and Cohesiveness of Fibers as Elements of Cellulose Materials Structure

Yu.V. Sevastyanova,N.N. Fetyukova

On the Possibility of Using Dying Spruce for Production of High Yield Bisulphite Pulp

T.N. Manakhova, Ya.V. Kazakov

Calculation of Phenomenological Model Parameters of Cellulose Material Deformation Based on the Data from Automated Analyzer

V.V. Komarov

The International Year of Forests

V.I. Kovalev, V.A. Kozhukhov, Yu.D. Alashkevich

The Study of Tacking Patterns in Milling Machines with Impact Effect

A.A. Leonovich, A.V. Sheloumov

Obtaining Flame-Resistant Fiberboards Using Phosphoramide FKM

О.А. Kazantsev, А.P. Sivokhin, D.M. Kamorin

Water-Soluble Polymers Based on Amino(Meth)Acrylates as Additives for Improving the Quality of Paper for Corrugating

S.N. Vikharev, S.A. Dushinina

Fibrous Interlayer Model at Milling

H.P. Trinh, G.I. Tsarev, V.I. Roshchin

Modification of Hardwood Tall Oil

D.G. Chukhchin, М.S. Brilkov, K.Yu.Terentyev, Е.V. Novozhilov

Development of the Method for Determining the Width of Cellulose Fibers

V.P. Sivakov

The Physics of Chip Arch Formation and Breaking-Down

T.V.Tortseva, N.R.Popova, K.G.Bogolitsy

Catalytic Delignification of Cellulose Half-Stuff by Molecular Oxygen Using Polyoxometalates as a Catalysts

Y.L. Yuriev, N.A. Drozdova

Study of Getter Properties of the Wood-Oxidized Coal in Static Conditions

D.N. Poshina, P.V. Porotova, K.Y. Terentyev, D.G. Chukhchin, L.A. Milovidova, E.V. Novozhilov

Study of Activation Methods of the Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp to Increase its Reactivity

A.V. Troshina, V.I. Roshchin

Group Composition and Free Acids of Extractive Substances of the Crown Parts of Siberian Larch

Yu. N. Sazanov

Lignin-Polymeric Composites

U.G. Habarov, D.E. Lakhmanov

Depolymerization of Condensed Lignins with Hydrogen Nitrate

V.I. Kovalev, Y.D. Alashkevich

Crossing Point Data of Cutting Edges District of Blades Grinding Tacking

A.A. Leonovich, T.N. Voytova

Improvement of the Environmental Safety of Wood Particle Boards

A.P. Karmanov, L.S. Kocheva, T.N. Shchemelinina

Application of Non-Linear Dynamics Methods for Analysis of Results of Industrial Wastewater Monitoring

N.S. Nikulina, G.Yu.Vostrikova, A.I. Dmitrenkov,O.N. Filimonova, S.S. Nikulin

Protective Processing of Wood on the Basis of C9 Fraction Modified by Polymethyl Methacrylate Waste


A.А. Smirnov, А.P. Dobrynin

Productivity of the Floodplain Forests on the Sakhalin Island

V.A. Petrinchik, A.S. Tsarev

Use of Biomass Briquettes in the Municipal Heating System of Small Communities

Jussi Soppela

Comparative typology about salmon angling as an attraction and interest in salmon rivers of Finnish Lapland and Kola Peninsula

V.V. Petrik, M.A. Derbina, A.V. Gryazkin

On the Use of Vermicompost in Forestry

V.V. Stoyanov

Timber Constructions in the European North

R.N. Kovalev, S.N. Boyarskiy

Analysis of the Bus Fleet State at Enterprises in the Sverdlovsk Region

O.V. Skudneva

Unmanned Airborne Vehicles in the Forestry Sector of Russia

O.S. Zalyvskaya

Comprehensive Evaluation of Adaptive Capacity of Introduced Species

N.A. Babich, M.M. Andronova

Lodgepole Pine – a Perspective Introduced Species for Greening of Northern Smaller Cities



Birthday Anniversary of Professor V.I. Melekhov

V.F. Kovyazin

To the 80th Anniversary of Honoured Scientist, Professor A.S. Tikhonov

A.I. Korablev, N.V. Murashkin, D.R. Trostinskiy, Z.A. Dikaya, V.M. Evdokimov

Birthday Anniversary of Vladimir Mosyagin

D.V. Trubin, V.I. Melekhov

The Guardian of the Russian Forests, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolay Moiseev – 85 Years.


