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V.F. Tsvetkov

Resolution of the Symposium “The Recent Problems of Sub-tundra Forests”, held by silviculturists of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov in consort with the Northern Research Institute of Forestry Scientists (Arkhangelsk, S

gritique and bibliography

N.M. Byzova

Everything regarding the Taiga


V.N. Konovalov, L.V. Zarubina

Impact of Nitrogen Dose on the 14C-Assimilates Outflow in Pine Trees at the Lichen Pine Forests

B.V. Babikov

Water Discharge from the Wooded Bogs

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Laws and Mechanisms of Growth and Development, Bios and Die-Off of Wood Stands

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Dynamics of the Needle-Leaf Tree Waste Destruction in the Stands of Medium Boreal Karelia

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Morphological characteristics and growth peculiarities of juniper species at the Pyatigorsk-Elbrus area

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Evaluation of pine-birch succession effect on the soil properties in the Angara river area

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Morphophysiological assessment indices of the woody plants sustainability and pollution of air in Kemerovo

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Effect of seeding method and microtopography on vegetation and condition of Siberian elm stands in shelter forest belts of arid steppe zone of Khakassia

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Dynamics of ground vegetation cover and natural reforestation in the cut-over areas

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Partition law of tree diameters in multiple-aged pine stand for selective felling

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Scots pine elite trees selective estimation by means of multivariate analysis method

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Tree Waste in an Aboriginal Spruce Forest and Mixed Stands

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The Overground Phytomass of the Undercover Spruce after Complex Fellings

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Development Prospects of the Conservation Areas of the Northeastern Part of the Dvina-Mezen Plain and the Kanin Peninsula

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Species Composition and State of Arboreal Alien Crops in the Orel City Stands

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Theoretical Assessment of Effect of Calcium Content in the Cell Walls of Annual Rings of Coniferous Species on the x-ray Densitometry Results

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Primary Results of the Spruce Elite Trees Selection in the Leningrad Region

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Update of Seminal Zoning Boundaries of Pine in the European North

N. A. Moiseev

Forests and Forest Sector of the Arkhangelsk Region: the Historical Role and Place in the Russian Forest Policy 

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Selection of Areas for Successful Reproduction of the Spruce to Distribution of Frosts in the Arkhangelsk Region

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Life Status and Foliage Biological Impairment of Alien Trees and Brushwood in the Green Zones of the City of Syktyvkar

O.L. Tsandekova

Phenological Characteristics of Wood Types under Conditions of Vehicle Emissions

V.V. Pakhuchiy

Factors of the Pine Stands Dynamics on the Reclamation Project Sites in the Komi Republic

N.N. Besschetnova

Fat Content in Shoot Cells of Scotch Pine Elite Trees

N.R. Sungurova, R.V. Sungurov

Results of Pine Growing in Meadow Felling Areas of the Northern Boreal Subzone

N.M. Debkov

On Effect of Structure of Scotch Pine Cultures on their Commodity Composition

E.M. Romanov, T.V. Nureeva, N.V. Eremin

Justification of Criteria and Indicators for Accelerated Growing of Forest Cultures

E.N. Nakvasina, A.I. Barabin

Practical use of Climate Change Forecasts for Forest Seed Growing in the European North

N.A. Kharchenko, O.M. Korchagin

Ecology of Natural Seed Regeneration of English Oak and Development of Second-Growth Oak Forests of the Central Forest-Steppe (Overview of the Problem, Part I)

I.N. Bolotov, M.V. Surso, M.Yu. Gofarov, B.Yu. Filippov, A.M. Tarakanov

Changes in Tree Stands on Isolated Forest Islands in the East of Bolshezemelskaya Tundra for the Last 100 Years in a Changing Climate

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Method of Estimating Minimum Distance from the Base Strip to the Fire Edge During Controlled Burning Start

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Ecotone Effect in Forest Communities after Corridor Thinning

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Results of Three-Step Thinning in Mixed Pine Forests with Second Storey of Spruce

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Structure and Dynamics of Top Phytomass of Pine Stands in Lichen Forests

V.V. Petrik, N.N. Vasilyeva, N.A. Kutakova

Content of Biologically Active Substances in Various Barberry Species Cultivated in the European North

M.V. Surso, I.N. Bolotov

Spring Development of Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica Ledeb.) Pollen in the Northern Taiga Subzone

V.I. Fedyukov, E.Yu. Saldaeva, E.M. Tsvetkova

Early Diagnosis of the Undergrowth Technical Quality as an Important Element of the Forest Management Intensification in Russia

