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A.V. Khvostovа

Interesting and Useful Book


A.V. Gryazkin, A.P. Smirnov

On Suppression of Aspen Rejuvenation Capacity

N.A. Kharchenko, O.M. Korchagin, V.Yu. Zapletin

Vital State and Preservation of English Oak Seedlings due to Different Shading Conditions

K.S. Bobkova, M.A. Kuznetsov, A.V. Manov, E.P. Galenko, V.V. Tuzhilkina

Tree Stand Phytomass of Bilberry-sphagnum Spruce Forests on Boggy Podzolic Soils of European Northeast

O.Ya. Yazykov

Prospects of Disturbed Land Development in Lipetsk Region

O.N. Ezhov, R.V. Ershov, I.V. Zmitrovich, A.V. Ruokolainen

To Study of Aphyllophorales Fungi Biota of Pinega Reserve in Arkhangelsk Region

N.A. Razumnikov, O.M. Konyukhova

Increase of Ground Seed Germination and Seedlings Quality of Ussurian Pear in Republic of Mari El

A.M. Pyatykh, E.I. Gurjeva

Form Diversity of Decorative Wood and Shrub Species in Greening of Sanatoria and Rest Homes

R.A. Stepen, O.A. Esyakova

Aerogenous Pollution Effect on Pigment System of Siberian Spruce Assimilation Apparatus

O.V. Sheikina, E.P. Lebedeva

Seed Production of Plus Trees Clones of Scotch Pine in Chuvash Republic Seed Orchard

A.A. Musievsky, N.F. Samoilov

Organization of Management Sections and Cutting Age in Oak Groves of Forest-steppe Zone

V.V. Tuzhilkina, K.S. Bobkova

Chlorophyllous Index in Phytocenoses of Virgin Spruce Forests in European Northeast

D.V. Izotov, Yu.G. Tagiltsev, R.D. Kolesnikova, V.A. Tsyupko

Biologically Active Substances of Far-Eastern Labrador Tea

O.S. Barzut, M.V. Surso

Arborescent Juniper in the Russian European North

A.I. Revin, A.N. Smoljanov, N.B. Starostyuk

Physical-mechanical Wood Properties of Pine Culture of Different Planting Density in Tambov Region

;A.V. Dunaev

Macromycetes of Oak Root System in Forest Steppe Oak Forests

E.A. Robakidse, N.V. Torlopova, K.S. Bobkova

Wooden Plants State of Spruce Phytocenoses in Zone of Aerotechnogeneous Effect of Pulp-and-paper Production

G.A. Odnoralov, E.N. Tikhonova

Soil-lithologic Factors of Pine Plantations Productivity of Central Don Region

I.B. Amosova

Leaf Plate Asymmetry of Silver Birch of Various Age in Arkhangelsk Suburban Forests

E.A. Kurbanov, O.N. Vorobiev, L.S. Ustyugova, A.V. Gubaev, S.A. Lezhnin, S.A. Nazamaev

Spatial Dynamics of Birch Forests Phytomass on Abandoned Agricultural Lands of Mari Transvolga Region

O.A. Nevolin, S.V. Tretiakov, O.O. Eremina

Dynamics of Pine-birch Blueberry Young Stand in Bereznik Forestry Enterprise of Arkhangelsk Region

O.M. Korchagin, V.Yu. Zapletin

Characteristics of Assimilation Apparatus of English Oak Seedlings in Connection with Different Shading Conditions

I.D. Kotlyarov

Index of Biocenoses Affinity and its Calculation Method

E.V. Titov, A.I. Gorobets

Plantation Cultivation of Cedar Pine and Common Osier on Selection Basis

N.A. Razumnikov, O.M. Konyukhova, M.I. Ryabinin

Compatibility Results of Rootstock Combinations and Pear Fruit Quality in Mari El Republic

A.V. Dunaev

Pathogenic Macromycete of Oak Butt Part in Forest-steppe Oak Forests

V.P. Ivko

Influence of General Depression Crater on Plant Communities in Building and Operation of Open Pits

Yu.I. Potasheva, G.S. Tutygin

Some Peculiarities of Pollutants Accumulation in Pine Needles Growing near Motorroads

A.A. Kryukova, V.V. Tsaralunga

Pathological Forms of English Oak Stem in Oak Forests of Voronezh region

Z.P. Martynyuk

Change of Pine Radial Increment in Area of Separable Parts Fall of Carrier Rockets Vazhgort (the Komi Republic)

