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2011 год


E.A. Robakidze, A.I. Patov

Needles Growth of Siberian Spruce Depending on Environmental Factors

S.B. Vasiliev, D.A. Ledenev, S.V. Semaev

Peculiarities of Cedar Pine Growth on Anthropogenic Substrates of Egorievsky Phosphorite Deposit

A.L. Fedorkov

Variability of Economic-valuable Characteristics of Siberian Larch in Clone Archive

Yu. E. Kekisheva, E.N. Nakvasina

Coenflora Analysis of Vascular Plants of Spruce Forests in the Plesetsk Region of the Arkhangelsk Province

N.V. Panyushkina

Peculiarities of Growth, Development and Reproduction Modes of Common Juniper in the Middle Volga Region

Thinning and Productivity of Siberian Larch Young Stands of Different Density

G.G. Romanov

Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation of White Alder in Middle Taiga Subzone

V.N. Gavrilov

Formation Dynamics of Pine Young Growth of Different Origin on Drained Sedge-subshrub-sphagnum Marsh in Southern Karelia


A.S. Smolin, Ya.S. Murashov

Influence of Physical-mechanical Characteristics of Material on Compression Strength at Short Distance

E.S. Nikolaev, Kayanto, E.V. Meshcherykov, A.S. Smolin, D.S. Kazymov

Study of Refining Effect on Electrokinetic Properties of Fibrous Slurry and Fibers

V.K. Dubovy, D.P. Markeev, N.V. Sysoeva

Effect of 1 m2 Mass and Density on Properties of Papery Filter Materials from Different Mineral Fibers

V.K. Dubovy, D.P. Markeev,  N.V. Sysoeva

Effect of 1 m2 Mass and Density on Properties of Papery Heat- and Noise-Insulating Materials from Different Mineral Fibers


A.N. Maltsev, E.N. Saburov

Physical and Numerical Simulation of Cyclone-Vortex Chamber Aerodynamics with Distributed Gas Inlet

V.K. Lyubov, A.Yu. Romanov

Operating Efficiency Analysis of Heating Boilers

I.V. Telminov, A.L. Nevzorov

Investigation of Filtration Properties of High-moor Peat

Yu.A. Varfolomeev, N.I. Bogdanovich, E.M. Bokova

Integration of Innovation Activity on Development and Production of Protection Facilities against Industrial Accidents Consequences and Catastrophes in the Arctic and Subarctic with Use of Local Raw Resources

Yu.A. Varfolomeev

Challenges and Perspectives of Safe Development of the Arctic Resources


Аdministration of Northern Arctic Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, editorial board and editorial staff of “Lesnoi Zhurnal”

Jubilee of Efim D. Gelfand


N.M. Gorbov N.V. Serebryakov

Innovation Management of Small Enterprises Development in Forest Industry

Yu.V. Kuzminykh, Yu.K. Bogachev

State Regulation of Forest Export in the Russian Federation


V.S. Morozov, I.N. Belyaev

Automated Photometric Method of Logs Sorting

A.E. Alekseev, I.O. Dumansky, I.Yu. Korolev, V.P. Elkin, S.V. Ershov, Yu.V. Vaskan

Efficiency Increase of Mechanical Processing of Drying Timber

I.M. Merkushev

Dynamics of Faultless Drying of Sawn Timber

S.P. Ageev

Energy Operation Conditions of Frame Sawmills

V.D. Davydov

Intensification of Fibrous Materials Drying


M.V. Drapalyuk, S.N. Batishchev

Theoretical Study Results of Vibratory Impact Machine for Stump Removal

M.V. Piskunov

Algorithm of Building Optimal Forest Road Network

S.P. Dorokhov

Comparative Study of Two-link Manipulator Cycle Time under Different Organization of Its Links Motion