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B.P. Churakov, N.A. Evseeva

Analysis of Species Composition and Mycobiota Structure of Oak Forests in the Ulyanovsk Region

S.M. Matveev

Cycling of Pine Stands Growth in Central Forest-steppe in 11-year Cycle of Solar Activity

B.V. Raevsky , A.A. Mordas

Growth Progress of Lodgepole Pine Plantation in the Middle Taiga Subzone

O.V. Admaev, T.V. Gavrilenko

Use of Concordance Method for Evaluating Changes of Ecological Systems Quality

N.A. Lugansky, S.V. Zalesov, L.P. Abramova, A.S. Stepanov

Natural Reforestation in Dzhabuk-Karagajsk Forest

A.Ya. Zyusko, S.V. Zalesov, L.P. Abramova, L.A.Belov

Influence of Winter Concentrations of Ungulates on Reforestation on Annensk Reserve Territory

T.B. Srodnykh

State of Settlement Gardening in Towns in the North of Western Siberia

V.A. Usоltsev, N.S. Nenashev, E.V. Belousov, S.V. Zalesov, A.A. Terin, G.G. Terekhov, V.V. Terentjev

Comparative Analysis of Top Phytomass of Pine Cultures in the Urals and Western Siberia

N.V. Petukhov, A.M. Nevidomov

Modern Stage of Using Forest Typology in Forest Organization and its Primary Tasks

D.G. Shchepashchenko, A.Z. Shvidenko, P.I. Lakida

Database of Phytomass Structure of Forests in Russia

V.N. Kositsyn

Secondary Forest Use in Conditions of Sustainable Forest Management

O.A. Neverova, V.M. Poznyakovsky

Phytometering of Urban Environment by Heavy Metals (on the Example of Kemerovo)

A.V. Scock, I.N. Glasoun, E.N. Samoshkin

Influence of Radioactive Pollution of Scotch Pine on Pollen Viability and Anomaly in Deciduous Forest Zone in Bryansk Region

G.S. Varaksin, V.I. Polyakov, M.A. Petrova, S.V. Inyushkin

Peculiarities of Development and Growth of Coniferous Species in South Tajga of Middle Siberia Subzone

D.A. Korepanov, S.A. Korepanov

Swampy and Boggy Forests of Volga-Kama Interfluve and Prospects of their Development

R.T. Guth, M.V. Radchenko, G.T. Krinitsky

Characteristic Features of Total DNA Extraction from Leaves and Buds of Woody Plants when Studying Genetic Polymorphism

G.E. Romanov

Role of Non-wood Forest Resources in Sustainable Management of Local Areas

L.I. Majorov

Potential Efficiency of Mechanical Cleaning in Natural Spruce-and-deciduous Young Stands

O.A. Nevolin, A.N. Gritsynin, S.V. Torkhov

On Decay and Downfall of Over-mature Spruce Forests in Beresnik Forestry Unit of Arkhangelsk Region

V.V. Tsaralunga

Tragedy of Russian Oak Forests

S.M. Sinkevich

Efficiency Evaluation of Undergrowth Conservation on Clear Cut Areas

P.N. Alentjev

Problems of Increasing Efficiency of Forest Cultures on Cleared Space Overgrown by Deciduous Species

L.I. Majorov

Practical Relevance of Allocation of Pine and Spruce Roots in Cultures


I.V. Lobova, E.V. Novozhilov, V.A. Petrovichev, I.V. Myagkikh

Influence of Enzyme Processing Time by Xylanases on Bleachability of Sulphate Pulp

V.K. Dubovyj, G.I. Chizhov, V.V. Khovansky

Study of Mechanism of Wet Strength Property Occurrence in Paper Made of Mineral Fibers

D.A. Dulkin, L.A. Yuzhaninova, V.G. Mironova, V.A. Spiridonov

Scientific Basis of Waste Paper Treatment

V.A. Suslov

Determination of Scale Formation Factor for Evaporators of Pulp-and-paper Mills

Yu.A. Yurjev, A.V. Soldatov

Thermochemical Woodworking in Forest-industrial Enterprise

A.V. Vurasko, B.N. Driker, M.A. Golovkin

Influence of Reducing Properties of Athraquinone on Catalytic Delignification Processes