S.M. Sprintsyn,

A Century of Forestry in Israel: Achievements, Problems and Prospects


M.A. Khvesik, A.M. Shubalyi

Organization of Integrated Management of Forest Industry Performance

A.P. Brovin, A.V. Plastinin

Procedure and Conditions of Classification Use of Industrial Enterprises for Rationing


V.A. Onegin

Aleksandr Grachev (to the 100th birthday anniversary)

V.I. Melekhov, G.F. Prokofyev, R.V. Deryagin

Yury Mikhailovich Stakhiev (1934–2004)

K.G. Bogolitsyn, G.M. Telysheva

In Memory of Nikolay Afanas''ev

A.V. Selikhovkin, V.I. Onegin, V.V. Sergeevichev, A.N. Chubinsky, V.A. Vtyurin, A.M. Artemenkov, V.I. Melekhov

In Memory of Rostislav Evgenyevich Kaliteevsky 


S.N. Tarkhanov, S.Yu. Biryukov

Influence of Air Pollution on the Photosynthetic Apparatus of Pinus sylvestris L. and Picea obovata Ledeb. × P. abies (L.) Karst. in the Northern Taiga, Northern Dvina Basin

A.E. Piir, V.I. Melekhov

Choice of Wood Fuel for Small-Scale Power Generation

А.А. Fomin,

Justification of Peripheral Segment Machining Parameters

V.F. Dunaev, V.I. Melekhov, M.V. Zakharov

Pattern Changes of Wood Mechanical Properties in Time Under Reaction Confinement

А.А. Lukash, Е.S. Grishina

Intensification of Round Log Drying

А.А. Lukash

The Study of Deformations in Laminated Wood Being Compressed by a Mould with Various Thickness

V.F. Dounaev

Variability of Young's Modulus and Wood Tensile Strength in the Work Cycle

K.P. Pyatikrestovsky

Comparative Calculations for Eccentrically Compressed and Compressed-Bent Wooden Components (According to Building Regulations SNIP II-25–80 and to the Theory of Strength of Materials)

Derbin M.V., V.M., Candidate

Experimental Base for Determination Form of the Sealing Gutter Aerostatic Bearing

Plotnikov S.M., Lurie M.S.

Modeling of the Rotational Motion of Large-Sized Wood Particles

Ageev S.P.

Stochastic Pattern of the Sash Operating Cycles

S.V. Ershov, T.I. Zykova

About the Two Approaches to Price Differentiation for Sawlogs

V.I. Melekhov, V.N. Glukhikh, V.E. Byzov

Plane Strain when Bending Round Cylindrical Anisotropic Heterogeneous Orthotropic Timber

L.A. Yaremchuk

The Effect of Rosin Content on the Running Ability of Oil-Based Coating Materials

S.P. Ageev

Energy Characteristics of the Flow Line of Sawn Timber Manufacture

I.T. Glebov, V.V. Glebov

Edging of Plywood by Cutting

V.I. Melekhov, N.S. Rudnaya

The Influence of Wood Surface Microrelief on the Bond Quality

A.N. Ekimenko, A.S. Neverov

Material and Structure of the I-Girder From the Reinforced Wood Plastic Development

A.E. Alekseev, I.A. Toloknov

Algorithmization of Wood Flaw Detection


D.G. Myasishchev, D.E. Makoveev

Use of Small-Scale Mechanization to Remove Thinning Waste in Parks

A.B. Zhirnov, A.V. Baranov, N.A. Kostenko

Wood Harvesting Technology in Mountain Forests of the Far East

Ya.V. Vatlina, G.Ya. Surov

The Results of the Study on Water Resistance to the Motion of Timber Transport Units

V.K. Kuryanov, A.V. Skrypnikov, E.V. Kondrashova, V.A. Morkovin

Model of Traffic Flow Modes on Logging Roads

O.A. Kunitskaya, I.I. Tikhonov, D.E. Kunitskaya, I.V. Grigoryev, A.E. Zemtsovsky

Optimization of Tree Length Cross-Cutting at Timber-Handling Bases of Forest Holding Companies When Sawing Out Raw Material for Mast-Impregnation Plants

Yu.A. Shirnin, O.G. Tarasova

Technologic Schedule on the Timberland Development for Linear Objects

D.A. Shtaborov, V.A. Barabanov, V.L. Rymashevski

Results of the Experimental Data Analysis of the Flat Rafting Units Assemblies Acceleration

S.N. Orlovsky

Design Procedure of Ground-Throwing Machine Executive Device for Extinguishing Creeping Fire Borders

V.S. Petrovsky, V.V. Malyshev

Development and Research of Management Systems for Thinning Operations Modes for the Forest

D.G. Myasishchev, A.S. Vashutkin, A.M. Shvetsov

Problem Statement of Air-Feed Research on Frictional Surfaces of the Brake Assembly Taking into Account Effect of the Laval Nozzle

T.V. Yakusheva

Integrated Assessment of the Availability of Forest Resources Considering the Development of Forest Transport Infrastructure in the North-West Federal District

F.A. Pavlov, M.A. Melnitsky, L.N. Golitsin

Research of Influence of Sand-Gravel Mix Components on Strengthening of Forest Roads by Crude Oil

D.G. Myasishchev, A.S. Vashutkin, A.M. Shvetsov

Parameter Optimization of the Wheel Brake of a Timber Car with the Objective of Brake Force Maximization


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