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Ethical Code for Reviewers

Версия для печати
  1. The scientific examination of author's materials which is carried out by the reviewer, has to be objective and consider compliance of the performed work to the scientific, ethical (lack of plagiarism) and literary standards.

  2. Each article passes two levels of reviewing: by the members of the editorial board and at least by two independent external anonymous experts who have all opportunities to state motivated critical remarks concerning a level and clarity of a statement of the presented material, its compliance to a profile of the journal, novelty and reliability of results.

  3. The manuscript assessment of the reviewer has to contain justification of his / her conclusions. If the reviewer claims that data containing in the manuscript were published earlier, he has to confirm it with the corresponding links.

  4. The personal criticism of authors of an article and the use of slanderous arguments discrediting authors are inadmissible in the review.

  5. In the presence of the conflict of interests, discrepancy of researches containing in the manuscript to the sphere of the scientific competence, existence of professional communications with authors which can affect the objectivity of the review, or if the work cannot be done within a deadline, the reviewer is obliged to inform the editorial board and refuse to assess the manuscript.

  6. The reviewer has to observe requirements of confidentiality, not to use the unpublished materials in his / her own researches.

  7. The reviewer can hand on the manuscript to other person for the consultation with the consent of the editorial board.

  8. Reviewers should not assess manuscripts in case of conflict of interest due to the competitive relations and interactions with any of the authors, organizations associated with the submitted work.


Electronic submission of articles