V.K. Dubovy, G.I. Chizhov

Bonding Force in Paper Made of Plant and Mineral Fibers

M.A. Ageev, V.V. Sviridov, N.L. Medyanik

Study of Printer's Ink Interaction with Air in Waste Paper Floatation

L.V. Kutovaya, V.V. Eremenko, Yu.D. Alashkevich, A.P. Rudenko, N.A. Reshetova

Complex Parameter as Quality Index for Fiber Material Treatment

L.S.Kocheva, O.V. Brovarova, N.A. Sekushin, A.P. Karmanov, D.V. Kuzmin

Structural-and-chemical Characteristic of Non-wood Pulp Types

O.V. Johanson, S.G. Ermakov, F.Kh. Khakimova

Efficiency Increase for Utilization of Debarking Wastes

S.S. Glazkov, E.V. Snycheva, V.S. Mursin

Drying Oil for Woodworking on Basis of Petrochemistry Stillage Bottoms

Yu.V. Sevastjyanova, L.A.Milovidova, G.V. Komarova, T.A. Koroleva

Influence of White Liquor Sulfidity on Yield and Properties of Hardwood Sulphate Pulp

V.I. Beloglazov, V.I. Komarov, A.V. Gurjev

Anisotropy of Deformational and Strength Characteristics of Kraft-liner

S.S. Glaskov, E.V. Snycheva, V.S. Mursin

Indices Stabilization of Carbamide-formaldehyde Resins by Spirits

E.N. Pokrovskaya, I.V. Koteneva

Study of Pulp and Wood Silylation Kinetics

V.K. Dubovoj, Ya.V. Kazakov

Deformational Properties of Paper-like Materials based on Mineral Fibers of Different Origin


Editorial Board and Editorial Staff of «Lesnoj Zhurnal»

Ivan Stepanovich Melekhov

V.G. Sanaev

Ivan Stepanovich Melekhov – Outstanding Figure in Forestry of Modern Epoch

N.A. Moiseev

Science and Personality

B.N. Ugolev

Ivan Stepanovich Melekhov and Wood Science

V.F. Tsvetkov

In Memory of Ivan Stepanovich Melekhov

O.A. Kharin, N.I. Kozhukhov, V.I. Obydyonnikov, E.P. Sergeeva

Scientific School of Academician of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (All-Russia Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry) of Ivan Stepanovich Melekhov

S.A. Denisov, K.K. Kalinin, V.I. Pchelin

I.S. Melekhov and Development of Forestry School of Povolzhje

V.I. Obydyonnikov, N.I. Kozhukhov

Natural-and-historical Aspects of Felling Typology

G.A. Chibisov, N.I. Vyalykh

Final Felling System and Reforestation in Taiga Zone of European Part of Russia

I.I. Stepanenko

Increasing Productivity of Pine Stands by Mineral Fertilizers Application

S.M. Matveev

Dynamics of Scotch Pine Latewood in Different Forest-growing Conditions

S.V. Zalesov, N.A. Lugansky

Role of I.S. Melekhov in Substantiation and Development of Forest Pyrology


A.T. Gurjev, M.E.Demenkov

Models and Methods of Integration of Life Cycle Processes in Forest Engineering Items

V.V. Pavlov, A.T. Gurjev, A.A. Blok

Method of Distributed Models Development for Parallel Technological Processes

I.S. Majorov, D.G. Chukhchin, O.M. Sokolov

Automated Method of Microbiological Control of Yeast Production

I.S. Majorov, D.G. Chukhchin, O.M. Sokolov

Control Method for Activated Sludge Composition at PPM Enterprises

B.G. Martynov

Influence of Character for Controlled Parameters Change on Selecting Strategy for Efficient Operation of Individual Machine

M.P. Khudyakov

Analysis of Presentation Technique Efficiency for Informational Structures in Technological Process and System Control

I.A. Boichenko. V.G. Sarajkin

Integrated Model of Security Policy in Database Management System

A.T. Gurjev

Formalization of Repair and Exploitation Processes for Machinery


O.M. Sokolov, T.S. Butorina, G.V. Komarova, E.V. Shirshov

Regional Aspect of Higher Education Modernization in Conditions of Bologna Process


