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Lesnoy Zhurnal


Версия для печати

2009 год


E.A. Kurbanov

Carbon Budget Simulation in Forest Stands Based on Example of Povolzhje Pine Forests

N.A. Babich, I.S. Nechaeva

Weed Vegetation in Forest Nurseries

N.V. Dyubanova

Ground fires as Factor Limiting Spread of Common Juniper in National Park «Pripyshmin Forests»

M.M. Ustinov, M.V. Ustinov

Commodity Value in Cut Part of Spruce Stands under Selective Felling in Bryansk Region

D.E. Rumyantsev, P.G. Melnik

Influence of Ecological Factors on Forming Technical Properties of Spruce Timber in Tver Region

L.A. Abramova

Analysis of Forest Resources Inventory in the Arkhangelsk Region


V.I. Komarov, E.S. Noskova, E.V. Djakova

Theoretical Aspects Use of Non-linear Destruction Mechanics for Analysis of Viscoelastic Behavior of Paper and Cardboard Structure when Applying Tensile Load

A.F. Troyanskaya, A.V. Veliamidova

Current State of Bottom Sediments of the Onega River Basin on Pollution with Chlorinated Organic Compounds

K.S. Bolotova, E.V. Novozhilov, D.G. Chukhchin, O.M. Sokolov

Dewatering of Waste Water Sedimentation in Pulp-and-paper Production by Compression Method

Yu.V. Shevelev

High Calibration Productivity of Cryostat KP-80


I.V. Levitskaya, E.N. Samoshkin

Viability of Spiraea Salicifolia’s and Spiraea Japonica’s Pollen in Differenet Ecological Conditions

S.A. Korchagov, S.E. Gribov

Quality of Spruce Wood in Cultures Created according to Different Technologies

A.A. Zakharova

Preliminary Results of Introducing Abies Genus Species in Central Russia

V.I. Malygin, V.A. Stenin

Mathematic Simulation of Heat Conductivity in Wood Cutting


V.I. Malygin, P.V. Perfiljev

Optimization Methods and Quality Assessment of Wood-milling Cutters under Bench and Mathematical Simulation. IV. Analytical Methods of Quality Assessment of Wood-milling Cutters according to Deformation Mode

V.F. Dunaev, V.V. Dunaeva

Knots Influence on Sorted Output of Sawn Timber

Yu.M. Yurin, V.I. Malygin

To Computation of Voltages in Overlaying of Feeders in Pulp-and-paper Production

L.V. Alexeeva

Utilization Factor of Low-capacity Timber Flow Based on Single-blade Band-saw Machine

S.P. Ageev

Energy Characteristic of Electric Drive for Cutting Mechanism of Saw Frame

A.E. Alekseev, O.I. Bederdinova

Mathematical Model of Determining Productivity of Timber Flow Based on Single-blade Radial Saw Machine


Yu.A. Shirnin, V.I. Chernyakevich

Soil Foundation Stress and Deformation of Reinforced Concrete Slabs in Forest Roads

V.Ya. Kharitonov

Inertial Characteristics of Rafts Stopped by Anchors

V.A. Gryazin

Energy Intensity as Factor of Felling-Skidding Machine Productivity

S.I. Morozov, A.A. Popov

Methods of Determining Parameters of Materials at Two Bodies Collision

E.A. Tarasov

Investigation of Recuperative Elements Efficiency of Tractor’s Undercarriage by Simulation Dynamic Model