N.A. Babich, A.M. Komarova

Spruce Forms and their Seed Relevance

N.B. Starostyuk

State Estimate of «Pre-steppe Oakery» Nature Monument in Voronezh Region

V.B. Pridacha, T.A. Sazonova

Morphological Response of Scotch Pine under Silvicultural Operations

Z.Ya. Nagimov, V.Z. Nagimov, I.N. Artemieva

Growth Progress of Pine Stands in Lichen Forest Types of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area

L.I. Atkina, S.V. Vishnyakova, U.A. Safronova

To Question of Using State Category Indicator of Trees in Urban Environment

L.G. Babushkina, V.I. Ponomarev, G.I. Klobukov

Formation Principles of Insects Species Composition in Different Zones of Industrial Pollution by Fluoride-containing Pollutants

N.V. Shubina, Yu.L. Yurjev, M.V. Vinokurov

Influence of Emissions of Metallurgical Manufacture on Microelement and Pigmentary Structure of Pine Needles

.V. Shevelina, I.F. Korostelev, O.A. Plotnikova A.N. Roslyakov, V.V.

Inventory Peculiarities of Pine Stands of Different Recreational Digression Stages

A.E. Morozov, S.V. Zalesov, R.V. Morozova

Efficiency of Applying Different Methods of Oily Soils Reclamation on HMAO-Ugra Territory

G.G. Terekhov, N.A. Lugansky

Influence of Thinning on Lower Storeys’ Dinamics and Structure in Spruce Cenoses of Central Ural

A.G. Magusomova, N.N. Novoselova, E.S. Zalesova

Thinning in Stands Formed on Former Agricultural Lands

D.N. Sarsekova

Natural Reforestation Ability of Coniferous Introducents in the Southeast of Kazakhstan

Yu.A. Varfolomeev, A.T. Guriev, R.A. Aleshko

Methodical and Technical Aspects of Space Monitoring of Biodeterioration and Drying of Spruce Forests

A.L. Musievsky

Main Results of 80-year Observations of Seed Oakeries Reforestation and Formation in Shipov Forest

O.M. Korchagin, V.Yu. Zapletin

Germination of Acorns, Absolute Preservation of Seedlings and Viable State of Pregenerative Species of English Oak Depending on Light Conditions

M.A. Tuvyshkina, M.P. Chernyshov

Silvicultural-economical Classification of Low-value Forest Stands in the Voronezh Region

V.V. Kruglyak

Peculiarities of Landscape Planning System and Prospects of Landscape Architecture Development in Voronezh

A.I. Milenin

Dynamics of Radial Increment of English Oak in Small Oak Forests in Steppe Ravines of Voronezh Region

A.N. Smolianov, A.I. Revin, N.B. Starostyuk

Use of Regression Methods in Forest Land Simulation

E.I. Gurieva

Characteristic of Stands Composition and State-of-the-art of Sanatoria in the Voronezh Region

M.V. Kochergina, M.V. Pozhidaeva

On Extension of Ornamental Bushes Assortment in Voronezh Gardening Objects

Yu.V. Chekmeneva, V.T. Popova, V.D. Dorofeevа

Influence of Anthropogenic Pollution on Seasonal Development and Seed-bearing Ability of Douglas Fir of Different Reproductive Type

A.L Musievsky

Programme of Standard Seed Oak-forests Formation for Forest-steppe and Steppe Zones

V.V. Tkachev

Improvement of Forest Seeds Sorting on Flat Swinging Sieves


K.A. Ivanov, Yu. V. Sevastyanova, L.A. Milovidova, V.I. Komarov

Effect of Addition of Small Fraction Chips on Pulping Results and Pulp Characteristics

A.P. Rudenko, V.V. Eremenko, L.V. Kutovaya

Technological Effect of Using Modernized General Movement Equaition for Fibrous Suspension of O.A. Terentiev for Formation of Diffusers of Direct Rdiation Cap

I.V. Sumersky, S.M. Krutov, A.V. Pranovich, M.Ya. Zarubin

Investigation of Model Compounds and Lignin Preparations by DFRC method

N.G. Chistova

Power Consumption of Grinding Section in Fiber Board Production

Yu.L. Yurjev, T.M. Panova, N.A. Drozdova

Use of Modified Charcoals for Improving Saline Composition of Water in Brewing

L.V. Kuznetsova, D.A. Dulkin, V.A. Spiridonov,  V.I. Komarov

Investigation of Cations Influence Contained in River Water on Swelling and Stock Beating

A.M. Aizenshtadt, M.B. Bogdanov, L.V. Sakhno

Evaluation of Using Oxidation-reduction System of Quinine-hydroquinone as Mediator

N.S. Gorbova, K.G. Bogolitsyn

Protolytic Properties of Phenols Related to Lignin in Electronically Excited States