V.A. Suslov

Industrial Research Outcomes of Evaporating Station Modes at PPM and their Comparison according to Evaporating Efficiency

B.G. Martynov

Diagnostic Means for Determining Technical Condition of Logging Machines under Repair

L.I. Evelson, E.A. Pamfilov, A.P. Simin, E.V. Sheveleva

Design of Wood-and-metal friction bearings

V.K. Dubovyj, Ya.V. Kazakov

Application of Aluminum Sulfate for Increasing Deformational Characteristics of Paper-like Materials of the Mineral Fibers

D.A. Dulkin, L.A. Yuzhaninova, V.G. Mironova, O.I. Blinushova

Intensification of Garnetting Processes of Waste Paper and Subsequent Milling of Obtained Mass

V.V. Sergeev, Yu.I. Trakalo, E.V. Vorontsov, O.V. Kuznetsova, V.V. Savina

Simulation of Heat Transfer Process

V.I. Komarov, V.I. Beloglazov

Interrelation of Critical Fiber Length in Structure and Anisotropy of Kraft-liner Characteristics


Administration of Arkhangelsk State Technical University and Collective of the Forestry Faculty, Editorial Board and Editorial Staff of “Lesnoj Zhurnal”

Jubilee of Ivan I. Gusev

V.N. Starzhinsky, V.V. Glukhikh, S.V. Zalesov, V.A. Azarenok, A.D. Lebedev, V.A. Ignatjev

Ural State Forest Engineering University is 75 Years Old

V.G. Sanaev, Rector of MSFU, Professor Yu.P. Semenov, Dean of MCWT of MSFU, Professor

Boris Naumovich Ugolev (By 80th Birthday)

E.A. Fedorov

Word about Friend


L.N. Prokhorov, L.I. Nevedrova

History of Becoming and Development of Forestry (to 70th anniversary of All-Russia Scientific-research Institute of Silviculture and Forestry Mechanization)

R.V. Bobrov

Specialists that couldn’t be Replaced

G.I. Redko

Lisino Model Forest Area is 200 Years

V.A. Smetanin

Professor A.R. Gibshman – Scientist and Teacher

Staff of Forest Research Institute, Karelian Research Centre of RAS

Nikolaj I. Kazimirov

Department of theory of mechanisms, machinery and handling devices Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy

Mikhail S. Movnin (to 100th birthday)


M.A. Kravtsova, N.P. Chuprov

Dynamics of Wood Consumption and Forest Use in the Arkhangelsk Region

Yu.V. Kuzminykh, R.D. Alig, O.N. Krankina, A.S. Jost

Social-economic Aspect of Potential Carbon Flow to Forest Ecosystems

V.K. Pashkov

Staff and Equipment Calculation for Tool Shops

E.I. Deneko

State Financial Control and Audit Development in Efficiency of Using Budgetary Funds in Forestry

G.P. Butko, L.V. Malyutina

Investment Processes in the Region

V.I. Sakovets, G.E. Romanov

Sustainable Forest Management in Karelia

M.D. Kargopolov, V.N. Myakshin

Use of Structural Shifts Method for Assessment of Balance and Efficiency of Forest-industrial Complex

Yu.A. Varfolomeev, A.Sh. Davitiashvily, I.V. Pjankov

Analysis of Forest-harvesting Companies Activity in Zone of Drying Forests of Arkhangelsk Region

innovativon technologies

Yu.A. Varfolomeev

Utilization of Spruce Wood with Biological Attacks


M.D. Merzlenko

New Book on Problems of Forest Business

D.V. Trubin

Guidebook for New Forest

A.M. Kopejkin

Quality of Pine Wood in Cultures

O.A. Konyushatov, S.A. Korchagov

New Book on Forest Phytomass

O.A. Nevolin

Necessary and Useful Book


B.N. Ugolev

International Symposia (Forums) in Wood Science.

