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2023 год


Anastasiya V. Dancheva, Sergey V. Zalesov

Formation of Biologically Stable Protective Pine Forests by Improvement Thinning in Northern Kazakhstan. P. 9–21

Elena N. Nakvasina, Nadezhda A. Prozherina

Assessment of Response to Climate Change in Experiments with the Origins of Picea abies (L.) Karst. × P. obovata (Ledeb.) in the North Russian Plain. P. 22–37

Evgenij V. Lebedev, Valentin M. Lebedev, Vladimir N. Sorokopudov, Maxim V. Larionov

Root Nutrition, Photosynthesis, and Net Primary Production in Tree Stands of the genus Picea at the Organism Level within the Range in Russia. P. 38–50

Irina D. Samsonova

Resource Potential of Melliferous Plants of the Steppe Don Region. P. 51–64

Dmitry A. Danilov, Artem A. Yakovlev, Sergey A. Suvorov, Ivan A. Krylov, Sergei A. Korchagov, Renat S. Khamitov

Formation of Aboveground Phytomass of Deciduous Tree Species on Post-Agrogenic Lands. P. 65–76

Nikolay V. Primakov

The State of Protective Forest Plantations on the Azov Coast of Krasnodar Krai. P. 77–87

Mariya V. Ermakova, Svetlana K. Stetsenko, Elena M. Andreeva

Influence of Highly Active Compounds on Mechanical Properties of Wood of Two-Year-Old Scots Pine Seedlings in Forest Nurseries. P. 88–99

Denis Yu. Sirman

Seed Germination of Coniferous Introduced Species in the Environment of Central Kazakhstan with Various Stratification and Inclusion of Needle Litter into Substrate. P. 100–115

Technology of Wood Chemical Processing and Production of Wood-Polymer Composites

Valeriy P. Sivakov, Alesia V. Vurasko, Alexey L. Sherstobitov

Reduction of Paper Pulp Fluctuations in Tissue Paper Making Machine. P. 186–200

Anna V. Bakhtiyarova, Sergei D. Pimenov, Alexander I. Sizov

Hydrolysis of Wood Hemicelluloses at Ultra-Low Sulfuric Acid Concentrations. P. 201–212


Victor K. Lyubov, Ilya I. Tsypnyatov

Improving the Efficiency of Energy Use of Biofuels. P. 172–185

Aleksandr P. Mokhirev, Konstantin P. Rukomojnikov, Marina М. Gerasimova, Sergey O. Medvedev, Mikhail A. Zyryanov

Technological Procedure for the Manufacture of Products Using Felling Residues. P. 153–171


Vladimir V. Sivakov, Anatolij N. Zaikin, Elena V. Sheveleva

Design Improvement of the Forestry Chain Saws. P. 116–125

Vladimir A. Utkin, Sergey A. Matveev

Features of Designing Wooden Bridges of the Forest Complex. P. 126–152


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