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V.A.Usoltsev, A.V.Usoltsev

Regression Model of Limiting Phytomass Indices of Pine Stands

P.M. Mazurkin, N.V. Rusinova

Changing of the Growing Area of the Leading Tree

A.N. Belov

Density Distribution of Pesticide Sedimentation along the Vertical Birch Stands Crowns

L.S. Pshenichnikova

Pine Growth in the Experimental Planting of Different Density

G.B. Osadchy

Device for Fire Isolation and Extinction

A.P. Ryabokon

Investigating the Stands Quality

N.P. Chuprov, S.V. Torkhov

On the Technique of Determining the Final Cutting Size

E.N. Nakvasina

Testing the Intergeographical Semisybs Pine Hybrid of Scots Pine in the Middle Subzone of Taiga

V.V. Prokoptsоv, G.S. Andryushin

Influence of Cleaning Cutting Time in the Pine Stands on the Field Layer Composition

I.V. Turlay, G.A. Chernushevich, V.V. Peretrukhin, V.V. Tereshko

Radioactive Contamination of Wood in the Chernobyl Zone

A.N. Belov

Factor Analysis of Expert Evaluation of the Damage Degree of Foliage by Insects

E.N. Nakvasina, T.V. Bedritskaya, O.A. Gvozdukhina

Selective Evaluation of Climatypes of Common Pine in the Geographical Cultures of the Arkhangelsk Region

O.A. Nevolin, S.V. Tretjakov, O.O. Eremina

Dynamics of Pine-and-Birch Stand under Flowing Moistening of Soil in the Pinetum betuleto-oxalidosum Forest Type

I.I. Minkevich, O.N. Ezhov

Spreading and Morphological Diversity of Fruit Bodies of the Pine Fungus in the Forests of the European North of Russia

A.V. Lebedev, E.A. Ivanova

Spruce Pathology in the Stands of Different Composition

A.G. Izmodenov

Classification of Forest Food Plants (Based on the Example of the Far East)

M.N. Egorov

Phenetics of Woody Plants as New Perspective Research Area at Forest Higher Educational Institutions of Russia

A.N. Martynov

Frequency of Spruce Undergrowth as Factor of the Future Stand Productivity

V.A. Bugaev, A.L. Musievsky

Dynamics of the Lipovsk Dacha Forest of the Voronezh Region

A.N.Tkachenko, E.N. Samoshkin

Variability of Scotch Pine Pollen on Seed Plantation in Broadleaved Forest Zone of Bryansk Region

E.A. Kurbanov, O. N. Krankina

Wood Detritus in Pine Stands of Middle Volga Area

I.K. Savin, O.I. Gavrilova

Analysis of Model Forests Information

A.A. Kulygin

Role of Temperature Factor in Fruit Ripening of Wood Plants

E.A.Zoteeva, L.M. Morozova, M.A.Magomedova, A.V.Zuev

Transformation of Southern-taiga Forest Communities in the Suburban Forests and Forest Parks

Yu.I.Gninenko, T.I.Simonova

Role of Pathogenes and Parasites of Sawflies in the Centers of Mass Reproduction

R.N. Matveeva, O.F. Butorova

Introduction of Trees and Bushes in Arboretum of Siberian State Technical University

V.N. Deneko

Dependence of Resin Productivity of the Scotch Pine on Morphological Features of the Tree Trunk and Dynamics of its Changing under the Influence of Tapping

N.T. Spitsyna, O.N. Zubareva, V.D. Perevoznikova

Silviculture Assessment and Dust Accumulating Features of Birch Stands in the Loam Mining Pit Area

L.T. Dolidze

Influence of Main Felling on Reforestation and Main Water-physical Properties of Soils in Beech Stands of Eastern Georgia

T.A. Sazonova, E.N. Terebova, I.S. Osipova, S.M. Shreders

Nitric Compounds in Needle under Industrial Pollution Conditions


S.P. Sannikov, A.I. Babin, S.S. Shasheva, D.P. Shakhmartov

Device for Investigating Rheological Characteristics of Fiber Suspensions

A.M. Aizenschtadt, K.G. Bogolitsyn, M.V. Bogdanov, O.V. Samylova

Kinetic Characteristic of the Oxidation Process of Vanillic Alcohol in Acid Media

