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Simulation of Chipboard Materials Motion in the Cylindrical-Conical Bunkers

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V.V. Lozovetskiy, A.A. Shadrin, S.A. Katkov 

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The paper presents the results of experimental and analytical studies of hogged wood motion in a cylindrical-conical bunker. This material is considered as a granular medium with an effective viscosity depending on the physical and mechanical properties of wood particles (coefficients of internal and external friction). To describe the motion of particles of such a material, the authors have obtained the equations similar to the Navier–Stokes equations, and the boundary conditions necessary for their solution, taking into account the sliding motion of particles on the walls of the bunker. The universal boundary conditions for the vortex and flow functions for particles moving along the vertical and inclined walls of the bunker are proposed. These conditions are based on the use of physical and mechanical properties of hogged wood and its products. This allows analytically describing the movement of gran-ular media in bins with one central discharge port, which significantly reduces the cost of creating systems for transporting similar media in various technological processes. The experiments are carried out on models and real cylindrical-conical bunkers of pneumatic transport systems, taking into account the criteria of similarity theory. This helps us to obtain consistent data characterizing the influence of the angle of inclination of the conical part of the bunker, a diameter of the discharge port and physical and mechanical properties of the medium on the process of gravitational motion of hogged wood and products on its basis. The dependences for calculating the slip velocity of wood particles on walls of the bunker, and changes of speed of particles in the granular medium in the hopper axis, its input and output boundaries are presented. The results of calculations of processes taking place in the bunker of the pneumatic transport system, obtained using the proposed equations of motion and the universal boundary condition for the vortex function, and experimental data are in good agreement. This allows carrying out a comparative analysis of the technical and economic efficiency of various design solutions.


V.V. Lozovetskiy, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor 
A.A. Shadrin, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor 
S.A. Katkov, Postgraduate Student 

Authors job

Mytishchi Branch of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 1-ya Institutskaya ul., 1, Mytishchi, Moscow region, 141005, Russian Federation; e-mail:


chipboard material, qasi-Newtonian fluid, coefficients of internal and external friction, ratio of apparent viscosity, flow function, vortex function

For citation

Lozovetskiy V.V., Shadrin A.A., Katkov S.A. Simulation of Chipboard Materials Motion in the Cylindrical-Conical Bunkers. Lesnoy zhurnal [Forestry journal], 2018, no. 2, pp. 97–108. DOI: 10.17238/issn0536-1036.2018.2.97


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Received on September 24, 2017

Simulation of Chipboard Materials Motion in the Cylindrical-Conical Bunkers


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