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2011 год


Yu.V. Ivanov, Yu.V. Savochkin, K.A.Timiryazev, S.I. Marchenko, V.P. Ivanov

Analysis of Growth Processes of Scots Pine at Early Ontogeny Stages in Conditions of Chronic Zinc Effect

M.V. Ustinov, M.M. Ustinov

Simulation of Stem Volume Harvested under Thinning in Spruce Stands of the Bryansk Area

V.P. Shelukho

State of Mature and Overmature Spruce Stands in Anthropogenesis Region

M.N. Nerush

Ratio Change of Current and Medium Increment in Second-growth Oak Forests

V.I. Shoshin, A.V. Birzhov, M.Yu. Smirnova

Growth and Biological Productivity of Common Pine in Thicket Stage of Coniferous-Broad-leaved (Mixed) Forests

Yu.I. Perepechina

Economic and Forest-growing Zoning of Forests of Southern Trans-Ural Forest-steppe (by Example of Kurgan Area)

S.I. Smirnov

Biotourist Resources of Forest and Other Ecosystems and Prospects of their Development in the European Part of the Russian Federation

Z.N. Markina, A.V. Mileshina

Use of Sandy Soils when Growing Seedlings of Common Pine

F.V. Kishenkov, N.Yu. Shapovalov

Studying Thinning in Training-Experimental Forestry Enterprise of BSAET

N.A. Mikhailov

Root Structure Peculiarities of Coppice Oak from Thin Stumps in the Bryansk Forest

Yu.I. Perepechina

Post-fire Forests State in Economic and Forest-growing Zones of the Kurgan Area

V.I. Shoshin, G.P. Plotnikova

Study of Albite Effect on Survival Rate and Growth of Common Pine

E.N. Samoshkin, I.Yu. Adamovich

Specific Features of Structure and Correlation of Picea abies L. Mycorrhizae Subtypes under Chronic Pollution by Radionuclides


A.P. Reshetnikov, V.M. Merkelov, A.P. Reshin

Multipurpose Heat-generator

A.V. Erochin

Selеction of Trees in Complex Cuttings of Pine Stands with Spruce Story

.A. Varfolomeev, I.V. Klepikov, V.V. Rylshchikov

High-technology Geodetic Equipment of Airdromes in the North


V.A. Egorushkin

Forestry Faculty of Bryansk State Academy of Engineering and Technology: History, Mod-ern Times, Prospects


I.A. Kuzovleva, T.Ya Silkina

Property Factor of Competitive Advantages Formation for Forest Industry Enterprises

A.A. Lukash

Price Determination on New Types of Plywood Products


V.M. Merkelov, N.A. Chasova

Determination of Wood Layers Volume Characterized by Different Levels of Radionuclide Pollution

A.A. Lukash

Creation Technigue for New Types of Glued Wood Materials

V.I. Konyshkin

Limiting Characteristics of Instrumental Materials

A.A. Lukash

Wood Deformations at Glueing Relief Plywood

.S. Toropov,  V.F. Krasnova, V.M. Merkelov

Mathematical Model for Determination of Three-dimensional Output of Sawn Products in Cutting of Tree-length Timber Polluted by Radionuclides


E.A Pamfilov, A.N. Zaikin, G.N. Krivchenkova, G.A. Pilyushina

Basic Regularities for Loading Details of Sawing Devices of Logging Machinery

O.R. Chaika

Technique of Tree Availability Assessment for Gripping at Harvester Operation Simulation

A.N. Zaikin, L.I. Evelson, E.G. Izyumova

Setting Optimization Task for Resources Volume and Logging Machines Operation Modes

S.S. Sinitsyn

Energy Assessment of Pneumatic Wheel Rolling Process along Deformed Soil

R.P. Kapustin

To Determination of Filtration Degree by Combined Centrifugal Purifier


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