B.N. Ugolev

Next Session of RKSD in Moscow


S.P. Isaev

Assessment of Technological Adequacy of Round Wood Material

I.I. Ivankin, G.F. Prokofjev, O.L. Kovalenko

Theoretical Research of Fatigue Resistance of Band Saws

E.N. Serov, R.B. Orlovich, M. Lange

Modern Tendencies of Wood Materials Use in Foreign Building Industry

L.V. Alexeeva, R.G. Chernega

Determination of Storage Size Taking into Account Dimension of Assortments and their Distribution in Production Lines

V.G. Ulasovets

Segment Cutting into Edged Lumber

V.G. Novoselov, A.I. Kuznetsov

Investigation of Modernized Planetary Cutting Mechanism

V.G. Dedyukhin, V.G. Buryndin, N.M. Mukhin, A.V. Artyomov

Producing Items out of Phenoplasts by Pressing in Closed Press Molds without Adding Binding Agents

V.I. Sulinov, A.K. Gorohovsky

New Design of Modular Milling Cutters

I.V. Yatsun, Yu.I. Vetoshkin

Calculation of Minimal Thickness of Protective-glue Layer in Wood-based Laminated Material of Special Purpose

T.I. Frolova

Wood Preserving Efficiency by Antiseptics ULTAN, Selkur c and Outokumpu

Yu.I. Vetoshkin, O.N. Chernyshev, A.N. Iljichеva

Decorating Wood Coniferous Species with Excessive Resin Content

L.I. Evelson, E.A. Pamfilov. E.V. Sheveleva, A.P. Simin

Investigation of Friction Bearing

V.L. Rymashevsky, V.G. Turushev, A.M. Kopeikin

Influence of Dimension-quality Composition of Sawing Raw Material on Efficiency of Sawn Timber Export

N.V. Lobanov, I.S. Lobanova, V.I. Malygin

Stiffness Analysis of Strip Saws

V.G. Ulasovets

Comparison of Unedged Boards Volumes under Different Methods of Log Sawing

N.E. Kosichenko, S.N. Snegireva

Wood Density of Sweet Chestnut and its Relation with Macrostructure of Annual Ring

G.F. Prokofjev, I.I. Ivankin, A.A. Bannikov

Upgrading of Contour Band Saws by Using Aerostatic Bearings

S.P. Isaev

Analytical Solution of Task on Roundwood Stationing before Processing

I.I. Ivankin

Principles of Creating Flexible Automated Saw Lines

V.A. Shamaev

Problems of Producing Modified Timber

Yu.A. Varfolomeev, N.A. Elfimova

Influence of Wooden Spire on Stress Condition of Belltower Dome in Solovetsky Kremlin


V.P. Antipin, E.N. Vlasov, G.V. Karshev, K.S. Shchegolev

Influence of Transmission Gear-ratio on Power Inputs of Tractor LHT-100

E.G. Gladkov

Model of Territorial Dynamics of Forest-harvesting Company

N.K. Klimushev

Seasonal Irregularity of Forest-harvesting Production

E.F. Gerts, Yu.N. Bezgina, V.V. Ivanov, A.S. Zalesov

System of Cuttings for Ural Region on Forest-typological Basis

V.A. Azarenok, E.F. Gerts, A.V. Mekhrentsev

Environmental-friendly Technologies in Conditions of Forest Complex Intensification

A.A. Chizhov, S.I. Buldakov

Influence of Geological and Hydrogeological Conditions on Right-of-way Width of Wood Track

D.V. Demidov

Use of Nomograms in Calculation of Number of Leading Digging-and-transporting Machines and Grip Length for Wood Track Construction

B.G. Martynov, K.E. Muravjev

Determination of Technical State of Forest Machine Engines According to Vibration Parameters

D.L. Neradovsky

Technique of Determining Pile Length in Test Ground Conditions

E.P. Kulagin, V.S. Isaev

Use of Wastes of Wood-chemical Production as Additives to Cement Mixes

N.A. Ivanov, E.A. Myasnikov

Maneuverability Assessment of Three-wheeled Landrover in Woodland

L.V. Korotyaev

Revised Procedure for Estimating Tree Bundle Volume at Skidding

A.A. Mitrofanov

On Calculation Accuracy of Raft Inertial Characteristics Based on Different Methods

S.I. Morozov

Solving Tasks in Compression and Impact of Two Elasto-plastic Bodies

V.D. Valyazhonkov, D.G. Myasishchev

Peculiarities of Small Mechanization of Forest Harvesting Abroad

L.V. Korotyaev

To Strength Analysis of Skidding and Hauling Facilities


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