K.G. Bogolitsyn, T.A. Makhova, T.A. Skrebets

Study of Dioxanlignin Hydrodynamic Characteristics in 1-buthyl-3-methylimidasolium Acetate

I.V. Sumersky, S.M. Krutov, A.V. Pranovich, M.Ya. Zarubin

Investigation of Hydrolyzed Lignin by Method of DFRC

N.V. Kutsubina, A.A. Sannikov

Simulation of Vibration Energy Dispersion in Machine-building Designs of PPI

A.D. Ivakhnov, K.G. Bogolitsyn, T.E. Skrebets

Getting Secondary Cellulose Acetate by Direct Acetylation in Medium of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

P.A. Tupin, D.G. Chukhchin, A.V. Novozhilov, O.M. Sokolov

Development of New Assessment Method for Enzymatic Oxidative Capacity of Acti-vated Sludge

E.G. Smirnova

Aging Effect on Paper Structure and Constituent Fibers

U. Cibulski, V.I. Komarov, L.A. Milovidova, T.A. Koroleva

Influence of Conditions of Oxygen Delignification on Deformation and Strength Properties of Sulphate Pulp

A.A. Leonovich, A.A. Rabysh

Reasons of Negative Effect of Copper-chrome Wood Preservative on Properties of Wood Particle Boards

T. B. Moshkova

Utilization of Lignosulphonates in Bioconversion

D.G. Chukhchin, N.A. Matonina, O.M. Sokolov

Destruction of Pulp under Influence of Electron-beam Plasma

G.A. Pazukhina, Yu.V. Shabanov

On Wood Delignification Mechanism in Hydrogen Peroxide – Acetic Acid – Water System

E.Yu. Larina, V.I. Komarov

Influence of Plastic Deformations in Thickness and Paper Sheet Plane Occurring in Bending on Measured Parameter Value

U. Cibulsky, V.I. Komarov, L.A. Milovidova, T.A. Koroleva

Influence of Conditions of Oxygen-Alkali Treatment on Deformation and Strength Properties of Sulphate Pulp. 2. Influence of Oxygen-Alkali Treatment Conditions of on Deformation Properties of Sulphate Pulp

A.P. Rudenko

On Classification System of Items Produced by Forced Molding

E.V. Novozhilov, A.V. Kondakov, D.N. Poshina, V.P. Chertovskaya

Enzymatic Modification of Recycled Pulp of Corrugated Packaging

E.G. Smirnova, S.A. Dobrusina, E.A. Zaitseva

Influence of Surface Sizing by Oxidized Starch on Paper Ageing for Offset Printing

F.Kh. Khakimova, T.N. Kovtun

Influence of Processing Cycles on Recycled Newsprint Mass Properties

N.I. Bogdanovich,  V.P. Korotky

Processing of Low-grade and Small Merchantable Wood into Enterosorbents for Agriculture by Method of Concurrent Process of Carbonation-activation on Modular Installations in Field Conditions

A.B. Shaevich

Voluntary Certification as Means of Promoting Competitiveness and Ensuring Environmental Safety of Pulp-and-paper Industry Products

A.V. Vurasko, B.N. Driker, A.R. Minakova, E.V. Mertin

Resource-saving Processing of Cereals Wastes for Producing Pulp

V.V. Glukhikh, V.G. Buryndin, O.F. Shishlov, D.P. Troshin, A.P. Bystrikova

Study of Hardening Kinetics of Carbamide-formaldehyde Adhesives by Method of Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Yu.L. Yuriev, T.M. Panova, N.A. Drozdova, K.Yu. Tropina

Study of Possibility of Applying Charcoals for Beer Stabilization

O.M. Podkovyrkina, V.G. Buryndin, B.P. Sereda

Effect of Allumochromphosphate Modifiers on Properties of Сarbamide-formaldehyde Resins and Wood Particle Boards Produced on their Basis


University administration and Arkhangelsk State Technical University, editorial board and editorial staff of «Lesnoi Zhurnal»

In memory of Oleg Mikhailovich Sokolov

University administration staff of Arkhangelsk State Technical University, editorial board and editorial staff of "Lesnoi Zurnal"

In memory of Stanislav I. Morozov

Administration of Bryansk State Engineering-Technological Academy

In memory of Egor N. Samoshkin


A.P. Panychev, E.G. Esyunin, M.V. Shavnina

Additional Education of Mechanical Engineers – Integral Part of Technical Maintenance System


E.N. Serov, A.E. Serov, S.A. Labutov, B.V. Labudin, R.B. Orlovich

On Renovation of Wooden Structures of the Trinity Cathedral Dome in Saint-Petersburg