Yu.G. Khabarov, L.V. Gerasimova

Lignin Modification through Oxidative Radical Combination. 4. Oxidative Radical Combination of Phenol Compounds in the Conditions of Oneelectron Oxidation

O.Yu. Bauer, M.A. Ageev, S.P. Sannikov, A.Ya. Ageev

Investigation of Colloid-and-chemical Properties of Paraffin Dispersion

V.V. Zalyazhnykh, D.G. Chukhchin

Absorption of Lignosulfonic Acids when Treating the Sulfite Liquor with Anionite AN-31

V.A. Rogov, R.A. Stepen, T.A. Saulova

Possibility of Using Coniferous Volatile Oil for Room Air Sanitation

S.S. Puzyrev, M.K. Fedorov, Z.V. Klimenko

Physiochemical and Electrosurface Properties of TMM

V.V. Zalyazhnykh

Influence of Anion Treatment of the Sulfite Liquor on the Wash Distillate Pollution

E.V. Shkol`nikov, G.F. Ananjeva

Kinetics of Water-soluble Agents Extraction from Spruce and Pine Bark under Water-alkaline Treatment

O.F. Gorbunova, S.A. Verbitskaya

On Interrelation of Molecular Mass of Sulfite Lignin and Current Applied at Polarographying

I.S. Geles

To the Question of Determining Chemical Composition of the Wood Raw Material

V.I. Komarov, M.Yu. Kuznetsov

Influence of pH Paper Mass on the Viscoelastic Properties of Paper for Printing

V.N. Piyalkin, S.E. Gryaznov, E.A. Tsyganov, A.V. Chalova, O. M. Sokolov, N.I. Bogdanovich

Technical and Economic Aspects of Thermochemical Methods of Producing Liquid Fuel out of Wooden Raw Material

V.I. Komarov, M.Yu. Kuznetsova

Influence of Cationic Polyacrylamide in Acid and Alkali Media on Viscoelastic Paper Properties

A.S. Pochtovalova, K.G. Bogolitsyn

Analytical Fractionation Scheme of Organic Waste Waters Components of Pulp-and-paper Industry

F.Kh. Khakimovа, T.N. Kovtun, O.A. Noskova

Producing Powder out of Cotton and Wood Pulp

V.I. Komarov, M.Yu. Kuznetsova

Influence of Cationic Starch Discharge in Acid and Alkaline Media on Paper Viscoelasticity

G.F. Prokshin, V.P. Chertovskaya, S.G. Tsybakova, N.M. Kokryatskaya, A.P. Vishnyakova

Influence of Additives of Dimethylsulfoxide on Delignification Mechanism and Methylsulfur Compounds Formation under Alkaline and Kraft Pulping

Yu.G. Khabarov, N.N. Koshutina

Changing of Complexing Properties of Lignosulfonates by Nitrosing

N.V. Venkova, E.D. Gelfand

Rational Technological Layout of Sugar Recovery from Hydrolysate Pulp at Low-module Hydrolysis of Vegetation Raw Material

L.V. Mayer, A.A. Arutyunyan, T.E. Screbets, K.G. Bogolitsyn

Hydrodynamic Properties of Low-change Lignins


Mari State Technical University, Faculty of Forestry and Ecology, Department of Silviculture, Ministry of Ecology and Nature Management of Mari EL Republic, Ministry of Forestry of Tatarstan Republic

In Memory of F.V. Agliullin


R.E. Kaliteevsky, S.A. Smirnova

Information Technologies of Sawlog Sorting


Ya.F. Molnar

Providing Training and Consultancy according to Orders of Enterprises (Business Lessons in Education)


L.A. Badanina, E.Yu. Varfolomeeva

Mathematical Simulation of the Biological Infestation of Preserved Wooden Samples in Laboratory Tests

A.I. Chernodubov

Inheritance of Seed Paring Color by the Scots Pine Breed

I.I. Minkevich

On Negative Effect of Quarantine Measures Based on the Example of Mass Diseases of Tree Species