I.N. Terinov, A.A. Terin,  A.G. Magasumova

Fringe Felling as a Method of Preservation and Rehabilitation of Autochthonous Coniferous Forest Stands

L.I. Atkina, M.V. Ignatova

Dependence of Leafage Surface Area on Forest Inventory Characteristics for Dwarf Apple, Rowan Tree, Maple Ash and Redhaw Hawthorn in the Yekaterinburg Urban Plantations

A.S. Novosyolov

Link Between Inventory Diameter and Resin Productivity of the Pine Stands on Peat Soils Subsequent to Silvicultural Practice

N.V. Belyaeva, A.V. Gryazkin

Transformation of the Spruce Young Growth Structure Subsequent to Selective and Gradual Cutting

Y.K. Bogachev, A.A. Shtineva

PEFC System of Voluntary Forest Certification as a Tool for Exclusion of Illegally Logged Timber from Trade


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Modification of Lignosulfonates and Assessment of Lignosulfonate–Chitosan Complex Formation Ability

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The Influence of Raw Material Species Composition and Kraft Palp Parameters on the Characteristics of Kraft Hard Wood Pulp

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Cellulose Fiber Strength Assessment. Direct Methods of Testing

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Kinetics of Oxidation Residual Lignin by Hypochlorite Sodium

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Carbon Adsorbents Based on Lignocellulosic Materials

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Influence of Abiotic Factors on the Juniper Wood Lignocarbohydrate Matrix Formation

V.S. Kurov, J.A. Tikhonov

Turbulent rotor to increase effectiveness of mackle paper mass sorting

G.I. Maltsev, B.K. Radionov, S.V. Vershinin

Analysis of rheological properties of asbestos suspension

S.V. Vershinin, A.S. Pochtovalova, E.V. Shulgina, K.G. Bogolitsyn

Characteristics of lignine substance content and chemical oxygen demand in the Severnaya Dvina River water at the area of Arkhangelsk Pulp&Paper Mill wastewater impact

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Kinetic Regularities Parameters оf Guaiacol Enzymic Oxidation in the Aquatic аnd Water-Organic Mediums

E.V. Novozhilov

Effect оf the Neutral-Sulphite Spent Liquor Extractives оn the Unbleached Softwood Pulp Properties

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Catalytic Oxidation оf Dioksanlignin аnd Technical Sulfate Lignin by the Dissolved Molecular Oxygen

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ECF Bleaching оf Sulphate Softwood Pulp by Hydrogen Peroxide аnd Sodium Chlorite

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Characteristic оf Cationic Demand Estimation in Fibrous Hydro Suspensions

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Calculation of Regression Models for Optimization of APCS-Controlled Process in Kraft-Liner Production

B.K. Ivanov, V.V. Glukhikh

Evaluation оf Linear Connections Among the Measurements Results of Formaldehyde Isolation from Plywood by Various Methods

A.M. Baiborodin, K.B.Vorontsov, N.I. Bogdanovich

Coagulation Treatment оf Heavily Polluted Effluents оf the Woodroom-3 оf JSC “Arkhangelsk Pulp And Paper Mill”

V.S. Kurov, N.P. Midukov, A.O. Nikiforov, M.V. Kovalenko, Yu.G. Mandre, E.L. Akim

Device for Extracting Arabinogalactan from Larch Wood on the Basis of Rotor-Pulsation Appliance

V.P. Korotky,  V.I. Velikanov, I.F. Vodopyanov,  N.I. Bogdanovich

Development of New Techniques to Produce Pine Resin-based Drags for Veterinary Medicine

M.L. Demidov, A.V. Guryev

Development and Optimization of Pulping Conditions of Semi-Chemical Pulp from Aspen Wood

M.F. Galikhanov, L.R. Musina

Change оf Physical-And-Mechanical Properties оf Corrugated Board Covered With Polyethylene

V.V. Litvinov, V.I. Shirshikov, V.N. Piyalkin

Chemistry аnd Technology оf Charcoal Briquetting Processes

A.S. Smolin, P.O. Shabiyev

Variation оf Wood аnd Cotton Pulp Electrokinetic Potential Under Refining аnd Fractionating

