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2010 год


E.A. Kurbanov, O.N. Vorobiev, L.S. Ustyugova, A.V. Gubaev, S.A. Lezhnin, S.A. Nazamaev

Spatial Dynamics of Birch Forests Phytomass on Abandoned Agricultural Lands of Mari Transvolga Region

O.A. Nevolin, S.V. Tretiakov, O.O. Eremina

Dynamics of Pine-birch Blueberry Young Stand in Bereznik Forestry Enterprise of Arkhangelsk Region

O.M. Korchagin, V.Yu. Zapletin

Characteristics of Assimilation Apparatus of English Oak Seedlings in Connection with Different Shading Conditions

I.D. Kotlyarov

Index of Biocenoses Affinity and its Calculation Method

E.V. Titov, A.I. Gorobets

Plantation Cultivation of Cedar Pine and Common Osier on Selection Basis

N.A. Razumnikov, O.M. Konyukhova, M.I. Ryabinin

Compatibility Results of Rootstock Combinations and Pear Fruit Quality in Mari El Republic

A.V. Dunaev

Pathogenic Macromycete of Oak Butt Part in Forest-steppe Oak Forests

V.P. Ivko

Influence of General Depression Crater on Plant Communities in Building and Operation of Open Pits


N.V. Kutsubina, A.A. Sannikov

Simulation of Vibration Energy Dispersion in Machine-building Designs of PPI

A.D. Ivakhnov, K.G. Bogolitsyn, T.E. Skrebets

Getting Secondary Cellulose Acetate by Direct Acetylation in Medium of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

P.A. Tupin, D.G. Chukhchin, A.V. Novozhilov, O.M. Sokolov

Development of New Assessment Method for Enzymatic Oxidative Capacity of Acti-vated Sludge

E.G. Smirnova

Aging Effect on Paper Structure and Constituent Fibers

U. Cibulski, V.I. Komarov, L.A. Milovidova, T.A. Koroleva

Influence of Conditions of Oxygen Delignification on Deformation and Strength Properties of Sulphate Pulp

A.A. Leonovich, A.A. Rabysh

Reasons of Negative Effect of Copper-chrome Wood Preservative on Properties of Wood Particle Boards

T. B. Moshkova

Utilization of Lignosulphonates in Bioconversion


University administration staff of Arkhangelsk State Technical University, editorial board and editorial staff of "Lesnoi Zurnal"

In memory of Stanislav I. Morozov


V.G. Sanaev, A.N. Oblivin

Jubilee of B.N. Ugolev


B.N. Ugolev

Conference of International Academy of Wood Science and Session of Regional Coordination Council of Wood


E.A. Pamfilov, P.G. Pyrikov, A.N. Zaikin, V.M. Merkelov

Ensuring Efficiency of Working Bodies and Tools of Forest Complex Machinery and Equipment

V.A. Shamaev, V.V. Zlatoustovskaya, A.S. Kopytin

Form Stabilization and Pressed Wood Dimensions by Physical Methods

I.M. Merkushev

Factors Predetermining Faultless Drying of Sawn Timber

O.D. Muller, V.I. Malygin, V.T. Kharitonenko, L.V. Kremleva

Energy Potential Analysis of Wood Waste in Forest Industrу of the Arkhangelsk Region

V.F. Dunaev, V.I. Melekhov

Pattern Changes of Wood Mechanical Properties in Time under Deformation


A.S. Vashutkin, D.G. Myasishchev

Analysis of Drum Brakes Functioning of Log Trucks and Ways of Improving their Performance

M.G. Salikhov, A.A. Krivorotov

Study of Asphalt Granulate Influence on Properties of Cold Asphalt Concrete for Forest Roads Coating

O.N. Orudzhova

Peculiarities of Hydraulic Properties of Geotextile Materials Applied in Forest Tracks Design