A.I. Chernodubov

Dieting of Queen Poplar Plantations

E.V. Yushkova, E.V. Nikonorova, N.A.Velichko, I.K.Konev, S.M. Repyakh

Micro-reproduction of Coniferous Species in Vitro

A.I. Zhirov, A.K. Monakhov, M.A. Shubina

Phytomass Assessment of High-productive Pine Stands Based on Radar Mapping Data

V.P. Ryabchuk, V.A. Bozhok

Special Features of Fruiting Carya in the Conditions of the Ukraine

V.P. Ivanov

Long-term Forcing as Effect of Increasing Resistance of Pine under the Influence of Paraben

A.L. Nevzorov, Yu.A. Varfolomeev, S.E. Aksenov, V. R. Ivko, I.F. Lamov

Statistical Analysis of Bearing Structure Degradation in Wooden Buildings of Arkhangelsk Region


Graduates of AFEI–ASTU, colleagues, adherents, friends

Oleg M. Sokolov

Administration of the Arkhangelsk State Technical University, Faculty of Natural Resources, Department of Industrial Transport

Congratulations on Jubilee!

N.P. Lvov, A.V. Plastinin

65 years to Solombala Pulp-and-Paper Mill



Coryphaeus of Forestry P.S. Pogrebnyak (to the100th Birthday)

G.S. Oshchepkov, Yu.A. Shirnin, P.M. Mazurkin

To the 100th Birthday of Vasily E. Pechenkin


N.I. Kozhukhov, E.V. Sazanova

Questions of Resource Saving and Utilization of Lump Residues in Wood Sawing

P.S. Geizler, N.G. Sinyak

Optimization of the Industrial Programme for the Furniture Mill

V.S. Petrovsky, A.V. Parfenov

Price Formation and Financial Provision for the Furniture Sets Production

M.I. Lisitsa

Investment Process in the Pulp-and-paper Industry of Russia

N.M. Bolshakov

Methodological Basis for Formulating Rental Payments in Forest Management

G.P. Butko

Situation and Funding of the Innovation Sphere of Wood-industrial Enterprises

Yu.B. Zyablov

Questions of Stumpage Theory

E.S. Romanov

Rent in Payments for Wood

A.Sh. Timerjanov

Forest-industrial complex of the Republic of Bashkortostan in Transition Period

A.O. Terentjev, E.G. Serdobintseva, P.B. Sych

Development of Assessment Technique for Economic Efficiency of Investments in Relation to Environmental Projects in Pulp-and-paper Industry

I.V. Shutov

On Forest Profit of Russia

V.A. Ivlev

Peculiarities of Forest Resources Management in the Ural Region

Le An Tuan, A.I. Smirnova

Economic Approaches to Harvesting Technologies Substantiation in Forest Industrial Holding Company

A.E. Kozhin

Economic Efficiency of Vertical Integration of Forest-industrial Enterprises


E.S. >Romanov

The Forester Book – How the Economist Sees it

E.S. Romanov

New Russian Forest Magazine

V.I. Obydennikov, P.G. Melnik, N.A. Babich

About Outstanding Experts in Silviculture of Outgoing Epoch


B.N. Ugolev

III International Symposium and Session of Coordinating Council on Wood Science

T. Braatte, E. Yu. Varfolomeeva, O. Martinsen

Fifty Second World Congress of Real Estate Evaluators


G.F. Prokofjev, I.I. Ivankin

Stability of the Saw of Band Sawing Machine with Curvilinear Aero-static Guides

V.V. Sergeevichev

Analysis of Veneer Pipe Tension

A.E. Alekseev, O.I. Bederdinovа

Description of Sawn Wood Input Stream

Yu.G. Pavlov

Shaped Laser Sawing of Wood-working Materials

B.D. Rudenko, M.D. Andreev, A.V. Davydik

Dynamics of Sawn Timber Drying in the Drying Chambers Hildebrand

R. N. Galiakhmetov, Yu.A. Varfolomeev

Generation of Wood Treatment Antiseptics Based on their Effect on Biological Objects