O.V. Malyuta, D.E. Konakov, E.A. Goncharov

Radioecological Studies of Forest Ecosystems in Middle Povolzhje

A.Yu. Nedelko

Replacement of Thermoelectric Transducers by Noncontact Infrared Transducers

Yu.A. Varfolomeev

Modernization of Spruce Wood Processing with Biodeteriorations

Yu.A. Varfolomeev, A.T. Guriev, O.G. Plekhov, R.A. Aleshko

High-technology Design of Road Building and Rehabilitation with Continuous Life Cycle in Forests with Biodeterioration


V.G. Sanaev, A.N. Oblivin

Jubilee of B.N. Ugolev

University Administration, Staff of Forestry Faculty and Forest Cultures Department of Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy

Georgy I. Redko (by 80th Birthday)

Administration and Employees of Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy

M.Ya. Zarubin – 80th year


Ya.F. Molnar, V.V. Kritskaya, G.G. Sukhanov

Centenary of Timofey Sergeevich Lobovikov

V.A. Azarenok, S.V. Zalesov, S.I. Buldakov,V.G. Novoselov

Ural State Forest Engineering University is 80

University administration and staff of Forestry faculty of Voronezh State Forestry Engineering Academy

Mikhail M. Veresin: Stages of Great Fruitful Way

G.M. Anisimov

Teacher, Scientist, Manufacturer

N.N. Chernov

Creative Contribution of E.P. Smolonogov into Development of Theoretical Foundations of Forest Zoning (by 180-th anniversary of the Ural Forest Organization)


G.A. Preshkin

Economic Evaluation of Forest Estate Depreciation

E.S. Papulov, V.A. Berezhnov, V.A. Kopnov

Use of Project Approach to Development of Ecological Management  System at Ural State Forest Engineering University


N.A. Babich, V.I. Melekhov

Valuable Textbook


B.N. Ugolev

Conference of International Academy of Wood Science and Session of Regional Coordination Council of Wood


V.I. Malygin, L.V. Kremlevа, V.T. Kharitonenko, I.L. Varenikov

Functional Model of CAD Engineering Processes for Manufacturing Wooden Prototyping Kits

Yu.A. Shirnin, K.P. Rukomoinikov, P.N. Vinogradov

Development of Assortments Length Cutting and Mathematical Models of its Realization

А,Е. Alekseev, O.I. Bederdinova

Analysis of Sawmill Store Processes Based on Logistic Approach

V.I. Korobko, A.V. Turkov

Method for Determining Vertical Joint Stiffness of Composite Beam

M.E. Butovsky

Air Emissions Produced by Woodworking Enterprise Production-construction Company «Dokis» Ltd

;I.T. Glebov

Dependencies of Micro-roughness Height of Processed Surface on Some Factors of Cylinder Milling

I.M. Merkushev

Psychometric Diagram of Equilibrium Wood Humidity

V.I. Melekhov, I.I. Soloviev

Creation of Thermoplastic Tension in Circular Saw Blade

M.M. Chernykh, V.V. Sergeeva

Imitation of Aged Wood by Processing its Surface by Brush Tools

O.D. Muller, V.I. Malygin, V.T. Kharitonenko

Analysis of Wood Wastes Use in Municipal Heating of Arkhangelsk Region

L.V. Alexeeva

Technology of Sawn Timber Production Based on Mixed Three-flow Sawmill Plant with Mechanized Feed of Raw Material

V.I. Malygin, L.V. Kremleva, V.T. Kharitonenko

Influence of Engineering-and-economical Performance of Woodworking Model Enterprise on Automation Methodology of its Manufacturing System

V.A. Shamaev, V.V. Zlatoustovskaya, A.S. Kopytin

Stabilization of Forms and Dimensions of Pressed Wood by Chemical Methods

E.A. Pamfilov, P.G. Pyrikov, A.N. Zaikin, V.M. Merkelov

Ensuring Efficiency of Working Bodies and Tools of Forest Complex Machinery and Equipment

V.A. Shamaev, V.V. Zlatoustovskaya, A.S. Kopytin

Form Stabilization and Pressed Wood Dimensions by Physical Methods

I.M. Merkushev

Factors Predetermining Faultless Drying of Sawn Timber

O.D. Muller, V.I. Malygin, V.T. Kharitonenko, L.V. Kremleva

Energy Potential Analysis of Wood Waste in Forest Industrу of the Arkhangelsk Region