V.V. Vasilyev, V.V. Bystrova, I.V. Rozenkova

Study оf Organosilicon Hydrophobisators Properties for Wood Board

L.M. Boykov,  N.S. Nechayev

The Drying Units of Paper- and Cardrboard Machines Performance Indicators

R.E. Smirnov

Use of Diluted 0,5 % H3PO4 for Two-stage Phosphoric Sulfite Pulping

M.A. Zyryanov,  A.P. Chizhov, N.G. Chistova

The Properties of Wood Fiber Semi-Product Obtained in Wet Single-Stage Grinding in Hardboard Production


Collective of department of wood materials waterborne transport and hydraulics of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov

In Memory of our Colleague

Department of landscape architecture and artificial forests, Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Department of forest plantations, Saint-Petersburg Technical University named after S.M. Kirov, Editorial staff of the “Forest Journal”

The Custodian of the Russian Forests History (in memory of G.I. Redko)

Administration, Staff of Forestry Institute of the SAFU, Editorial staff of the “Forest Journal

In Memory of Oleg Alexeyevich Nevolin


F.N. Druzhinin

The Estimation of Continuous and Progressive Fellings in Deciduous Plantations

V.G. Gusev, E.L. Lopuhova, V.K. Dubovy

Classification and the General Properties оf Wood Combustible Materials

I.A. Kuznetsova, K.G. Bogolitsyn, N.S. Larionov

Research in Sorption Properties of Humic Acid with Cd (II) and Pb (II)

N.L. Ivanchenko, A.N. Shkayev, N.V. Shkayeva, K.G. Bogolitsyn,

Comparison characteristics of solvation effects of structural lignine link model compounds in water-ethanol medium

N. A. Druzhinin, F. N. Druzhinin, Y. M. Zhavoronkov

Application of the Dendrochronological Investigation Method in Botanic Forensic Examinations

A.V. Karelskiy, B.V. Labudin, V.I. Melekhov

Reliability Requirements for the Large-Span Laminated Wood Structural Elements 

K.S. Bolotova, E.V. Novozhilov, V.K. Lubov, А.V. Plastinin

Increasing of Energy Efficiency of Biofuel from Wastes of Pulp and Paper Production

T.B. Srodnykh, E.I. Lisina

Dynamics of Species Composition and Basic Parameters of Plants on Yekaterinburg Boulevards Within a 13-Year Period


Administration of the Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Construction, Editorial stuff of the “Forest Journal”, pupils, colleagues, friends

Devoted to Eugeniy Nikolayevich Serov’s anniversary

Colleagues, friends, followers

Jubilee of Eugeniy A. Pamfilov


Colleagues and followers

In the Memory of the Teacher (by 100th anniversary of N.A. Batin’s Birth)

N.N. Chernov

Organizer Gornozavodsky Forestry in the Urals (by 235 years maj. gen. I.I. Schultz (1777–1862))


P.V. Korolyov

Ways to Overcome the Barriers Obstructing Competition Expansion in the Forest Sector of Irkutsk Region

V.N. Myakshin

Investment Appeal of the North-Arctic Region of Russia Analysis on Basis of Macroeconomic Indices

A.V. Gorbunova

Perfection оf Pre-Harvesting Assessment Technique оf Rental Rates for Wood Sites

A.P. Brovin,  A.V. Plastinin

Implementation of Classification of Stocks in Pulp-and-Paper Industry for the Purpose of their Efficient Management

A.V. Bralnin, A.V. Plastinin

Implementation of Public-Private Partnership in the Sphere of Forest Roads Construction: Problems and Practicable Solutions


S.A. Koval

Ivan Mikhailovich Bokhovkin (on the occasion of 100th Birthday Anniversary of the Rector of the Arkhangelsk Forestry Engineering Institute)


O.D. Mueller, V.I. Melekhov, V.K. Lubov, D.L. Gerasimchuk, A.N. Popov

Test Workbench for Wood Pellets Extrusion Process Research

N.V. Derjagin

Problems of Commodity Sawn Timber Production

V.V. Sergeevichev

The Math Model of Working Wood Materials in Rolling Presses

L.V. Kremleva, V.I. Malygin, N.A. Pestov

Method of Determination of Optimum Spatial Orientation of Cylindrical Purveyances with the Large Rejections of Form

;O.A. Kunitskaya, V.Y. Shapiro, S.S. Burmistrova, I.V. Grigoriev, A.E. Zemtsovskiy

Argumentation of Mathematic Model Initial Conditions for Dehydrating of Wood During Compression and Drying Process

