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2013 год


N.A. Moiseev

Lessons Learned from Two Centuries of Forest Management and their Use for Setting Guidelines for the Future

A.V. Zhigunov

Use of Biotechnology in the Russian Forest Sector

A.P. Tsarev, N.V. Laur

Promising Trends оf Breeding аnd Reproduction оf Woody Plants

V.P. Besschetnov, N.N. Besschetnova

Formation and Lignification of Xylem of Scotch Pine Elite Trees

;B.V. Babikov

Establishment and Development of Hydromelioration in a Forestry Enterprise

A.V. Volokitina, A.A. Belyakin, T.M. Sofronova

Ground Cover Regeneration after Surface Fires in the Forests of Southern Cisbaikalia

S.V. Zalesov, E.S. Zalesova, A.A. Zverev, A.S. Opletaev, A.A. Terin

The Method of Growing Artificial Pine Stands at the Ash Dumps of the Reftinskaya Power Plant

N.A. Babich,  S.A. Korchagov,I.N. Lupanova, O.A. Konyushatov,  N.N. Strebkov

Topical Issues of Reforestation in the European North of Russia in the Context of Switching to the Intensive Model of Forest Management

A.V. Gryazkin, N.V. Belyaeva

The Structure of Phenological Forms of the Young Generation Spruce he Leningrad Region

R.N. Matveeva, O.F. Butorova, A.G. Kichkildeev, V.V. Narzyaev

Variability of Clonal Offsprings of Siberian Pine Elite Trees at a Plantation in South-Central Siberia


A.S. Smolin

The Development of Paper and Cardboard Technology

A.P. Karmanov

The Study оf Lignin оf Cross-Grained Birch Wood

Y.V. Kazakov

Quantitative Estimation of Deformation Heterogeneity in a Paper at niaxial Stretching at Constant Rate of Speed

L.L. Krotova

Development оf Sawn Timber Drying in Siberia


M.D. Merzlenko

The 180th Anniversary of the Forest Journal


P.V. Bilei, I.A. Sokolovsky

Research Trends of the National Forestry University of Ukraine Within Wood Science, Heat Treatment and Wood Drying

S.N. Rykunin, E.V. Kravtsov

Optimization Model for Timber Cross-Cutting into Blanks

E.N. Serov, B.V. Labudin

Glued Timbering: Present State and Development Problems

G.F. Prokofyev

Intensification оf Wood Sawing by Means of a Sawing Machine

I.V. Grigoryev, O.A. Kunitskaya, G.V. Grigoryev, G.Yu. Yesin

Kinetics of Centrifugal Wood Treatment


V.A. Aleksandrov

The Tree-Length Method Revisited

A.M. Kochnev, A.N. Yushkov

Methodology for Estima ting Tractive Efficiency of a Wheeled Skidder


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