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Publishing Ethics

Ethical Code for Editorial Board

Версия для печати

  1. The editorial board should consider all submitted manuscripts for publication, without prejudice to their respective authors (national or religious affiliation, social status, etc.).

  2. When making a decision on publication the editorial board is guided by the expert evaluation of reviewers, reliability of the data and scientific significance of the work.

  3. If the author of the manuscript is a member of the editorial board, he / she should delegate his rights with respect to the consideration of this manuscript to another qualified person.

  4. The editorial board reserves the selection of anonymous reviewers and their number in order to ensure an impartial review of the manuscript. No one, except for persons involved in the professional assessment of the manuscript, has access to its contents.

  5. In case of rejection of the manuscript or the need for its refining the editorial board must submit to the authors a satisfactory evidence of such decision.

  6. The information contained in an unpublished manuscript, can be used only with the consent of its authors.

  7. The editorial board does not disclose the information on received manuscripts to anyone except for the reviewers and the editorial staff.

  8. If there is sufficient evidence against the published materials the editorial board must publish an error message, signed by persons who found it out.

  9. It is not allowed publishing information if there are sufficiently strong evidences that it is plagiarism.

  10. Complaints about considered manuscripts or published materials cannot be left unanswered by the editorial board. In identifying conflict, the editorial board should take all necessary measures to restore the violated copyrights.