V.I. Melekhov, L.G. Shapovalova

Peculiarities of Using Fiber Slope Logs in the Wooden Constructions of the Russian North

A.E. Alekseev, A.G. Khabarov, L.V. Alekseeva

To the question of the Automated Cut of Beams on the Circular Saw Machines

A.D. Golyakov

On Automation of Board Edging and Trimming


Use of Vector Optimization on the Graphs for Wood Cutting Modelling

G.F. Prokofjev, I.I. Ivankin, N.I. Dundin

Investigation of Initial Hardness of Strip Saws

V.V. Tuleiko, V.B. Snopkov

Compression of Particle Boards of Enlarged Thickness. 1. Heat and Mass Transfer in Wood-particle Briquet

V.I. Malygin, N.V. Lobanov

Model of the Stress State of Prefabricated Woodcutting Tool for Assessment of its Quality at the Design Stage

I.A. Pikulin, V.B. Snopkov

Application of Oil By-product in Wood Chipboard Production

V.V. Tuleiko, V.B. Snopkov

Compression of Wood Chipboards of Increased Thickness. 3.Bonding inside Chipboard Briquette

Yu.F. Chernyshev, S.I. Troshin

Calculation of Interference of Standard Wooden Heterogeneous Bush-ing in Slide Bearing

E.M. Razinkov, L.V. Ponomarenko

Using Fluosilicate Ammonium as Hardener of Urea-formaldehyde Resins

V.I. Malygin, A.E. Smaglov

Calculation Accuracy Assessment of Thermal Conductivity Equation in Thermophysics Tasks when Designing Woodcutting Tool

V.V. Tuleiko, V.B. Snopkov

Pressing of Particleboards of Enlarged Thickness. 2. Influence of Technological Factors on Heat- and Masstransfer Processes

S.P. Ageev

Calculation of the Electric Networks Load for Sawmill Production

L.S. Surovtseva, M.M. Tsareva

New in Technology of Trimming Thin Boards

international cooperation

O.M. Sokolov, A.L. Nevzorov, Yu.A. Varfolomeev, A.N. Fedotov, N.T Podrazhanskaya

Russian-Norwegian Cooperation in Education and Science with Participation of Arkhangelsk State Technical University


V.I. Kucheryavy, V.D.Charkov, S.N.Milkov

Probabilistic Calculation of Load Running Modes of Delimbers

V.P. Stukov

Roads and Bridges of the Arkhangelsk Region: their Past and Future

D.G. Shimkovich

On Ratios for Evaluating Power and Design Factors of Lifting Manipulators at the Initial Stages of Designing

G.S. Morozov

Determining the Calculated Values of the Deformation Modules for Temporary Structures Basement made of Frozen Peat Ground

A.A. Mitrofanov

On Determining the Bearing Capacity of Screw Anchor

G.A. Borisov, V.N. Zemlyachenko, G.I. Sidorenko

Optimum Designing of the Forest Track

V.S. Morozov

Calculation of Foundation Strength of Winter Wood Tracks Constructed of Frozen Peat

S.I. Morozov

Experimental Characterization of Forcing Power

G.A. Borisov, V.D. Kukin, V.I. Kuzina

Methods of Searching the Best Profitable Variant for the Forest Road Network

V.S. Morozov

To the Question of Estimating Thickness of Winter Forest Roads on Bogs

V.N. Shilovsky

Mathematical Model of Logging Machines Maintenance by Mobile Units

S.I. Morozov, V.S. Morozov

Transport Reclamation of the Territory of the Arkhangelsk Region based on the Wood Tracks

F.A. Pavlov, T.V. Chelysheva

Influence of Tangential Stress on the Depth of Road Pavement under Dedusting

G.D. Glavatsky, K.V. Romanovich

Study of Force Conditions of Bearing Rollers of Experimental Forestry Tractor

V.S. Morozov

Mathematical Model for Calculating Base Thickness of Winter Highways on Swamps

N.N. Butorin

Average Technical Speed and Fuel Consumption of the Train-type Vehicle

T.V. Chelysheva

Use of Lignosulfonates for Reinforcing and Dedusting Forest Roads


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