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2017 год


P.G. Mel’nik, Yu.B. Glazunov, M.D. Merzlenko

The Growth and Productive Capacity of the Arkhangelsk Climatype of Scots Pine in the Moscow Region

А.S. Novoselov, N.A. Druzhinin

Seasonal Resin Productivity Dynamics of Drained Pine Stands

Kh.M. Khetagurov

Trautvetter’s Maple Regeneration Potential in the Mountain Forests of the Republic of North Ossetia–Alania

T.V. Kashtelyan

Formation of the Forest Regeneration System of Belarus

I.T. Kishchenko

The Impact of Climatic Factors on the Seasonal Growth of Deciduous Trees of the Forest-Forming Species in the Taiga Zone

V.M. Ivonin, I.V. Voskoboynikova

Recreational Load and Mechanical Erosion on the Mountainsides in the Forests of Colchis

O.N. Tyukavina, D.N. Klevtsov, N.A. Babich

The Similarity of the Needle Length Dynamics on an Annual Basis of Scots Pine Growth in Different Conditions

O.I. Antonov

Qualitative Productivization of Forest Stands is the Goal of Intensive Forestry

A.S. Il'intsev, S.V. Tret'yakov, R.A. Ershov, I.V. Fedotov

The Effect of Voluntary-Selective Felling on the Basic Wood Increment in the Aged Spruce Forests

S.A. Shavnin, V.A. Lebedev, V.A. Galako, V.E. Vlasenko

Integrated Assessment of Forest Genetic Reserves of the Sverdlovsk Region by the Methods of Remote and Ground Survey


E.S. Tyurmina, I.S. Il'ichev, A.B. Radbil', L.L. Semenycheva, M.A. Lazarev, E.A. Mavrina, A.A. Shalashova

The Raw Sulfate Turpentine Purification from Sulfur-Containing Compounds

O.S. Brovko, I.A. Palamarchuk, N.V. Sysoeva, N.A Val’chuk, T.A. Boytsova, K.G. Bogolitsyn, V.K. Dubovyy

Filter Materials Based on Mineral Fibers with Biopolymer Layer


S.P. Ageev

Rationing of Electricity Consumed by Saw Frames

F.V. Cherepenin, S.M. Skovpen’, D.A. Ul’yanichev

Digital Simulation when Wood and Wood-Based Materials Casting Patterns Processing on the Turning Lathes


A.S. Toropov, A.N. Zaikin, V.M. Merkelov

Peculiarities of Processing of Wood Polluted by Radioactive Nuclides

D.G. Myasishchev, S.A. Putintsev

Fuel Optimization of a Rotary Chopper for Plant Residues

S.V. Posypanov

Numerical Determination of the Geometric Parameters of a Transport Floating Roundwood Bundle