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2012 год


N. A. Moiseev

Forests and Forest Sector of the Arkhangelsk Region: the Historical Role and Place in the Russian Forest Policy 

V.V. Belyaev, D.N. Klevtsov, A.I. Barabin,  N.A. Druzhinin

Selection of Areas for Successful Reproduction of the Spruce to Distribution of Frosts in the Arkhangelsk Region

N.A. Mingalyova, S.V. Pestov, S.V. Zagirova

Life Status and Foliage Biological Impairment of Alien Trees and Brushwood in the Green Zones of the City of Syktyvkar

O.L. Tsandekova

Phenological Characteristics of Wood Types under Conditions of Vehicle Emissions

V.V. Pakhuchiy

Factors of the Pine Stands Dynamics on the Reclamation Project Sites in the Komi Republic

N.N. Besschetnova

Fat Content in Shoot Cells of Scotch Pine Elite Trees

N.R. Sungurova, R.V. Sungurov

Results of Pine Growing in Meadow Felling Areas of the Northern Boreal Subzone

N.M. Debkov

On Effect of Structure of Scotch Pine Cultures on their Commodity Composition


F.Kh. Khakimova, K.A. Sinyaev, T.N. Kovtun

ECF Bleaching оf Sulphate Softwood Pulp by Hydrogen Peroxide аnd Sodium Chlorite

E.I. Vasilyeva, A.S. Smolin, O.A. Udovenko, R.O. Shabiev

Characteristic оf Cationic Demand Estimation in Fibrous Hydro Suspensions

E.I. Vasilyeva, A.S. Smolin, O.A. Udovenko, R.O. Shabiev

Calculation of Regression Models for Optimization of APCS-Controlled Process in Kraft-Liner Production

B.K. Ivanov, V.V. Glukhikh

Evaluation оf Linear Connections Among the Measurements Results of Formaldehyde Isolation from Plywood by Various Methods

A.M. Baiborodin, K.B.Vorontsov, N.I. Bogdanovich

Coagulation Treatment оf Heavily Polluted Effluents оf the Woodroom-3 оf JSC “Arkhangelsk Pulp And Paper Mill”


A.P. Brovin,  A.V. Plastinin

Implementation of Classification of Stocks in Pulp-and-Paper Industry for the Purpose of their Efficient Management


М.N. Gamrekely

Efficiency of Two-Stage Drying of Wood Chips Using Cool-Dried Air

;A.V. Antonov,  N.A. Petrusheva

Production of Flame-Retarded Hardboard

F.V. Posharnikov, A.V. Usikov, A.I. Serebryansky

Use of Polymer-Based Composite Material in Friction Units of Woodworking Equipment


S.N. Orlovsky, А.I. Karnaukhov

Theoretical Background of Rotary Tools Parameters and Operating Modes

V.N. Lobanov

Evaluation of Bearing Properties of Forest Tracked Vehicles Operating on Soft Soil

V.M. Fedulov, V.A. Barabanov

Results of Experimental Studies of Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Flat-Unit Rafts