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2011 год


R.N. Matveeva, O.F. Butorova, Yu.E. Shcherba

Geographical Provenance Effect on Reproductive Development of Siberian Cedar on Seed Orchard over 24-year Period

O.V. Bolotov

Informational Support for Planning Rational Forest Management

E.V. Alaudinova, P.V. Mironov

Scotch Pine: Membrane Lipids Metabolism of Bud Live Tissues

A.A. Vice

Standards for Determination of Cut Stands Resources according to Stumps in Condition of Siberia

L.N. Suntsova, E.M. Inshakov, E.V. Kozik

Assessment of Urban Environment State by Phytoindication Method (based on example of Krasnoyarsk)

S.L. Shevelev, N.S. Nemich, P.V. Mikhailov

Improvement of Multipurpose Forest Use in Krasnoyarsk Krai

O.P. Kovylina, N.V. Kovylin

Study of Growth and State of Strip and Massive Plantations of Scotch Pine in Dry Steppe Conditions

I.N. Pavlov, A.A. Ageev, O.A. Barabanova

Resistance Reduction of Fir-Cedar Forests of Eastern Sayan Mountains to Root Pathogens


B.D. Rudenko

Operation Factors Investigation of Board Production Made of Bark and Secondary Polyethylene

V.I. Kovalev, Yu.D. Alashkevich

Crossing Angle Determination for Cutting Edge of Straightline Knives in Two-faced Configuration of Blade Milling Machines

N.A. Voinov, O.P. Zhukova, S.A. Lednik

Introduction and Investigation Results for Contact Stages of Brew Columns

A. Voronin, Yu.D. Alashkevich, A.A. Diratsuyan, N.S. Reshetova

Influence of Design Parameters of Inertial Bodies on Fibrous Materials Grinding

A.A. Diratsuyan, E.E. Nesterov, Yu.D. Alashkevich, I.A. Voronin

New Technological Parameter of Fibrous Materials Grinding Process

A.V. Ermolina, P.V. Mironov

Production and Properties of Heat-insulating Material Based on Secondary Fiber

A.A. Yerofeeva, V.I. Kovalyov, Yu.D. Alashkevich

Determination of Wastepaper Dynamic Viscosity Coefficient

E.V. Isayeva, T.V. Ryasanova

Research on the Carbon Dioxide Extract Composition of Balsam Poplar (Populus Balzamifera L.) Vegetative Part Using the Method of Chromato-Mass-Spectrometry

B.D. Rudenko

Static Condition Simulation of Cement-Wood Composite in Operational Process


O.S. Artemiev

Assessment Technique for Indicators Determined under Landscape Inventory by Using Materials of Ground Digital Survey

Y.I. Kovalev, Yu.D. Alashkevich

The Determination of the Coefficient of Sliding Knife Rectilinear Typefaces of the Grinding


S.O. Medvedev, R.A. Stepen, S.V. Sobolev

Development of Modern Forest-industrial Cluster in Krasnoyarsk Territory


Sh.G. Zaripov, V.N. Ermolin

Overpressure in Hardwood Sawn Timber under Low-Temperature Convective Drying

S.G. Eliseev, V.N. Ermolin

Characteristics of Frost-Heart Aspen Wood

N.V. Vishurenko, I.S. Korchma

Dependence of Wood Compression Rate on Hydrothermal Factors

A.V. Meleshko, G.O. Manulik, S.S. Romanova, A.I. Skripalshchikov

Problem of Furnishing Products Made of Coniferous Wood by Aqueous Materials

V.A. Lozovoy, I.A. Baldakov

Synchronization of Traverse Speeds of Wood Raw Material by Production Line Mechanism

A.V. Meleshko, Yu.V. Khloptunova, G.A. Loginova

Use of Paint-and-lacquer Materials with Volume Light- scattering Effect for Transparent Finishing of Softwood Products


I.M. Enaleeva-Bandura

Building of Basic Transportation Plan by Relative Turnover Method

A.N. Baranov, N.D. Gaidenokh, V.F. Chumakov, R.A. Yasinsky

Improvement of Technology for Road Bed Building from Frozen Soil


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