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2018 год


A.P. Bogdanov, S.V. Tret'yakov, S.V. Koptev, A.S. Il'intsev, S.A. Demidenko

Commodity Composition of Mixed Stands after Improvement Thinning at a Stationary Object “S.V. Alekseev’s Improvement Thinning of 1951”

A.V. Kul'kova, N.N. Besschetnova, V.P. Besschetnov

Multivariable Analysis in the Assessment of Spruce Species Specificity (Picea)

V.F. Kovyazin, Quang Huy Do, Hoang Hieu Tran, Hong Hanh Do

Determination of Forest Land Categories in the Kim Hy Nature Reserve of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam with the GIS Technologies Application

L.A. Ivanchina, S.V. Zalesov

Influence of Drying out on Forest Valuation Indicators of Even-Aged Spruce Stands

M.V. Surso

Adaptation of Male Reproductive Sphere of Common Juniper to Climate

A.A. Lepyohin, A.S. Chekanyshkin

Growth and Vitality of English Oak in Plantations after Improvement Thinning

A.V. Manov, I.N. Kutyavin

Horizontal Structure of Forest Stands and New Growth of Northern Taiga Virgin Blueberry-Sphagnum Spruce Forests in Cisurals

V.D. Tunyakin, V.S. Vavin, N.V. Rybalkina

Recent Trends of Forest Formation in Forest Strips of the Kamennaya Steppe

O.N. Tyukavina, D.N. Klevtsov, I.N. Bolotov, B.Yu. Filippov, G.M. Adayi

Biological Productivity of Scots Pine Cultures in the Northern Taiga Forest Area

O.L. Tsandekova, A.E. Nozhinkov

Features of Bryophytes Species Composition of the “Rudnichny Pine Forest” Natural Complex


E.A. Flyurik, Zh.V. Bondarenko, N.V. Valoven’

Tincture Preparation from Northern High Bush Blueberries and a Study of Their Influence on the Cosmetic Emulsion Properties


E.Yu. Tsiulin, A.B. Shmidt

Numerical Simulation of LVL Elastic Modulus with Different Combinations of Mutually Perpendicular Veneer Layers

A.E. Alekseev, M.V. Krisjanis

Initial Technological Requirements for Position Control System of Edging Machine Support from Linear Induction Motor


G.V. Kozlov, A.V. Skrypnikov, E.V. Chernyshova, E.V. Chirkov, S.A. Postavnichiy, R.V. Mogutnov

Theoretical Foundations and Methods of Mathematical Modeling of Forestry Roads

V.S. Morozov

Aspects of Cross Bending Calculation for Winter Road Bases on Boggy Grounds