V.F. Dunaev, V.I. Melekhov

Pattern Changes of Wood Mechanical Properties in Time under Deformation

O.D. Müller, V.I. Malygin V.T. Kharitonenko

Prospects of Wood Waste Use in Municipal Energy Sector of Arkhangelsk Region

I.M. Merkushev

Kinetics of Defect-free Sawn Timber Drying

N.N. Cheremnykh

Scientific-practical Approaches to Problem of Complex Noise Abatement in Sawmilling-Woodworking Productions

M.V. Gaseev. E.V. Tikhonova

Study of Filming Process of Polyurethane Paint-and-lacquer Coating under Aeroionification

L.T. Sviridov, V.P. Ivanovsky, A.V. Ivanovsky

On Setup of Woodworking Machines Equipped with Saw Blade

A.A. Aksenov

Effect of Negative Temperatures on Compressed Wood Hardness

L.T. Sviridov, A.V. Ivanovsky, V.P. Ivanovsky

Cutting Workability for Wood of Different Species


V.S. Petrovsky

Innovations in Control Automation of Technological, Economic-organizing Systems of Forest Industry Enterprises

V.M. Bugakov, L.T. Sviridov

Eighty-year History of Voronezh State Forest Technical Academy


A.S. Milyaev

Influence of Heat Liberation of Sublayer Biomass on Freezing of Winter Wood-track Basis

A.N. Zaikin, E.A. Pamfilov

On Influence of Interoperation Wood Stock on Efficiency of Logging Machines Set

V.V. Saveljev, Yu.A. Shirnin

Justification of Logging Technology and Removal of Logs of Different Length

Yu.A. Shirnin, A.Yu. Shirnin

Combined Skidding of Wood with Replacement Technological Units

A.N. Zaikin

Simulation of Logging Processes as Basis of Lowering Negative Impact of Forest Machines on Forest Ecosystems

V.P. Stukov

Optimization of Wooden Reinforced-concrete Beam of Road Bridge Span

A.S. Vashutkin, D.G. Myasishchev

Analysis of Drum Brakes Functioning of Log Trucks and Ways of Improving their Performance

M.G. Salikhov, A.A. Krivorotov

Study of Asphalt Granulate Influence on Properties of Cold Asphalt Concrete for Forest Roads Coating

O.N. Orudzhova

Peculiarities of Hydraulic Properties of Geotextile Materials Applied in Forest Tracks Design

G.M. Anisimov, A.M. Kochnev

On Ways of Scientific Penetration in Study of Forest Machines and Equipment

S.A. Borisevich

Numerical Model of Free Tree Fall

S.P. Dorokhov

Statistical Time Simulation of Timber Transfer Cycles by Two-arm Manipulator with Different Organization of its Arms’ Motion

E.F. Gerts, S.V. Zalesov, V.A. Kopnov

Choosing Movement Route of Narrow-cut Forest Harvesters in Open Tree Stand

A.A. Dobrachev, A.V. Shvets

Classification and Systematics of Forest Manipulators

I.N. Kruchinin

Assessment of Sustainable Functioning of Timber Transportation System

E.V. Vorobieva

Optimization of Crosscutting of Coniferous Tree-lengths into Thin-short Raw Material

S.A. Chudinov, S.I. Buldakov

Theoretical Research of Structure Formation Processes of Clay Soils Stabilized by Portland Cement with Polyelectrolyte Additive

V.N. Starzhinsky, D.R. Gagarin

To Calculation of Vibration Fields in Box-type Structures of Forest Equipment

I.M. Bartenev, M.N. Lysyc

Parameters Optimization of Combined Operating Element for Forest Cultivator

M.V. Drapalyuk, V.S. Polev

Simulation of Cutting Moments of Chain Shrub Cutt

R.G. Borovikov, P.N. Shcheblykin, N.A. Borodin, I.V. Chetverikova

Overload Protection of Cardan Gear of Forest Machines

L.D. Bukhtoyarov, P.I. Popikov, A.A. Sidorov

Parameters Optimization of Hydraulic Actuator Damper for Boom Hoisting Mechanism of Forest Manipulator

P.N. Shcheblykin, N.A. Borodin, R.G. Borovikov, I.N. Zhuravlev

To Calculation of Safeguard Force Characteristics for Milling Soil-cultivating Machine

N.Yu. Yudina, R.A. Shcheglov

Mathematical Process Simulation in Hydraulic Drives System of Operating Elements in Forest Machines

D.N. Afonichev, N.N. Paponov, V.V. Vasiliev

Raft Section of Stabilized Flotation

V.A. Zelikov

Simulation Results of Energy Saving System for Forest Soil-cultivating Aggregate on LHT-55 Tractor Base


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