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2010 год


A.L. Musievsky

Main Results of 80-year Observations of Seed Oakeries Reforestation and Formation in Shipov Forest

O.M. Korchagin, V.Yu. Zapletin

Germination of Acorns, Absolute Preservation of Seedlings and Viable State of Pregenerative Species of English Oak Depending on Light Conditions

M.A. Tuvyshkina, M.P. Chernyshov

Silvicultural-economical Classification of Low-value Forest Stands in the Voronezh Region

V.V. Kruglyak

Peculiarities of Landscape Planning System and Prospects of Landscape Architecture Development in Voronezh

A.I. Milenin

Dynamics of Radial Increment of English Oak in Small Oak Forests in Steppe Ravines of Voronezh Region

A.N. Smolianov, A.I. Revin, N.B. Starostyuk

Use of Regression Methods in Forest Land Simulation

E.I. Gurieva

Characteristic of Stands Composition and State-of-the-art of Sanatoria in the Voronezh Region

M.V. Kochergina, M.V. Pozhidaeva

On Extension of Ornamental Bushes Assortment in Voronezh Gardening Objects

Yu.V. Chekmeneva, V.T. Popova, V.D. Dorofeevа

Influence of Anthropogenic Pollution on Seasonal Development and Seed-bearing Ability of Douglas Fir of Different Reproductive Type

A.L Musievsky

Programme of Standard Seed Oak-forests Formation for Forest-steppe and Steppe Zones

V.V. Tkachev

Improvement of Forest Seeds Sorting on Flat Swinging Sieves


Yu.A. Varfolomeev, A.T. Guriev, O.G. Plekhov, R.A. Aleshko

High-technology Design of Road Building and Rehabilitation with Continuous Life Cycle in Forests with Biodeterioration


L.T. Sviridov, V.P. Ivanovsky, A.V. Ivanovsky

On Setup of Woodworking Machines Equipped with Saw Blade

A.A. Aksenov

Effect of Negative Temperatures on Compressed Wood Hardness

L.T. Sviridov, A.V. Ivanovsky, V.P. Ivanovsky

Cutting Workability for Wood of Different Species


V.S. Petrovsky

Innovations in Control Automation of Technological, Economic-organizing Systems of Forest Industry Enterprises

V.M. Bugakov, L.T. Sviridov

Eighty-year History of Voronezh State Forest Technical Academy


I.M. Bartenev, M.N. Lysyc

Parameters Optimization of Combined Operating Element for Forest Cultivator

M.V. Drapalyuk, V.S. Polev

Simulation of Cutting Moments of Chain Shrub Cutt

R.G. Borovikov, P.N. Shcheblykin, N.A. Borodin, I.V. Chetverikova

Overload Protection of Cardan Gear of Forest Machines

L.D. Bukhtoyarov, P.I. Popikov, A.A. Sidorov

Parameters Optimization of Hydraulic Actuator Damper for Boom Hoisting Mechanism of Forest Manipulator

P.N. Shcheblykin, N.A. Borodin, R.G. Borovikov, I.N. Zhuravlev

To Calculation of Safeguard Force Characteristics for Milling Soil-cultivating Machine

N.Yu. Yudina, R.A. Shcheglov

Mathematical Process Simulation in Hydraulic Drives System of Operating Elements in Forest Machines

D.N. Afonichev, N.N. Paponov, V.V. Vasiliev

Raft Section of Stabilized Flotation

V.A. Zelikov

Simulation Results of Energy Saving System for Forest Soil-cultivating Aggregate on LHT-55 Tractor Base


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