S.P. Ageev, R.V. Deryagin, A.M. Kopeykin, N.I. Bogdanovich

Probabilistic description of the gang-sawing machines energy consumption factors

O.D. Mueller, V.I. Malygin, V.K. Lubov

Effect of technological equipment parameters on wood pellets quality factors

G.F. Prokofiev, E.D. Gelfand, I.E. Ulyanovskiy

Application possibility of a band tackle block in a hoisting apparatus of wood processing machines

O.S. Ponomaryov, I.K. Gindulin, Y.L. Yuriev

Efficiency of charcoal briquets production

O.S. Ponomaryov, I.K. Gindulin, Y.L. Yuriev

Durability of wood particle board in furniture structural units

Various grading standards analysis of export sawn timber quality assessment

A.M. Kopeykin, N.O. Zadrauskayte, V.G. Turushev, E.D. Gelfand

Automation of Defective Spots Detection of a Sawn Timber

L.S. Surovtseva, A.V. Starkova, N.I. Bogdanovich, A.E. Piir, A.E. Zemtsovskiy

Analysis of the Wood Properties Stated by Various Grading Rules

R.V. Deryagin, V.S. Utkin, R.V. Deryagin, V.S. Utkin

Vibroinsulation Task of the Double Deck Gang Sawing Machines Solution

S. I. Roshchina, M. V. Lukin, B. V. Labudin,

Design of Composite Laminated Wooden Joists on the Engineering Method Basis

O.I. Gorinov, V.A. Gorbunov, O.B. Kolibaba, O.V. Samyshina

Effect of the Moisture Content of Solid Household Wastes Containing Wood Fiber on the Temperature Regime of Thermal Processing

М.N. Gamrekely

Efficiency of Two-Stage Drying of Wood Chips Using Cool-Dried Air

;A.V. Antonov,  N.A. Petrusheva

Production of Flame-Retarded Hardboard

F.V. Posharnikov, A.V. Usikov, A.I. Serebryansky

Use of Polymer-Based Composite Material in Friction Units of Woodworking Equipment

O.R. Dornyak

Mathematical Modelling of Wood Drying Process

E.A. Pamfilov, S.V. Lukashov, Ya.S. Prozorov

Model of Mechanochemical Destruction of Chip Producing Equipment Parts

S.М. Plotnikov, M.S. Lurie

Modeling of a Flat Wood Particle Motion During Alignment

E.S. Sharapov, V.Yu. Chernov

Research of Wood Drilling Process Using NI USB 6008 Data Acquisition Device


I.N. Kruchinin

Earth Works Volumes Differential Calculations Based on the Earth-Bed Elements of the Small Embankments Plots

I.N. Kruchinin

Formation of Predesigned Packed Snow Surface of Logging Roads

I.R. Shegelman, A.S. Vasiliev, A.Y. Lapatin

Analysis of grouped debarking process at positive and negative temperatures

V.N. Starzhinskiy, D.R. Gagarin

Sound pressure dimensioning of a forest complex machinery undergoing impact loads

V.S. Morozov, I.N. Belyaev

Evaluation and modeling of dehumidificated dying Spruce trees characteristics at Arkhangelsk Region

V.S. Morozov

Distribution of Compression Stresses in a Frozen Peat Substructure

I.N. Kruchinin

Improvement of the Logging Roads Service Properties

A.A. Kamusin, D.M. Levushkin

Adhesion Properties of Modified Bitumen Investigation 

S.N. Orlovsky, А.I. Karnaukhov

Theoretical Background of Rotary Tools Parameters and Operating Modes

V.N. Lobanov

Evaluation of Bearing Properties of Forest Tracked Vehicles Operating on Soft Soil

V.M. Fedulov, V.A. Barabanov

Results of Experimental Studies of Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Flat-Unit Rafts

A.A. Kаmusin, D.M. Levushkin

Strengthening of Logging Road Surface

A.S. Milyaev

Forecasting of Freezing Parameters of Layered Bases of Winter Wood-Roads According to the Current Meteorological Data

V.A. Yakimov, D.G. Myasishchev

Setting Optimization Task for Assembling Forest Seeder on Walking Tractor Chassis

V.S. Morozov

Strength Analysis of Winter Road Bases on the Boggy Grounds

A.V. Golenishchev, A.P. Panychev, M.V. Shavnina

Accuracy Estimation of Mounting of Bridge Crane Running Wheels

D.N. Afonichev, P.S. Rybnikov

Allocation of U-Turn Loops of the Logging Haul Road Feeders

A.S. Milyayev

Algorithm of Calculation of the Frost Penetration of the Winter Logging Roads Stratified Bases


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