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Lesnoy Zhurnal


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2008 год

I.M. Danilin, E.M. Medvedev

Some Results of International Project on Investigation of Possibilities for Laser, Radar and Digital Aerial Survey of Forests

gritique and bibliography

S.A. Denisov, V.N. Karasev, M.A. Karaseva, V.I. Pchelin

Timely and Valuable Book


E.S. Melnikov, N.V. Belyaeva

Dynamics of Current Increment in Pine and Spruce Stands after Complex Tending of Forest

S.V. Ilchukov

Horizontal Structure of Spruce Undergrowth in Mature Middle-taiga Spruce Forests

R.V. Vlasov

Spatial Attack Pattern of Bark Beetle Pityogenes сhalcographus on Specific Food Substrate


T.M. Vladimirova, O.M. Sokolov, S.I. tretyakov

Comparative Analysis of Calculation Method for Tall Oil Rectification

S.V. Karavaev

Production of Volatile Oils from Forest Industry Wastes of Primorye

V.M. Ushanova, L.I. Chentsova

Influence of Aqueous-alcoholic Solutions and Treatment by Liquefied Carbon Dioxide on Efficiency of Conifers Bark Extraction

N.A. Osmolovskaya, V.N. Parshikova, R.A. Stepen

Utilization of Wood Green of Siberian Pine Resulting in Native Products Production


V.F. Dunaev

Sawmilling: from Geometry to Physics, Mechanics and Technology

A.R. Birman, N.A. Belonogova

Neutron-shielding Wood Characteristics

G.F. Prokofjev, I.I. Ivankin

Use of Sawing Modules with Aerostatic Slides for Saws in Flexible Automated Sawing Lines

V.V. Korovin, R.V. Shchekalev, P.A. Aksеnov

Assessment of Mongolian Oak Suitability in Cognac Alcohol Production

A.D. Golyakov, A.V. Knapkis

Sawlogs Sorting before Sawing

international cooperation

O.V. Kormilitsyna, V.V. Bondarenko

Assessment of Water Stress in Municipal Plantations Depending on Soil Properties

O.V. Kormilitsyna, V.V. Bondarenko

Some Aspects of Water Balance Estimation in Urbanized Territories

V.V. Fomin, D.S. Kapralov, A.S. Popov, V.I Kryuk

Automated Assessment of Trees State Based on Image Analysis System

G.V. Komarova

Are you international?

A.A. Bakhtin, S.V. Koptev, S.V. Tretyakov, O.Ja. Sorensen

Experience of Cooperation of Arkhangelsk State Technical University with Nord-Trondelag University College in Forest Education and Research

S.V. Koptev, S.V. Tereshchenko, M.V. Danilova

Model of Educational System Improvement in Forest Sector at Regional Level

S.V. Koptev, S.V. Tereshchenko, M.V. Danilova

Teachers’ Training for Forest Sector in the North-West of Russia


A.M. Borovskikh

Track with Increased Adhesion

S.I. Morozov

Impact of Bodies Hardness on their Elasto-plastic Indices

D.L. Neradovsky

Papers Review on Piles Length Determination


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