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Publishing Ethics

Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest

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“Lesnoy zhurnal” (Forestry Journal) requires all Authors, Reviewers and Editors to eliminate any conflict of interest situations (financial or personal interests), real or apparent, that may affect or appear to affect the impartiality and the integrity of the peer review process of the journal. Such relationships are called “ambivalent obligations”, “competing interests” or “competing loyalties”.

In order to prevent conflict of interest and in accordance with the accepted ethical standards of the journal, each of the parties has the following responsibilities.

Authors should list all known and potential sources of conflict of interest; indicate the place of work and the source of research funding; report on the absence of a conflict of interest in the cover letter (see a section: For Authors).

Editor should transfer the manuscript for consideration to another member of the editorial board, if the originally assigned reviewer has a conflict of interest with the author of the manuscript; request all participants in the manuscript publishing process the information about the possibility of competing interests; make decision on the publication of the information specified in the author's letter concerning a conflict of scientific and / or financial interest, if it is not confidential and may influence over the evaluation of the published work by a reader or a scientific community; ensure the publication of amendments, if the information on a conflict of interest is obtained after the publication of the article.

Reviewers should inform the Editor-in-Chief any conflicts of interest (ambivalent obligations, competing interests), and disqualify themselves from reviewing specific manuscripts which is the subject of a conflict of interest.